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production primaire et la production secondaire danstrois cours d’eau du massif central. Ann Stat Biol Besse en Chandesse 14: 350. Cordone, A.J., Kelley, D.W.1961. The influences of inorganic sediment on the aquatic life of streams. Calif Fish Game 47(2): 189-228. CPCB, 2009. Comprehensive Industry Document Stone Crushers, Central Pollution Control Board, Govt. Of India, Series: COINDS/78/2007-08, 1.1 - 8.21, Decker, C., Keyes, J., Jackson, C.R., Shelton, J., Jackson, B. 1999. Effects of sand dredging on channel morphology, invertebrate communities and fish

mallet for hammer forging by hard facing and weld cladding. Technical Gazette, 16(4), pp. 107-113. Lazić, V., Čukić, R., Aleksandrović, S., Milosavljević, D., Arsić, D., Nedeljković, B., Djordjević, M. (2014). Techno-Economic Justification of Reparatory Hard Facing of Various Working Parts of Mechanical Systems. Tribology in Industry, 36(3), pp. 287-292. Lazić, V., Arsić, D., Nikolić, R., Mutavdžić, M., Meško, J. (2016). Reparation by hard facing of the damaged secondary stone crushers. Manufacturing Technology, 16(2) pp. 375-380.

., Siddiqui W.A., 2016. Morphological and biochemical changes in Azadirachta indica from coal combustion fly ash dumping site from a thermal power plant in Delhi, India. Ecotox. Environ. Safe. 129: 320-328. Rai P.K., 2016. Impacts of particulate matter pollution on plants: Implications for environmental biomonitoring. Ecotox. Environ. Safe. 129: 120-136. Raina A.K., Rathore V., Sharma A., 2008. Effect of stone crusher dust on leaves of Melia azedarach L. and Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. in Jammu (J&K). Nat. Environ. Pollut. Tech. 7(2): 279-282. Romero P., Muñoz R.G., Fernández

of the crusher’s inlet slot s Moving jaw displacement n c Nominal angular velocity of the drive shaft D Feed size m Mass t c Crushing time i Number of samples k Number of subsequent cycles of operation References [1] Patil R.R. and Desale P.S., Wear in stone crusher plate, International Journal of Advanced Research and Innovative Ideas in Education, 2015. Patil R.R. Desale P.S. Wear in stone crusher plate International Journal of Advanced Research and Innovative Ideas in Education 2015 [2] Palmström A., Measurement and Characterization of Rock Mass Jointing

theorist adopted the name from a Latin word “fractus”, meaning a stone crushed in an irregular way ( Mandelbrot 1992 : 52). He regarded geometry as a means of describing a part of the complex nature. In fact, he was looking for a way to detect the hidden forces shaping natural forms and to recreate these forms using those forces ( Mandelbrot 1992 : 52) ( Figure 1 ). Fig. 1 Types of fractals: fractals generated with repetitive operations. According to Lorenz (2003) , these fractals are based on the relationship between mathematics and nature, in which the basic form is

costs of facilities. Facility Construction cost (€) Relocation cost (€) 1. Quarry area (fixed) 90,000 0 2. Stone crusher 100,000 25,000 3. Concrete batch plant 150,000 25,000 4. Asphalt mixing plant 120,000 25,000 5. Concrete and aggregates depot 10,000 5,000 6. Asphalt and aggregates depot 10,000 5,000 7. Sub-base and aggregates depot 10,000 5,000 8. Work field 1 (fixed) 0 0 9. Work field 2 (fixed) 0 0 10. Work field 3 (fixed) 0 0 11. Asphalt storage 15,000 0 12. Site office 10,000 0 13. Labor rest area 10,000 0 14. Concrete (cement) storage 15,000 0 15. - 0 0 Tab. 2

compared to the low-frequency high-magnitude events of the predam phase. The flood frequency started rising continuously as of 1985. The flood frequency doubled (n=15 to 29) during 1990–2010. In brief, though the dams have moderated the flood peak, they have extended the flow duration. The third is related to the anthropogenic sediment flux. Stone quarrying and stone crushing are the dominant anthropogenic inputs that control both the long profile and cross profile of the river which induces the flood. The stone crushing centre produces a huge quantity of stone chips. A