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FPGA based angular stabilization of a quadcopter

(ICEEOT) , Chennai, 2016. [11] G. G. Redhyka, D. Setiawan and D. Soetraprawata, “Embedded Sensor Fusion and Moving-average Filter for Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) on the Microcontroller-based Stabilized Platform,” in 2015 International Conference on Automation, Cognitive Science, Optics, Micro Electro-Mechanical System, and Information Technology, Bandung, 2015. [12] Bosh Sensortec, June 2016. [Online]. Available: . [13] Xilinx inc., June 2011. [Online

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On the Feedback Stabilization of Boussinesq Equations

References Barbu, V. - Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Infinite-Dimensional Systems , Mathematics in Science and Engineering, 190, Academic Press, Inc., Boston, MA, 1993. Barbu, V.; Sritharan, S. S. - Flow invariance preserving feedback controllers for the Navier-Stokes equation , J. Math. Anal. Appl., 255(2001), 281-307. Barbu, V.; Triggiani, R. - Internal stabilization of Navier-Stokes equations with finite-dimensional controllers , Indiana Univ. Math. J., 53 (2004), 1443

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The Potential Of The Soil For Stabilisation Of Organic Carbon In Soil Aggregates

. – COSTA, A.R. 2009. The impact of soil management on aggregation, carbon stabilization and carbon loss as CO 2 in the surface layer of a Rhodic Ferralsol in Southern Brazil. In Agriculture Ecosystem & Environment , vol. 132 , no. 3–4, pp. 243–251. DOI:10.1016/j.agee.2009.04.008. BLAIR, G.J. – LEFROY, R.D.B. – LISLE, L. 1995. Soil carbon fractions, based on their degree of oxidation, and the development of a carbon management index for agricultural systems. In Australian Journal of Agricultural Research , vol. 46 , pp. 1459–1466. BOSATTA, E. – ÅGREN, G

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Numerical 2D And 3D Simulations of a Spherical Fabry–Pérot Resonator for Application as a Reference Cavity for Laser Frequency Stabilisation

References 1. Willke, B., Danzmann, K., Frede, M., King, P., Kracht, D., Kwee, P., Puncken, O., Savage, R. L., Schulz, B., Seifert, F., Veltkamp, C., Wagner, S., Weßels, P. and Winkelmann, L. (2008). Stabilized lasers for advanced gravitational wave detectors. Class. Quantum Gravity 25, 114040. 2. Pellegrini, S., Buller, G.S., Smith, J.M., Wallace, A.M., and Cova, S. (2000). Laser-based distance measurement using picosecond resolution time-correlated single-photon counting. Meas. Sci. Technol. 11, 712-716. 3

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Investigation of the reinforcement and stabilisation effect of geogrid layers under railway ballast

., Christie, D. (2006): Stabilisation of ballasted rail tracks and underlying soft formation soils with geosynthetic grids and drains, ASCE Special Geotechnical Publication No. 152, Proceedings of Geo-Shanghai 2006, 2-4 June, 2006, Shanghai, China, pp. 143-152 Indraratna, B. Shahin, M. A., Salim, W. (2007): Stabilisation of granular media and formation soil using geosynthetics with special reference to railway engineering, Journal of Ground Improvement, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2007, pp. 27-44 Konietzky, H., Te Kamp, L., Groeger, T

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Stabilizing Lateritic Soil Using Terrasil Solution

References [1] Chen, F. H. (1988). Foundation on Expansive Soils. Elsevier Publications Co. Amsterdam. [2] Zineb, B., Sidi, M. A. M., Abdelmalek, B. (2013). Laboratory Study on the Influence of Mineral Salts on Swelling (Kcl, Mgcl2). Earth Science Research, Vol. 2, No 2. Published by Canadian Science and Education. [3] Sharma, N. K. Swain, S.K., Sahoo, U.C. (2012). Stabilization of a Clayey Soil with Fly Ash and Lime: A Micro Level Investigation. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, Oct. 2012, Vol. 30, Issue 5, Pp.1197-1205. [4] Road

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Broadband Fabry–Pérot Resonator From Zerodur for Laser Stabilisation Below 1KHZ Linewidth With < 100 HZ/S Drift and Reduced Sensitivity to Vibrations

. R., Thorpe, M. J., Notcutt, M., Drullinger, R. E., Rosenband, T., & Bergquist, J. C. (2011). Spherical reference cavities for frequency stabilization of lasers in non-laboratory environments. Optics Express, 19(4), 3471-82. doi:10.1364/ OE.19.003471 5. Webster, S., & Gill, P. (2011). Force-insensitive optical cavity. Optics Letters, 36(18), 3572-4. doi:10.1364/OL.36.003572 19 6. Alnis, J., Matveev, A., Kolachevsky, N., Udem, T., & Hänsch, T. W. (2008). Subhertz linewidth diode lasers by stabilization to vibrationally and thermally

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2D Video Stabilization for Industrial High-Speed Cameras

References 1. Bouguet, J. Pyramidal Implementation of the Lucas-Kanade Feature Tracker: Description of the Algorithm. Technical Report, Open CV Document, Intel Microprocessor Res. Labs, 2000. 2. Dimov, D., A. Nikolov. Real Time Video Stabilization for Handheld Devices. – In: Proc. of CompSysTech’14, Ruse, Bulgaria, ACM ICPS, Vol. 883 , 2014, pp. 124-133. 3. Goldstein, A., R. Fattal. Video Stabilization Using Epipolar Geometry. – ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 31 , 2012, No 5, pp. 126:1-126:10. 4. Grundmann, M., V. Kwatra, I. Essa

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Stabilizing A Reaction-Diffusion System Via Feedback Control

References 1. AlNSEBA, B.; Anita, S. - Internal stabilizability for a reaction-diffusion problem modeling a predator-prey system, Nonlinear Anal, 61 (2005), 491-501. 2. ANIŢA, S.; Capasso, V. - A stabilizability problem for a reaction-diffusion system modelling a class of spatially structured epidemic systems, Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl, 3 (2002), 453-464. 3. ANIŢA, S.; FITZGIBBON, W.E.; Langlais, M. - Global existence and internal stabilization for a reaction-diffusion system posed on non

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Behavior of metallic trace elements containing in stabilized and solidified oily petroleum sludge

References AFNOR NF EN 196-1 (2006) Methods of testing cement Part 1: Determination of mechanical strengths. AFNOR NF X31-211 (2012) Characterization of waste reception Leaching test of a solid waste or solid initially generated by a solidification method. Athanasios KK, Evangelos AV, Voudrias P (2007) Cement-based stabilization/solidification of oil refinery sludge: Leaching behavior of alkanes and PAHs. J. Hazard. Mater. 148: 122-135. Athanasios KK, Vasileios P, Ioannis N, Eleni P, Simone B, Evangelos AV (2008) Characterization of

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