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A shallow lake in an agricultural landscape – water quality, nutrient loads, future management

). Dokulil M.T., Teubner K., 2003, Eutrophication and restoration of shallow lakes – the concept of stable equilibria revisited, Hydrobiologia 506–509: 29–35. Dondajewska R., Kozak A., Budzyńska A., Kowalczewska-Madura K., Gołdyn R., 2018, Nature-based solutions for protection and restoration of degraded Bielsko Lake, Ecohydrol. Hydrobiol. 18(4): 401–411. Dunalska J.A., Grochowska J., Wiśniewski G., Napiórkowska-Krzebietke A., 2015, Can we restore badly degrade urban lakes?, Ecol. Eng. 82: 432–441. Dunalska J.A., Napiórkowska-Krzebietke A., Ławniczak

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Structural Composition of Protozooplankton Communities in Relation to Environmental Factors in Shallow Lakes and Reservoirs of Rīga, Latvia

. Vanormelingen. P, Declerck. S. A., Lauridsen. T. L.. De Meester, L., Jeppesen. E., Vyverman. W. (2013). Planktonic ciliate community structure in shallow lakes of lowland West­ern Europe. Ear. J. Protistol.. 49, 538-551. Velho. F. M.. Pereira. D. G., Pagioro.T. A., Santos, V. D.. terenha M. C. Z., Lansac-Toha. F. A. (2005). Abundance, biomass and size structure of planktonic ciliates in reservoirs with distinct trophic states. Acta Limnol. Brasil.. 17 (4), 361-371. Weisse.T.. Stadler. P. (2006). Effect of pH on growth, cell volume, and pro

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Cyanobacterial blooms in shallow lakes of the Iławskie Lake District

., Wiedner C., Zippel P., 1997, Factors controlling the dominance of Planktothrix agardhii and Limnothrix redeckei in eutrophic shallow lakes. Hydrobiologia 342/43: 107-15. Scheffer M., Jeppesen E., 1998, Alternative stable state, [in:] Scheffer M., Ecology of shallow lakes, Chapman and Hall, London, pp. 357. Starmach K., Wróbel S., Pasternak K., 1976, Hydrobiologia. Limnologia (Hydrobiology. Limnology), PWN, Warszawa, pp. 621 (in Polish). Stefaniak K., Gołdyn R., Kowalczewska-Madura K., 2007

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Water quality assessment in a shallow lake used for tourism

, Oceanol. Hydrobiol. Studies 34 (Suppl. 3): 43-53. Carlson R.E., 1977, A Trophic State Index for Lakes, Limnol. Oceanogr 22(2): 361-369. Carlson R.E., Simpson J., 1996, Coordinator’s Guide to Volunteer Lake Monitoring Methods, North American Lake Management Society, pp. 96. Retrived from: Dembowska E., 2011, Cyanobacterial blooms in shallow lakes of the Iławskie Lakes District, Limnol. Rev. 11(2): 69-79. Dembowska E., Napiorkowski P., Mieszczankin T., Jozefowicz Sz., 2015

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On the internal boundary layer related wind stress curl and its role in generating shallow lake circulations

References Aanderaa Instruments, 2000. Product Catalogue, Bergen, Norway. Balek, J., 2006. Hydrological consequences of the climatic changes. J. Hydrol. Hydromech., 54, 4, 357─370. Charnock, H., 1955. Wind stress on a water surface. Quarterly J. Royal Meteorological Society, 81, 639─640. Curto, G., Józsa, J., Napoli, E., Krámer, T., Lipari, G., 2006. Large scale circulations in shallow lakes. In: Brocchini, M., Trivellato, F., (Eds.): Vorticity and turbulence effects in fluid structure

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The dynamics of macrophytes in a lake in an agricultural landscape

13: 345-376 (in Polish, English summary). Körner S., 2002, Loss of submerged macrophytes in shallow lakes in North-Eastern Germany, Internat. Rev. Hydrobiol. 87(4): 375-384. Kufel L., 1999, Transport pierwiastków biogennych w zlewniach Mazurskiego Parku Krajobrazowego (Transport of biogenic elements in the catchment areas of the Masurian Landscape Park), [in:] Zdanowski B., Kamiński M., Martyniak A. (eds), Funkcjonowanie i ochrona ekosystemów wodnych na obszarach chronionych (Functioning and protection of water ecosystems in

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Cladocera record from Budzewo (Skaliska Basin, north-eastern Poland)

vegetation in the area of fossil lake in the Skaliska Basin (north-eastern Poland) inferred from pollen analysis and radiocarbon datings. Acta Palaeobot. 53(1): 53-67. KORHOLA A. & RAUTIO M. 2001. Cladocera and other branchiopod crustaceans: 5-41. In: Smol J.P., Birks H.J.B. & Last W.M. (eds), Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments, Vol. 4: Zoological Indicators. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. KORPONAI J., BRAUN M., BUCZKO K., GYULAI I., FORRO L., NEDLI J. & PAPP I. 2010. Transition from shallow lake to a wetland: a multi

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Phytophilous Fauna of a Small and Artificial Urban Lake

-323. Blindow, I., Hargeby, A., Andersson, G. (1998): Alternative stable states in shallow lakes: What causes a shift? Pp. 353-360. In: Jeppesen, E., Sondergaard, M., Sondergaard, M., K. Christoffersen, K., New York: Springer-Verlag. Bogut, I., Vidaković, J., Palijan, G., Čerba, D. (2007): Benthic macroinvertebrates associated with four species of macrophytes. Biologia (Bratislava), 62, 600-606. Bogut, I., Vidaković, J., Čerba, D., Palijan, G. (2009): Epiphytic meiofauna in stands of different submerged macrophytes. Ekoloji, 18, 1

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Impact of water level fluctuation in the shaping of zooplankton assemblage in a shallow lake.

REFERENCES Amoros, C. (1984): Crustaces cladoceres. Bulletin Mensuel de la Société Linnéenne de Lyon, 3, 4, 1-63. Balayla, D., Lauridsen, T. L., Søndergaard, M., Jeppesen, E. (2010): Larger zooplankton in Danish lakes after cold winters: are winter fish kills of importance? Hydrobiologia, 646, 159-172. Beklioglu, M., Altinayar, G., Tan, C.O. (2006): Water level control over submerged macrophyte development in five shallow lakes of Mediterranean Turkey. Archive für Hydrobiology, 166, 4, 535-556. Beklioglu, M., Meerfhoff, M., Søndergaard, M

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Trophic State of a Shallow Lake with Reduced Inflow of Surface Water

References [1] Asaeda, T. & Bon, T.V. (1997). Modeling the effects of macrophytes on algal blooming in eutrophic shallow lakes, Ecological Modeling , 104, 261–287. [2] Canfield, D.E. Jr., Langeland, K.A., Maceina, M.J., Haller, W.T, Shireman, J.V. & Jones, J.R. (1983). Trophic state classification of lakes with aquatic macrophytes, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 40, 1713–1718. [3] Carlson, R.E. (1977). A trophic state index for lakes, Limnology and Oceanography , 22, 361–369. [4] EC Parliament and Council (2000). Directive of

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