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Stock Exchange Recommendations and Economic Realities

References Aitken M., Muthuswamy J., Wong K. (2000), The impact of brokers’ Recommendations: Australian evidence, “Pacific Basin Journal of Finance”, Vol 4. Barber B., Lehavy R., Muareen McN., Tueman B. (2001), Can investors profit from the prophets? Security Analyst Recommendations and stock returns, “Journal of Finance”, 56, pp. 531-563. Barber B., Lehavy R, Trueman B., McNichols M. (2001), Prophets and Losses: Reassessing the Returns to Analysts’ Stock Recommendations, Research Papers 1692, Stanford

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The Profitability of Following Analyst Recommendations on The Polish Stock Market

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Terminal Value Calculation in DCF Valuation Models: An Empirical Verification

). Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management. Strategic Management Journal, 18 (7), 509–533. Yezegel, A. (2015). Why do Analysts Revise their Stock Recommendations after Earnings Announcements? Journal of Accounting and Economics, 59 (2-3), 163–181.

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