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A hierarchy of hydrodynamic models for silicon carbide semiconductors

References 1. O. Muscato, W. Wagner, and V. Di Stefano, Numerical study of the systematic error in Monte Carlo schemes for semiconductors, ESAIM: M2AN, vol. 44, no. 5, pp. 1049-1068, 2010. 2. O. Muscato, W. Wagner, and V. Di Stefano, Properties of the steady state distribution of electrons in semiconductors, Kinetic and Related Models, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 809-829, 2011. 3. O. Muscato, V. Di Stefano, and W. Wagner, A variance-reduced electrothermal Monte Carlo method for semiconductor device simulation, Comput

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Review of the electrodeposition of molybdenum carbide on the surfaces of disperse dielectric and semiconductor materials

Electrochem. 38: 315. Malyshev VV, Novoselova IA, Gab AI, Pisanenko AD, Shapoval VI (2000) Teoreticheskiye osnovy tekhnologiy gaľvanicheskoy obrabotki dielektrikov i poluprovodnikov v ionnykh rasplavakh (Theoretical Backgrounds of Technologies of Galvanic Processing of Dielectrics and Semiconductors in Ionic Melts), Teor. Osnovy Khim. Tekhnol. 34(4): 435. Malyshev VV, Novoselova IA, Gab AI, Sarychev SY (2003) Environmentally appropriate technologies and resourse saving in high-temperature electrochemical synthesis, deposition of metal

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Temperature dependence of the energy band gap of CuSi2P3 semiconductor using PSOPW method

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Electronic parameters of MIS Schottky diodes with DNA biopolymer interlayer

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Helicon Resonator based Strong Magnetic Field Sensor

, J.K. (1970). Infrared and microwave magnetoplasma effects in semiconductors. Report on Progress in Physics , 33, 1195-1322. Jankauskas, Z., Laurinavicius, L. (2002). Magnetic and electric excitation of magnetoplasmic waves. Electronics and Electrical Engineering , 2 (37), 32-34. Jankauskas, Z., Kvedaras, V., Laurinavicius, L. (2003). The measurements of carrier density and mobility in magnetised materials by the help of helicon maser. Measurement Science Review , 3 (3), 123

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Acousto-optic modulation in ion implanted semiconductor plasmas having SDDC

focusing Kerr medium. A large number of attempts have been made on the investigation of modulational interactions. It has found that growth rate of instability in strain dependent dielectric (SDDC) semiconductor crystals such as BaTiO 3 is large enough [ 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ]. These modulations have number of applications including the impression of information onto optical pulses, mode-locking, and optical beam deflection [ 9 , 11 ]. An important field of study in nonlinear acoustics is the amplification/attenuation and frequency mixing of waves in III

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Protection of HF Transmitters from Reflection Failure by Help of Semiconductor Isolators

., Laurinavičius, L. (2002). Magnetic and electric excitation of magnetoplasmic waves. Electronics and Electrical Engineering , no. 2 (37), 32-34. Laurinavičius, L. (1995). Non-Reciprocal and Control Devices Based on the Semiconductor Magnetoplasma. Vilnius: Technika. (in Russian) Litwin-Staszewska, E., Szymanska, W., Piotrzkowski, P. (1981). The electron mobility and thermoelectric power in InSb at atmospheric and hydrostatic pressures. Physica Status Solidi B , 106 (2), 551-559. Vountesmery, V

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Characteristics of TlBr single crystals grown using the vertical Bridgman-Stockbarger method for semiconductor-based radiation detector applications

1 Introduction Semiconductor radiation detectors are of considerable technological importance due to their increasing use in medical imaging, and industrial and transportation security applications [1 , 2] . To fabricate such a high-quality semiconductor-based radiation detector, high-quality and high-purity semiconductor single crystals are needed. In addition, materials consisting of high atomic number elements are needed due to the higher probability of an incoming radiation beam interaction with valence electrons [3] . In this regard, a TlBr

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Investigation of physicochemical and tribological properties of transparent oxide semiconducting thin films based on Ti-V oxides

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DFT study of optoelectronic spectra of barium cadmium chalcogenides (Ba2CdX3,X = S, Se and Te)

(1998) ICTP Lectures Notes. [16] Y u P., C ardona M., Fundamentals of semiconductors: Physics and Materials properties , 2 nd Ed., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1999. [17] F ox M., Optical Properties of Solids (Oxford University Press), UK, 2002. [18] D ressel M., G runer G., Electrodynamics of solids: optical properties of electrons in matter , Cambridge University Press, UK, 2001. [19] K ong F., J iang G., Physica B , 404 (2009), 2340. [20] S mith N.V., Phys. Rev. B , 3 (1971), 1862. [21] O koye C.M.I., J. Phys

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