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Justification of the Utility of Introducing Smart Meters in Latvia

REFERENCES 1. European Commission. (2006). European SmartGrids Technology Platform. Vision and strategy for Europe’s electricity networks of the future. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 2. GEODE Working Group Intelligent Networks. (2009). GEODE position paper on smart metering. Available at . 3. European Parliament and the Council Directive 2009/72/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity and repealing

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Household Classification Using Smart Meter Data

record 29(2): 93-104. Doi: 10.1145/335191.335388. Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). 2012. CER Smart Metering Project - Electricity Customer Behaviour Trial, 2009-2010 [dataset]. 1st Edition. Irish Social Science Data Archive. SN: 0012-00. (accessed January 15, 2018). CER. 2014. Commission for Energy Regulation National Smart Metering Programme Smart Metering High Level Design. Decision Paper CER/14/046. Available at:

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From Smart Metering to Smart Grid

R eferences [1] Darby, S. (2010). Smart metering: What potential for householder engagement? Building Research & Information , 38, 442-457. [2] Depuru, S.S.S.R., Wang, L., Devabhaktuni, V. (2011). Smart meters for power grid: Challenges, issues, advantages and status. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , 15 (2011), 2736-2742. [3] Budka, K.C., Deshpande, J.G., Doumi, T.L., Madden, M., Mew, T. (2010). Communication network architecture and design principles for smart grids. Bell Labs Technical Journal , 15, 205-228. [4] Kraus, J

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Reducing Energy Consumption by Using Smart Metering Intelligent Systems

References 1. King, N., P. Jessen. Smart Metering Systems and Data Sharing: Why Gettinga Smart Meter Should Also Mean Getting Strong Information Privacy Controls to Manage Data Sharing. - International Journal of Low and Information Technology, Vol. 22, 2014, No 3, pp. 215-253. 2. Bharanialankar, S., C. Manikanda Babu. Intelligent Home Appliance Status Intimation Control and System Using GSM. - International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Vol. 4, 2014, No 4, pp. 554

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Solutions For Smart Metering Under Harsh Environmental Condicions

. Kondratjevs, A. Kriaučeliūnas, N. Kuņicina, K. Navalinskaite, A. Nolendorfs, V. Šeļmanovs-Plešs 2013. Proceedings of the Project (LLIV-312) „Smart Metering”, Engineering Research Institute, Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre of Ventspils University College, 2013, pp.1-110. 5. Directive 2014/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonization of the laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility. 6. International standard 6IEC 1000-4-30, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 4

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Two Is Not Enough: Privacy Assessment of Aggregation Schemes in Smart Metering

-security in the Smart Grid Environment, “Essential regulatory requirements and recommendations for data handling, data safety, and consumer protection,” 2011. [13] Energy Networks Association, “Smart meter aggregation assessment final report,” 2015. [14] S. Vaudenay, On Privacy Models for RFID , pp. 68–87. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2007. [15] J. M. Bohli, C. Sorge, and O. Ugus, “A privacy model for smart metering,” in 2010 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops , pp. 1–5, May 2010. [16] M. Jawurek, F

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Detecting the Fault Section in the Distribution Network with Distributed Generators Based on Optimal Placement of Smart Meters

8. REFERENCES [1] Mak, S.T., 1999, June. Synergism between intelligent devices and communication systems for outage mapping in distribution networks. In Paper presented at CIRED'99, 15eme Congres International des Reseaux Electriques de Distribution. [2] Gungor, V.C., Sahin, D., Kocak, T., Ergut, S., Buccella, C., Cecati, C. and Hancke, G.P., 2011. Smart grid technologies: Communication technologies and standards. IEEE transactions on Industrial informatics, 7(4), pp.529-539. [3] Popa, M., 2011, June. Data collecting from smart meters in an

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Recent Development in Smart Grid Authentication Approaches: A Systematic Literature Review

Using Smart Metering Intelligent Systems. – Cybernetics and Information Technologies, Vol. 16 , 2016, pp. 113-124. 10. Kuzlu, M., M. Pipattanasomporn, S. Rahman. Communication Network Requirements for Major Smart Grid Applications in HAN, NAN and WAN. – Computer Networks, Vol. 67 , 2014, pp. 74-88. 11. Bayindir, R., I. Colak, G. Fulli, K. Demirtas. Smart Grid Technologies and Applications. – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 66 , 2016, pp. 499-516. 12. Nge, C. L., I. U. Ranaweera, O.-M. Midtgård, L. Norum. A Real-Time Energy

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Development and Subsidization Possibilities for Efficient Energy Provision in the Hungarian Built Environment Within the 2021-2030 EU Programming Period

): NER300: Lessons learnt in attempting to secure CCS in Europe. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, November 2013, Vol. 19, pp. 19-25. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijggc.2013.08.009 [4] Darby S. (2010): Smart metering: what potential for householder engagement? Building Research & Information, Special Issue: Housing occupancy feedback: linking behaviours and performance, Vol. 38, Issue 5, pp. 442-457. DOI: 10.1080/09613218.2010.492660 [5] Farhangi H. (2010): The path of the smart grid. IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp

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Smart Grids in the Process of Building a Competitive Economy and Energy Security in Europe

] European Commission - Smart Grid Projects In Europe: Lessons Learned and Current Developments . Institute for Energy 2011. [5] European Commission 2010 - EU Energy Trends to 2030 - update 2009. [6] Eurostat 2011 - Energy, Transport and Environment Indicators. [7] Feliachi A., Saymansky J., Choudhry M., Sneckenberger J. - Are All Smart Grids Equal? Journal of Electrical Systems, 2011. [8] Kowalak T. - The Implications of Smart Grid Technologies (Smart Meters) - Smart Meters and Smart Grids - for the

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