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AR., Majid M. (2017), A statistical analysis based recommender model for heart disease patients, International Journal of Medical Informatics , 108, 134-145. 22. Napoli N.J., Demas M.W., Mendu S., Stephens C.L., Kennedy K.D, Harrivel A.R, Bailey R.E., Barnes L.E. (2018), Uncertainty in heart rate complexity metrics caused by R-peak perturbations, Computers in Biology and Medicine , 103, 198-207. 23. Schwarz G. (1978). Estimating the Dimension of a Model. The Annals of Statistics , 6(2), 461-464. 24. Serrano E., Figliola A. (2009), Wavelet Leaders: A new


Steel is currently main structural material in the world. Pig iron, which is the basic product of blast furnace process, is the semi-product used in steel-making processes. It is an alloy of iron with carbon containing above 2% C and other elements with limited content, intended for further processing. Chemical composition of pig iron is its basic quality factor, it defines its class and meeting requirements set by steel plant department. It is important that this chemical composition is as stable as possible. In addition, the temperature of pig iron is also very important quality parameter. The paper presents statistical analysis of quality parameters of pig iron produced in one of Polish steelworks. The content of alloying elements and temperature of tapping of pig iron from blast furnace were examined. The amount of non-conforming production and the losses related to the low quality were assessed.


In recent years, the aviation sector has been developing dynamically. The constant increase in the number of passengers contributes to an escalation in the number of air operations. This trend is mainly due to the increased traffic not only in airspace but also within airports. The large concentration of aircraft at the largest airports makes ground-flying phases such as taxiing or take-off becoming a challenge for pilots, ground services, and air traffic controllers. An intensive operation of many objects on the airport's manoeuvring areas can lead to collisions between them. Global air traffic is growing constantly, with record numbers of air operations and passengers carried. The probability of a collision increases, which leads not only to the cancellation of the flight but also to the significant costs of the aircrafts repair. The statistical analysis allows to highlight the problems related to the issue of ground collisions at airports and can also confirm the thesis concerning the growth and density of air traffic.

${{V}_{ppv}}=\frac{f_{c}^{0.642}{{D}^{-1.463}}}{\gamma }$ The equations reported in Tab. 1 are mainly based on statistical analysis. The field experiments have to be carried out to determine the site parameters using the linear regression analysis. The equations indicate that the PPV increases due to the increase of the charge weight per delay (Q) and the decrease of the distance to the blasting. Obviously, the distance from the blasting to the measurement point (R) has a more important effect on PPV than the charge per delay (Q). 3 Experimental investigations

Statistical analysis of sea accidents and breakdowns in the Polish Navy

This paper presents the results of systematic, statistical approach to naval accidents and breakdowns which occurred in the Polish Navy between years 1985 - 2004. Additionally, the author of this work has made an initial assessment of the human factor. Human errors, which appeared on considered warships in the examined period of time, have been analyzed in the overall number of accidents and breakdowns.


Economic poverty is one of the more common and complex problems in the modern world, as well as in Poland. This is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, and therefore there is no single universally valid definition of poverty. This article presents a statistical analysis of economic poverty in Poland based on real data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland. An in-depth statistical analysis of the social situation of Poles will be presented, as well as an attempt to examine interdependencies in the occurrence of various forms of poverty and social exclusion in Poland. In the article, several multivariate statistical methods are presented together with the graphical presentation of results. We present a correspondence analysis with a perception map, as well as the advanced modern visualizing tool for categorical data. All the calculations were conducted using R software.

Statistical Analysis of Financial and Economic Condition in Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

The analysis of securities is an essential element of investment. It is a complex and, very frequently, long-lasting process. Depending on the assumed time perspective of an investment, the analysis may be carried out on the basis of appropriate tools within technical or fundamental analysis. Assuming that the investment is long-term, the methods of fundamental analysis, particularly the indicator analysis are be useful. Additionally, in securities analyses taxonomic methods are more frequently used, which allows for the evaluation of the securities quality through the synthetic analysis of statistical economic and financial indicators. Methods of linear arrangement used to assess the companies' fundamental strength are based on the economic and financial indicators. These indicators define in a numerical manner the relations between economic and financial values, which allows for conclusions on the condition of the examined economic entities, sectors or markets. Furthermore, indicators are a source of data in quantitative analyses, they are diagnostic variables in research studies. Thus this situation poses a few crucial questions:

- how do the economic and financial indicators rule on the stock market?

- what is their level, do they maintain the norms?

- what is the quality of data on the basis of which securities analyses are carried out?

The main goal of the article is to analyze the fundamental power of companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) by using TMAI value (in space and time). The study was performed in the period of 2005-2008 (the first quarter of 2008). Thus, the base was constituted by 126 companies. Banks and other financial institutions were excluded. Within the macrosectors existing on the Polish capital market, a statistical analysis of the level of economic and financial indicators characterizing particular companies was performed.

6878:2005 A/L. Stenger, R., Priesack, E., Beese, F. Spatial variation of nitrate-N and related soil properties at the plot-scale. Geoderma , 2002, vol. 105, p. 259-275. Van Herpe, Y., Troch, P. A. Spatial and temporal variations in surface water nitrate concentrations in a mixed land use catchment under humid temperate climatic conditions. Hydrological Processes , 2000, No. 14, p. 1328-1344. von Storch, H., Zwiers, F. W. Statistical Analysis in Climate Research. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, 1999. 484 p. SPSS for Introductory Statistics


Brownfield redevelopment has gained support in the U.S. as an essential ingredient of urban revitalization. Assessing the effects of such projects is important as government budgets tighten recently. Through multi-scale spatial and statistical analysis, this study shows the spatial patterns of residential property values and their changes, and investigates linkages to the presence of different types and sizes of nearby brownfield redevelopment projects, as opposed to neighborhood demographics and property characteristics. While the results of this study suggest brownfield redevelopment does play a positive role on the surrounding residential property values in general, there are quite different statistical significances found at the two levels of analysis and the type of redevelopment found to determine the direction of this effect.


The development of the common mushroom production sector in Poland and worldwide is accompanied by growing problems of mushroom producers. Production intensification, a constant increase of market expectations, and changing legal regulations, as well as consumers, lead to the situation that producers of common mushrooms have increasing problems associated with the cultivation technology. This situation, therefore, forces producers to look for new solutions. One of such solutions is integrated cultivation of the common mushroom with microbiological preparations. The effect of these preparations on mushroom yielding was investigated in this study.