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References 1. BAYARD, S., J. ERKES & CH. MORONI et al., 2011. Victoria Stroop Test. In: Archives of Clinical neuropsychology [online]. Jún 2011, [cit. 2015-01-22]. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dostupné z: 2. FONTANI, G. & L. LODI, 2002. Reactivity and event-related potentials in attentional tests: Effect of training. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 94, pp. 817-833. 3. HACK, J., MEMMERT, D. & A. RUPP, 2009. Attentional mechanisms in sports via brain-electrical event-related potentials. Research

and Freshwater, 2002 ). The Stroop test has been frequently utilized to assess the effects of acute exercise on cognitive performance ( Barella et al., 2010 ; Byun et al., 2014 ; Tam, 2013 ; Yanagisawa et al., 2010 ). The Stroop test is a timed performance task that consists of three sections: the Word section contains the names of three colors (blue, red, green) in black font; the Color section contains rows of the letter “X” with each “X” in one of the three different colors (blue, red, green); and the Color–Word section contains the words from the Word section


Introduction: DM provokes peripheral complications and changes in central nervous system. Central changes in the course of diabetes mellitus (DM) include changes in brain tissue structure, electrophysiological abnormalities but also disturbances in neurotransmission leading to cognitive decline.

Aim of the study: The aim of our study was to asses cognitive functioning of patients suffering from DM1 for at least 5 years but without any diagnosed complications.

Materials and methods: Cognitive functions were assessed in 59 patients (35 men) with Trail Making Test A (TMT A) and B (TMT B), Maze Test (MT), Stroop Test (SCWT) and Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT). Mental disorders were excluded with Beck’s Depression Inventory (BT), Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) and psychiatric examination.

Results: We stated that women, compared with men, presented worsening of executive functions, speed and motor control. Cognitive decline depended on number of episodes of at least moderate hypoglycemia and duration of disease. HbA1c below 8% resulted in better memory, speed and motor control. Cognitive decline was more escalated in the patients with atherogenic lipid profile.

Conclusions: It seems that even apparent lack of complications is not unambiguous with lack of cognitive decline and women seem to be more susceptible. DM1 affects young individuals, whose cognitive functions are in the course of the development, so it is important to find the underlying mechanisms and the areas of disturbed cognitive functioning and further investigations are needed.

tomography. J Neurophysiol, 1997; 77: 1581-1594 Yanagisawa H, Dan I, Tsuzuki D, Kato M, Okamoto M, Kyutoku Y, Soya H. Acute moderate exercise elicits increased dorsolateral prefrontal activation and improves cognitive performance with Stroop test. Neuroimage, 2010; 50(4): 1702-1710

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et al. (2010) reported that enhanced cognitive functions proven by significantly improved Stroop test scores after acute cycle ergometer exercise at 50% VO2peak were due to enhanced activation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex elicited by exercise. Significantly improved Stroop test scores in group 18 of the current study may be attributed to the increased cognitive functions induced by increased serum BDNF levels after an acute exercise as suggested by Ferris et al. (2007) . Of note, group 32 had a significantly lower Color-Word score at IAE than the other