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The aim of this paper is to quantify tourists (both domestic and international) of Slovakia and their chronology throughout the years. Firstly, a brief development of them is introduced (absolute number and proportion of the total traffic from 1985 to 2013). Subsequently, the structure of their nationality, spatial differentiation (at municipal level) and seasonality is discussed (respective distribution during the year). The aim of this study is to discover a spatial context in space and time. To quantify the number of tourists, the data from the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic and also from the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, are used. These data are interpreted in analyses and confirmed by tables, graphs and pictures.

to unpredictable (mostly visual) stimuli (i.e. non-planned agility), the terms change-of-direction-speed (CODS) and reactive agility are used ( Sekulic et al., 2016 ). Tennis is a sport in which both types of agility performances (i.e. CODS and reactive-agility) are important in specific circumstances ( Cooke et al., 2011 ). Reactive agility is very important in game situations when players are positioned in the frontcourt and exchange shots from a relatively close distance. In these circumstances, players have to react quickly to the opponent’s shots and


Introduction: The paper deals with the issues of the education of senior patients within nursing care. The aim of the paper is to find out the level of nurses’ knowledge and skills in educating elderly patients and to discover how these are reflected in the reality of clinical practice. It is a case study focused on showing the current real state of clinical practice related to the given topic. Methods: This paper will introduce the outcomes of a qualitative research (semistructured interview, semi-structured observation, documents analysis) based on theoretical background. The research was carried out during the survey fellowship in the Slovak Republic and the respondents were nurses working in standard hospital departments. Certain phenomena, relations and influencing factors were clarified through the follow-up analysis. The gathered data were processed by using qualitative methods in the form of case studies. Results: The qualitative survey has revealed certain deficiencies in nurses’ knowledge and in the reality of the education of elderly patients in clinical practice. Discussion: The deficiencies in knowledge and skills are essential in the reality of clinical practice. Limitations: The research sample was made up of educating nurse/nurses working in geriatrics, in long-term care departments or internal departments. It included a total of 16 respondents. Conclusions: Sufficient attention should be paid to the training of nurses which should be focused on the specificities of educating seniors/senior patients as well as on the reality of education that is performed. It is necessary to provide training for working with this specific age group even in pre-gradual nursing education.

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