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Smart Grid Development: Multinational Demo Project Analysis

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Power Measurement and Data Logger with High-Resolution for Industrial DC-Grid Application

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Smart Grids in the Process of Building a Competitive Economy and Energy Security in Europe

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Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Strategy for Communication Networks Selection in Smart Grid

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From Smart Metering to Smart Grid

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Justification of the Utility of Introducing Smart Meters in Latvia

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Planning and Building 100% Renewable Energy Infrastructure with the Technologies of the Future


When and why humanity faced the Energy Problem, it is a question. What was the problem? How are we trying to handle it since the beginning? Do we have enough resources of renewable energy? Which technologies are mature enough to contribute and take part in the solution? Are they available in the market with compatible prices? What is the role of storage for dealing with the intermittent nature of renewable energy resources? Why do we need to build, operate, integrate and manage energy efficiency, storage and renewable energy in harmony with nature by smart grids in sustainable cities of the future? Is transition to 100% Renewable Energy the solution? If so what else is required to reach this target? What are we going to do with the existing system? Which methodologies and techniques we need to use to realize this transition with minimum costs and externalities? How are we going to justify this transition? Is it only a technology problem? What parameters we need to consider when we are trying to live in harmony with nature? How are we going to readapt human beings to be satisfied with minimum ecological footprint societies? Can human beings build democratic societies where energy efficiency and 100% renewable energy is respected and beneficial for each individual of the communities? Transition to 100% renewables requires planning the future with the information of the future. For reaching this target we need to carry on a multidisciplinary approach to understand and take into consideration the basic constraints and requirements of the living space we are sharing all together in the atmosphere. How to Speed-up the Global Transition to 100% Renewable Energy?

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Recent Development in Smart Grid Authentication Approaches: A Systematic Literature Review

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