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Effects of packaging methods on shelf life of ratite meats

modified atmosphere-packaged chicken fillets: correlation with microbiological and sensory attributes. Food Chem 2007, 104, 1622-1628. 4. Bingol E.B., Ergun O.: Effect of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on the microbiological quality and shelf life of ostrich meat. Meat Sci 2011, 88, 774-785. 5. Botha S.St.C., Hoffman L.C., Britz T.J.: Physical meat quality characteristics of hot-deboned ostrich (Struthio camelus var. Domesticus) muscularis gastrocnemius, pars interna during postmortem aging. Meat Sci 2007, 75, 709

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Microbiological Quality of Soft, Semi-Hard and Hard Cheeses During the Shelf-Life

). Quality of Trappist cheese from Croatian dairy plant. Mljekarstvo 60, 288-298. 16. Papaioannou, G., Chouliara, I., Karatapanis, A.E., Kontominas, M.G., Savvaidis, I.N. (2007). Shelf-life of a Greek whey cheese under modified atmosphere packaging. Int. Dairy J. 17, 358-364. 17. Pintado, C.M.B.S., Oliveira, A., Pampulha, M.E., Ferreira, M.A.S.S. (2005). Prevalence and characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from soft cheese. Food Microbiol. 22, 79-85.

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Shelf-Life Prediction Model of Chitosan Coated Eggs at Different Storage Temperatures

room-temperature storage. Radiation Physics & Chemistry , 78(7): 589-591. 7. Tezotto-Uliana, J, V., Fargoni, G, P., Geerdink, G, M., & Kluge, R, A., (2014). Chitosan applications pre- or postharvest prolong raspberry shelf-life quality. Postharvest Biology and Technology , 91, 72-77. 8. Caner, C, Özge, Cansiz. (2008). Chitosan coating minimises eggshell breakage and improves egg quality. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture , 88(1): 56–61. 9. Scott, T, A. Silversides, F, G. (2000). The effect of storage and strain of hen on egg quality

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Evaluation of the Influence of Various Biodegradable Packaging Materials on the Quality and Shelf Life of Different Food Products

/Flyer/Conference-Journal-2013.pdf 10. Dukalska, L., Muizniece-Brasava, S., Murniece, I., Dabina-Bicka, I., Kozlinskis, E., & Sarvi, S. (2011). Influence of PLA film packaging on the shelf life of soft cheese Kleo. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 56, 295-301. 11. Dukalska, L., Ungure, E., Krasnova, I., Augspole, I., Muizniece Brasava, S., Levkane, V., & Rakcejeva, T. (2012). Evaluation of various biodegradable packaging material influences on the shelf life and quality of different foods during storage [Poster presentation]. In The 5th

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Influence of Auxin Bioregulators on Physiological Changes and Shelf-Life of Tomatoes

., Morris L. L., Chen P. 1978. Evaluation of two objective methods and a subjective rating scale for measuring tomato fruit firmness. J. Am. Soc. Hort. Sci. 103: 70-73. Karacam H., Kutlu S., Kose S. 2002. Effects of salt concentrations and temperature on the quality and shelf-life of brined anchovies. Int. J. Food Sci. Tech. 37: 19-28. Mika A. O., Luthje S. 2003. Properties of Guaiacol peroxidase activities isolated from corn root plasma membrane. Plant Physiol. 132: 1489-1498. Olaiya C. O

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Shelf Life Extension of Maple pea (Pisum sativum var. arvense L.) Spread Using Sous Vide

., 21 (2), 193–201. Gould, G. W. (1996). Methods for preservation and extension of shelf life. Int. J. Food Microbiol. , 33 , 51–64. Keenan, D. F., Brunton, N., Butler, F., Wouters, R., Gormley, R. (2011). Evaluation of thermal and high hydrostatic pressure processed apple purees enriched with prebiotic inclusions. Innovative Food Sci. Emerging Technol. , 12 (3), 261–268. Kirse, A., Karklina, D. (2014). Bean spread production method. Latvian Republic Patent No. 14705. Inventions, trademarks and industrial designs : The Official Gazette of

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Assessment of Shelf-Life Ability of Apples cv. ‘Auksis’ after Long-term Storage Under Different Conditions

Horticulturae 485: 61–70. DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1999.485.7. Bizjak J., Slatnar A., Stampar F., Veberic R. 2012. Changes in quality and biochemical parameters in ‘Idared’ apples during prolonged shelf life and 1-MCP treatment. Food Science and Technology International 18: 569–577. DOI: 10.1177/1082013212442178. Brackmann A., Wietzke Guarienti A.J., Saquet A.A., Hettwer Giehl R.F., Sestari I. 2005. Controlled atmosphere storage conditions for ‘Pink Lady’ apples. Ciência Rural 35: 504–509. DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782005000300003. [in Portuguese with English abstract

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Effect of Lysozyme Treatment on Quality and Bacterial Contamination of Chilled Chicken Legs

.T.: Vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging and EDTA - nisin treatment to increase poultry product shelf-life. J Appl Poult Res 1999, 8 , 185-190. 5. Duszkiewicz-Reinhard W., Grzybowski R., Sobczak E.: Theory and exercises in general and technical microbiology. Edition of SGGW, Warszawa, 1999, pp. 95-106. 6. Fehlhaber K.: Microbiological problems in slaughter poultry. Med Weter 1996, 52 , 758-762. 7. Gill, A.O., Holley R.A.: Inhibition of bacterial growth on ham and bologna by lysozyme, nisin and EDTA. Food Res Int 2000

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Use of Packaging Materials for Extending the Shelf Life of Diploid Plum Variety ‘Kometa’

References Cantin, С. М.. Crisosto, С. H.. Day, K. R. (2008). Evaluation of the effect of different modified atmosphere packaging box liners on the quality and shelf life of ‘Friar’ plums. HortTechnol., 18 (2), 261-265. Crisosto, С. H.. Camera, D., Crisosto, G. М.. Bowerman, E. (2004). In- creasing ‘Blackamber’ plum (Primus salicina Lindell) consumer accep- tance. Posthcirvest Biol. Technol., 34. 237-244. Day, B. P. F. (1993). Principles and applications of modified atmosphere packaging of food. In

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Effect of Temperature and Controlled Atmosphere on the Storage of Fruit from Long-Life Tomatoes

., Camperi S., Frezza D., Fraguas A. 1998. Texture changes on normal and long shelf-life tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) fruit ripening. International Postharvest Science Conference Postharvest 96. Acta Hort. 464: 488-489. Elkner K. 1991. Wpływ odmiany i warunków uprawy na jakość surowca pomidorowego dla przemysłu. Praca hab. Instytut Warzywnictwa 101 pp. [in Polish] Fraschina A., Vartorelli F., Moccia S., Mónaco E., Chiesa A. 1998. Effect of maturity stage and temperature during tomato ( Lycopersocon

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