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The present report describes a case of distal tail self-mutilation in a 5-year-old neutered male domestic short-hair cat. The cat started licking his tail few months before the behavioural visit. Because of the severity of the self-induced injuries, the veterinarian performed a surgical partial caudectomy. After 3 months, the excessive self-grooming of the tail recurred. Neurological and dermatological examinations, radiographs, urine and blood tests did not show any abnormalities. During the behavioural visit, through direct observation of the cat’s posture and behavioural history, the pet received a diagnosis of psychogenic alopecia. The cat was treated with clomipramine for 2 months (0.5 mg/kg/PO SID) along with behaviour modification and environmental changes. After 1 month, the cat no longer showed excessive self-grooming. Even if no other systemic pathologies were identified, it is always recommended to address these patients with a multidisciplinary approach.

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spasticity and hyperreflexia. The most striking aspect of the disease concerns behavioral problems: a peculiar severe sort of compulsive self-injurious behavior is common, with self mutilation (lip, tongue or finger biting), and other occasional different means of self-harm. Self-injury is not the result of a lack of sensation (the patients feel pain and are relieved when protected from themselves) but can be ascribed to an obsessive-compulsive behavior often revealing new and unexpected forms [ 25 ] and still under study Without restrictions, most patients can develop

trivialize the character, but, on the contrary, it gives that sensitive load, that emotion that leads to the elevation in the end. In the same register, the apparently new and naive couple, Jorgen- Thea, is saved through love from anonymity and conventionalism. As an individual character, Thea Elvsted (Cendana Trifan), on the other hand, is subtracted, subdued by Hedda’s darkened magnetism, but highlighted by flashy clothing and by the symbolic self-mutilation gesture of gleaming her face with an ice cream at the conflict’s paroxysm. Alongside these two core