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The Concept of Nontraditional Student

References 1. Andriekienė, R. M., Anužienė, B. (2006). Andragoginiai kompetencijų tobulinimo aspektai tęstiniame profesiniame mokyme . Monografija. Klaipėda: Klaipėdos universiteto leidykla. 2. Adebayo, D. O. (2006). Workload, social support, and work-school conflict among nigerian nontraditional students. Journal of Career Development , 33(2), 125-141 3. Alexander, P. A., Murphy, P. K. Woods, B. S., Duhon, K. E., & Parker, D. (1997). College instruction and concomitant changes in students’ knowledge, interest, and strategy use: A study of

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Nutritional Status Disorders in Student Population

:// 5. Grujić V. et al. Overweight and obesity among adults in Serbia: results from the National Health Survey. Eat Weight Disord. 2010 Mar-Jun; 15(1-2): e34-42. 6. American College Health Association American College Health Association National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA): Spring 2005 reference group data report (Abridged) J Am Coll Health. 2006; 55(1):5-16. 7. Lowry R. et al. Physical activity, food choice, and weight management goals and practices among US college students. Am J Prev. Med. 2000 Jan; 18(1): 18-27. 8. Pelzer K. et al. The

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Temporal aspects of precarious work and life in Finland

, ‘Beyond Brain Drain: The Dynamics of Geographic Mobility and Educational Attainment of B.C. Young Women and Men’, The Canadian Journal of Higher Education vol. 35, no. 1, pp. 1-36. Balàz, V & Williams, A 2004, ‘“Been there done that”: international student migration and human capital transfers from the UK to Slovakia’, Population, Space and Place vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 217-237. DOI: 10.1002/psp.316 Balibar, E 1998, ‘The borders of Europe’, in Cosmopolitics: Thinking and Feeling Beyond the Nation , eds P Cheah & B Robbins, University of Minnesota Press

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Academic Citizens: The case of Czech national student organization after the Velvet Revolution

References Altbach, Philip G. (2007) Student Politics: Activism and Culture. In: James Forest & Phillip G. Altbach (eds.), International Handbook of Higher Education . Springer International Handbooks of Education, vol 18. Dordrecht: Springer ČKR [Czech Rector’s Conference] (2010). Idea reformy terciárního vzdělávání. Retrieved April 18, 2018, from Fiala, P. & Nantl, J. (2010). Vysokoškolská a výzkumná politika. In Stanislav Balík, Ondřej Císař & Petr Fiala (eds.) Veřejné politiky v České

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Risk Sexual Behaviour In Students Aged 12-18

References 1. Simeonova JI, Tzvetanova NV. Risky sexual behavior among teenagers in the region of Pleven. Proceedings of the Jubilee Scientific Conference „Public Health in 21 st century”; 2010 Sept 30 – Oct 01; Pleven. Pleven: MU-Pleven: 2010. p. 55-59. Bulgarian. 2. Lazarova PI. Studying of student opinion and health behavior about HIV/AIDs and STDs prevention and unwanted pregnancy prevention. Proceedings of the Scientific Conference, 2008; Ruse. Ruse: University of Ruse; 2008. p. 21-24. Bulgarian. 3. Chamova GD. Psychosocial determinants of

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Determinants of Student Governments’ Promotional Activity

Literature 1. Abrahamowicz, D. (1988). College involvement, perceptions, and satisfaction: A study of membership in student organizations. Journal of College Student Development , 29 (3), 233–238. 2. Alimbekova, A.A., Bakyt, A.Z., Kyyakbaeva, U.K., Suranshieva, M.K. (2015). Leadership Development University Students in the Activities of Student Government. Procedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences , 197 , 2131–2136. 3. Antonowicz, D. Pinheiro, R., Smużewska, M. (2014). The changing role of students’ representation in Poland: an historical

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The Resolution of Conflict between Teacher and Student: Studentsí Narratives

References Aramavičiūtė, V. (2005). Auklėjimas ir dvasinė asmenybės branda. [The nurturing and spiritual maturity of personality]. Vilnius: Gimtasis ˛odis. Archambault, I., Kurdi, V., Olivier, E., & Goulet, M. (2016). The joint effect of peer victimization and conflict with teachers on student engagement at the end of elementary school. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 62(2), 207-232. Berg, B. L. (2007). Qualitative research methods for the social science. Long Beach: California State University

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The Analysis and Improvement Strategies on College Students' Employment and Entrepreneurship Measures - Taking Universities in Hebei Province as an Example

References DandanTong,YudongCui. Talk about the potential safety hazards and ways in college cooperation. [J][teachers]2012,7(8)8-10. DanWang. The high college unitary battle lines fully play a role in its advantages for improving college students to get a job. Talk about the cultural and educational resources. [J]2015,12(5),5-8. Liping Liu. Study and inspiration on entrepreneurial education in colleges of USA and Japan, education in Shanxi province.2014,15(3):11-12. Qiling.Li. Carry out

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Survey of attitude towards and understanding of the elderly amongst Chinese undergraduate medical students

. Kearney N, Miller M, Paul J, Smith K. Oncology healthcare professionals’ attitudes toward elderly people. Ann Oncol. 2000; 11:599-601. 5. Grant JA Nussbaum JF PL, Folwell A. Explaining illness to older adults: the complexities of the provider- patient interaction as we age. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; 2000. 6. Robbins TD, Crocker-Buque T, Forrester-Paton C, Cantlay A, Gladman JR, Gordon AL. Geriatrics is rewarding but lacks earning potential and prestige: responses from the national medical student survey of attitudes to and

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Transactional Distance among Open University Students: How Does it Affect the Learning Process?

References 1. Anastasiades, P. and Iliadou, C. (2010). Communication between tutors- students in DL. A case study of the Hellenic Open University. In European Journal of Open, Distance and E-learning, 13(2). Retrieved on April 10, 2012 from: 2. Anderson, T. (2003). Getting the Mix Right Again: An updated and theoretical rationale for interaction. In International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 4(2). http

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