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Rural settlement pattern in Belarus

References Antipova, E.A., 2008a: Geodemograficheskiye problemy i territorialnaya struktura selskogo rasseleniya Belarusi (Geo-demographic problems and territorial structure of rural settlement system of Belarus - in Russian), Minsk: Belarusian State University, p. 327. Antipova, E.A. , 2008b: Demograficheskiy potentsial agrogorodkov kak novoy formi selskich poseleniy Belarusi (Demographic potential of agrotowns as a new form of rural Belarusian settlements - in Russian). In: Agrarnaya economika (Agricultural

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Development of the Jewish Urban Settlement in Israel in View of the Theory of the Innovation Diffusion

modeli przestrzennej dyfuzji innowacji [Development of Conceptions and Models of Spatial Innovation Diffusion; in Polish], Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis 585, Studia Geograficzne 37, Wrocław. Maik W., Parysek J., 1978, Klasyfikacja i charakterystyka barier wzrostu w gospodarce przestrzennej [Classification and Characteristics of the Growth Bariers in Spatial Economy; in Polish], Biuletyn KPZK PAN 99, Warszawa. Malisz B., 1971, Prognoza zmiany sieci osadniczej w Polsce [A Prognosis of the Change of the Settlement Network in Poland; in Polish], [in

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Numerical Analysis of Soil Settlement Prediction and Its Application In Large-Scale Marine Reclamation Artificial Island Project

geological characteristics. Beijing: Geological publishing house, 3-13. 9. M. J. Jiang, 1996. The analysis of constitutive model of structural clay and the gradual damage of soil mass, Water Conservancy Science Research Institute of Nanjing, Doctoral dissertation. 5. 10. C. A. Moore, C. F. Donaldson, 1995. Quantifying soil microstructure using fractals. Geotechique, 1(45), 105-116. 11. Naohiro Nigorikawa, Yoshiharu Asaka, 2015. Leveling of long-term settlement of Holocene clay ground induced by the 2011 off the Pacific coast

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The Defence of Necessity in International Law and Investor Versus State Dispute Settlement

References 1. Abbott, R., Erixon, F., Ferracane, M.F. (2014). Demystifying Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), 5 ECIPE Occasional Paper. 2. Boed, R. (2014). State of Necessity as a Justification for Internationally Wrongful Conduct, 3 Yale Human Rights and Development Journal 4. 3. Brownlie, I. (1963). International Law and the Use of Force by States, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 4. Burke-White, W.W., von Staden, A. (2010). Private Litigation in a Public Law Sphere: The Standard of Review in Investor-State Arbitrations, 35 YALE J

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Modeling and Analysis of Ground Settlement Between a Flyover and Reinforced Soil Embankment

REFERENCES 1. M. Bukowski, P. Łysiak, R. Oleszek, W. Trochymiak, “Reasons of Emergence of Differences in Soil Settlement between the Viaduct and the Embankment on Siekierkowska Route”, Archives of Institute of Civil Engineering. Ed. Poznan University of Technology, 24/2017, 39-58, ISSN 1897-4007, DOI: 10.21008/j.1897-4007.2017.24.03 (in Polish). 2. R. Ciesielski, M. Maciąg, „Road vibrations and their influence on buildings”, Copyright by Wydawnictwo Komunikacji i Łączności, Warszawa, 1990. („Drgania drogowe i ich wpływ na budynki”) (in Polish

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Simplified Probabilistic Analysis of Settlement of Cyclically Loaded Soil Stratum by Point Estimate Method

References Baecher G. B., Christian J. T. (2003) Reliability and statistics in geotechnical engineering , Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. Bauer J., Puła W. (2000) Reliability with respect to settlement limit-states of shallow foundations on linearly-deformable subsoil, Computers and Geotechnics , 26 (3–4), 281–308. Bourdeau P. L., Harr M. E. (1989) Stochastic theory of settlement of loose cohesionless soils, Géotechnique , 39 (4) 641–654. Brząkała W., Puła W. (1996) Aprobabilistic analysis of foundation settlements, Computers and

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Effect of settlement of foundations on the failure risk of the bottom of cylindrical steel vertical tanks for liquids

1 Introduction Vertical cylindrical steel tanks for the storage of liquids use different types of foundations. In such tanks, sometimes ground-layered foundations are used, and much more often, ring-shaped reinforced concrete foundations with compacted gravel-sand substrate inside these rings. During long-term operation of the tanks, the soil under the steel bottom of the tank undergoes permanent deformations in the form of vertical non-uniform settlement. This settlement can have different causes, but in each case, affects the state of stress and deformation

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Lake Engure catchment area as an example of the interaction of natural conditions, settlement pattern and economic activities

., Strautnieks, I., Krišjāne, Z. (2011). Engures ezera baseins kā apdzīvojuma, saimniekošanas un dabas apstākļu mijiedarbības piemērs. [Lake Engure catchment area as an example of interaction of the settlement pattern, economic activities and nature environment]. Grām.: LU 69. zinātniskā konference. Geogrāfija, geologija, vides zinātne. Referātu tēzes (429-430. lpp.). Juskevičs, V. (1999) Latvijas geologiskā karte. Mērogs 1 : 200 000. Lapas 42 (Jūrmala). Paskaidrojuma teksts un kartes [Geological map of Latvia. Scale 1 : 200

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Construction coefficient in the settlements of Gllogoc Municipality (Republic of Kosova)

achieve this, planning is settled by laws ranging from national spatial planning at the first level, municipal development plans at the second, and detailed urban plans at the third and lower levels. According to the new law of administrative boundaries ( Law no. 03/L-041 ), Kosovo is organised into 38 administrative municipalities. Each municipality is further divided into cadastral zones, i.e. areas containing one or more settlements. If we analyse the legal framework of Kosovo we will come to the conclusion that there is still work to be done for its improvement

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Settlement Type and Educational Effectiveness of Polish Schools on the Example of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivoideship

1 Differences between village and city: the sociocultural perspective Humans, as bio-sociocultural beings, are in a constant relation with their surroundings. They and their activities are an integral part of the space that they co-create, while also being subject to its influences. Space (including settlement type) is an important context in the study of socio-environmental processes, including educational ones. The school (as well as other institutions) is not an element of the environment that is detached from this context, but an integral component of it

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