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Model-Based Supply Chain Management

References H. Van Landeghem, H. Vanmaele, "Robust planning: a new paradigm for demand chain planning" in Journal of Operations Management , 20: 2002, pp. 769-783. H. Singh, "Next-generation Supply Chain Optimization". [Online]. Available: ttp:// T. S. McLaren, M. Head, and Y. Yuan, "Supply Chain Management Information Systems Capabilities: An Exploratory Study of Electronics Manufacturers" in Information Systems and e

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management: An Overview

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Supply Chain Management in a Production Company

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Knowledge transfer in the field of Supply Chain Management

References Agus, A. (2011). Supply chain management, supply chain flexibility and product quality, Journal of Global Strategic Management, vol. 5, no.1 Bălan, C. (2008). Efectele lipsei de coordonare în lanţul de aprovizionare-livrare, Logistica mărfurilor, 26-27. Retrieved from Mai 02, 2017 from Christopher, M. (2016). Logistics & supply chain management. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited Dalvi, M., Kant, R. (2015

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Supply chain management in SMEs: evidence from Poland and Kazakhstan

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Embending Sustainability Dynamics in the Lean Construction Supply Chain Management

management in automotive industry - the case of the Volkswagen AG. Journal of Cleaner Production 15, (2007), 1053-1062. [5] LI, S., RAGU-NATHAN, B., RAGU-NATHAN, T.S., RAO, S.S. The impact of supplychain management practices on competitive advantage and organizational performance. Omega 34 (2006), 107 - 124. [6] KRAUSE D. R., VACHON, S., KLASSEN, R. D. Special topic forum on sustainable supply chain management: Introductionand reflections on the role of purchasing management. Journal of Supply Chain Management, Volume 45 (2009), No.4, 18

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Supply Chain Management and Customer Satisfaction in Small to Medium Enterprises

Management, 26, 87-94. Autry, C.W. (2005) Formalization of reverse logistics programs: A strategy for managing liberalized returns, Industrial Marketing Management, 34, 749-757. Ballou, R.H. (2004) Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management : planning, organising, and controlling the supply chain, 4 th ed, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Bhutta, M.K.S., Rana, A.I., Asad, U. (2008) Owner characteristics and health of SMEs in Pakistan, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 15(1), 130-149. Bon, A.T., Mustafa, E

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Coevolution of environmental sustainability orientation and strategic alliance learning in green supply chain management

the environment in order to diminish their reputational risks and prevent extra costs [Pineiro-Chousa et al., 2017]. As a result, it is important for firms to find solutions that can help them reduce environmental burdens associated with their economic activities. In this regard, green innovation is a win–win strategy to overcome the conflict between environmental protection and economic development. Recently, many companies have come to recognize the concept of green supply chain management (SCM), which is also known as supply chain (SC) environmental management

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The Measurement of Costs and Results in Supply Chain Management: The Case of Poland

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Innovation, knowledge and information management in supply chains

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