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30 31Shared Value / Vol. 8, No. 1, 2016 / GfK MIR From Corporate Philanthropy to Creating Shared Value: Big Pharma’s New Business Models in Developing Markets N. Craig Smith The challenge of balancing shareholder interests and public opinion /// Big pharma companies traditionally operate in a sensitive field. On the one hand, they need to generate profits for their shareholders and for research funds to develop new treatments for all types of diseases. On the other hand, they contribute significantly to the happy and healthy life of millions – at

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In this paper, we investigate the distribution of zeros as well as the uniqueness problems of certain type of differential polynomials sharing a small function with finite weight. The result obtained improves and generalizes the recent results.


In this paper, we prove a uniqueness theorem for entire functions sharing values on a finite set. The result extends and improves some theorems obtained earlier by Fang, Zhang-Lin and Zhnag-Xiong.

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