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Courier service quality from the clients’ perspective

competitive advantage in the market for courier services ]. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, 766 , 167-179. Dyczkowska, J. (2011). Klient na rynku usług TSL. Zeszyty Naukowe Wydziału Nauk Ekonomicznych Politechniki Koszalińskiej , 15 , 119-134. Frąś, J. (2014). Wybrane instrumenty pomiaru jakości usług logistycznych. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego nr 803 . Finanse, Rynki Finansowe, Ubezpieczenia , 66 , 297-317. Gulc, A. (2016). Models and methods of measuring logistic service quality . 7-th EPPM Conference. Bialystok, 2016

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The process approach to service quality management

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The Relationship between Service Quality Dimensions and Brand Equity: Higher Education Students’ Perceptions

. J. and Taylor, S. (1994). SERVPERF versus SERVQUAL: reconciling performance-based and perceptions minus-expectations measurement of service quality. Journal of Marketing , 58 (1): 125–131, Denscombe, M. (2014). Good research guide: For small-scale social research projects . Maidenhead, England: McGraw-Hill/Open University Press. Dumansky, T. (2013). Empathy and Teaching . Retrieved November 2, 2015, from Yale Teaching Centre (Centre for Teaching and Learning), Accessed 1 November 2017, http

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Effect of Dimensions of Service Quality on the Brand Equity in the Fast Food Industry

. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 37-128. Caruana, A., Money, A. and Berthon, P. (2000). Service quality and satisfaction- the moderating role of value. European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 34, No. 112, pp. 1338-1352. Chen, S. (2001). Strategic Management of e-Business , John Wiley and Sons, Chichester Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Chang, L., & Chieng, M. (2006). Building consumer-brand relationship. Psychology & Marketing , Vol. 23, No. 11, pp. 927-59. Dabholkar, P., Thorpe, D., & Rentz, J. (1996). A measure of service

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Assessing the Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks of Mauritius

7. References Al-Hawari, M., Ward, T., (2006), The Effect of Automated Service Quality on Australian Banks’ Financial Performance and the Mediating Role of Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 127-147. Angur, M. G., Nataraajan, R., Jahera, J. S., (1999), Service quality in the banking industry : An assessment in a developing economy . International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 19, no.3, 1116-1123. Arasli, H, TuranKatrircioglu, S., Mehtap-Smadi, S., (2005). A comparison of service quality in the

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An Enterprise IT Service Quality Model (EISQM) Based on Service Interaction and Its Empirical Research

References 1. Tilokavichai, V., P. Sophatsathit. An Organization-Wide Analysis of ERPand Information Systems Interrelationship for Logistics Support. - Journal of System and Management Sciences, Vol. 1, 2011. 2. Kettinger, W. J., C. C. Lee. Perceived Service Quality and User Satisfaction with the Information Services Function. - Decision Sciences, Vol. 25, 1995, 737-765. 3. Jia, R., B. H. Reich. IT Service Climate - An Essential Managerial Tool to Improve Client Satisfaction with IT Service Quality

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Evaluation of a Campus Service Quality Recreational Scale

quality: hierarchical model. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. Tallahassee: Florida State University. Brady, M.K. & Cronin, J., Jnr (2001) Some new thoughts on conceptualizing perceived service quality: a hierarchical approach. Journal of Marketing, 65 (3): 34-49. Bryne, B.M. (1998) Structural equation modelling with LISREL, PRELIS, and SIMPLIS: basic concepts, applications and programming. Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (2015) A year in review. October 2015. CPRA-ACPL, October 2015, 1

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The Influence of Service Quality and Passenger Satisfaction Towards Electric Train Services (ETS): A PLS-SEM Approach

the Academy of Marketing Science, 45(5), pp.616-632. [7] Hair, J.F., Black, W.C., Babin, B.J., Anderson, R.E. and Tatham, R.L., 2006. Multivariate data analysis , 6th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson University Press. [8] Khurshid, R. Naem, H., Ejaz, S., Mukhatar, F., Batool, T., 2012. Service quality and customer satisfaction in Public Transport sector of Pakistan: An Empirical study. International Journal of Economics and management , 1(9), pp.24-30. [9] Lawson-Body, A., Limayen, M., 2004. The Impact of Customer Relationship Mangement on

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The Analysis of Serbian Customers Satisfaction with e-services Quality Dimensions of Lodging e-intermediaries

). Perceived E-Service Quality: Measurement Validation and Effects on Consumer Satisfaction and Website Loyalty. Managing Service Quality: An International Journal, 17(3), 317-340. DOI: 10.1108/09604520710744326 Cyr, D. (2008). Modelin Website Design across Cultures: Relationship to Trust, Satisfaction and E-loyalty. Journal of Management Information Systems, 24(4), 47-72. DOI: 10.2753/MIS0742-1222240402 Davidson, A.P., & Burgess, S. (2006). E-commerce in tourism: use of websites by small regional and urban enterprises. Gold Coast, Queensland

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Cost-Effective Service Excellence: Exploring the Relationships Among Restaurants’ Operational Efficiency, Size and Service Quality

References Ajpes. 2019. ‘FI-PO-Financial Data’. 2019. . Alberca, Pilar, and Laura Parte. 2018. ‘Operational Efficiency Evaluation of Restaurant Firms’. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 30 (3): 1959–77. . Ali, Faizan, Kashif Hussain, Rupam Konar, and Hyeon-Mo Jeon. 2017. ‘The Effect of Technical and Functional Quality on Guests’ Perceived Hotel Service Quality and

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