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Organic Seed Production in the Republic of Serbia

REFERENCES BERENJI, J. Organic plant breeding and seed production – theory and practice. Proceedings of “Breeding08” Conventional and Molecular Breeding of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad, 590-593, 2008. BERENJI, J., SIKORA, V. Organsko oplemenjivanje-novi pravci u oplemenjivanju biljaka. Selekcija i semenarstvo, 15 (3):12-22, 2009. BENBROOK, C. The Magnitude and Impacts of the Biotech and Organic Seed Price Premium. The Organic Center. Critical Issue Report: The Seed Price Premium. pp 1-11, 2009. BOGDANOVIĆ, S., BALEŠEVIĆ-TUBIĆ, S

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Enhancing Seed Yield of Hybrid Rice by Maintaining Row Ratio and Dosages of Gibberellic Acid

References Abo-Youssef, M.I. (2003). Primary studies on GA3 application in hybrid rice seed production under Egyptian condition. Proc. 10th Conf. Agron., Suez Canal Univ., 7 (10): 183-195. Abo-Youssef, M.I. (2009). The optimum row ratio and doses of GA3 for two rice CMS lines multiplication. Proc. of 6th International Plant Breeding Conference, Ismailia, Egypt, 326-338. Anjum, S.A., Wang, L.C., Farooq, M., Hussain, M., Xue, L.L. & Zou, C.M. (2011). Brassinolide application improves the drought tolerance in maize

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Variability of morphological features, bud burst and flowering of Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) in the seed orchard of the Bielsk Forest District

–33. Buraczyk W. 2005. Relation between crown lenght and seed production in Norway spruce trees ( Picea abies [L.] Karst.). Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University. Forestry and Wood Technology 56: 76–86. Buraczyk W. 2006. Relation between social status and seed production in Norway spruce trees ( Picea abies [L.] Karst.). Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University. Forestry and Wood Technology 60: 85–93. Burzyński G., Czart J., Fonder W., Korczyk A., Matras J. (kierownik zespołu), Puchniarski T., Tomczyk A., Załęski A. 1993. Program zachowania zasobów

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The Contribution of Agricultural Research and Development Station Secuieni, Neamţ County, Romania, to the Supply of Soybean Seed

References Ceapoiu N., 1976 - Genetica şi evoluţia populaţiilor biologice (Genetics and the evolution of biological populations). Editura Academiei. Haş I., 2006 - Producerea seminţelor la plantele agricole (Seed production on the agricultural plants ). Editura Academic Pres, Cluj Napoca. Lal R., Kimble J.M., Stewart B.A., 2000 - Global climate change and tropical ecosystems. CRC-Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, FL., USA. Lal R., 2006 - Managing soils for feeding a global population of 10 billion. J

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Boron application in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) seed production

References Bernie, D. and Longbin, H. 1997. Physiological response of plants to low boron. Plant and Soil 193 : 103-120. Blevins, G.D. and Lukaszewski, K.M. 1998. Boron in plant structure and function. Annual Review of Plant Physiology, Plant Molecular Biology 49 : 481–500. Dear, S.B. and Lipsett, J. 1987. The effect of boron supply on the growth and seed production of subterranean clover ( Trifolium subterraneum L.). Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 38 : 537-546. Dell, B. and Huang, L. 1997. Physiological response of

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The growth of small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata Mill.) clones in a seed orchard in the Susz Forest District

Wzrost szczepów lipy drobnolistnej (Tilia cordata Mill.) na plantacji nasiennej w Nadleśnictwie Susz

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Effect of Last Cutting Dates on Seed Production of Multicut MB-87 – A Variety of Pearl Millet, Pennisetum glaucum (Bajra)

(2015). Agricultural Statistics of Pakistan, 2014-15. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Division , Islamabad, pp.18-33. Iqbal, A. Ayub, M., Akbar, N. & Ahmad, R. (2006). Growth and forage yield response of maize-legume mixed cropping to different sowing techniques. Pak.J.Agri.Res., 43(3-4): 126-130. Joshi, J., Schmid, B. & Caldeira, M.C. (2004). Local adaptation enhances performance of common plant species. Ecol.Lett., 4: 536-544. Karar, H., Abdullah, A. & Hussain, A. (2017). Factors affecting seed production of lucerne and berseem

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Morphological characteristics and variation of wood, cone and seed productions in the reforestation of Aleppo pine in Northeastern Tunisia using terrestrial and spatial index approaches

., Moya, D., Rejeb, M.N., Ben Mansoura, A., Albouchi, A., De Las Heras, J., Fezzani, T. & Henchi B. (2011a). Geographical variation on cone and seed production of natural Pinus halepensis Mill. forests in Tunisia. J. Arid Environ ., 75, 403‒410. DOI: 10.1016/j.jaridenv.2011.01.001. Ayari, A., Moya, D., Rejeb, M.N., Ben Mansoura, A., Garchi, S., De Las Heras, J. & Henchi B. (2011b). Alternative sampling methods to estimate structure and reproductive characteristics of Aleppo pine forests in Tunisia. Forest Systems , 20, 348‒360. DOI: 10.5424/fs/20112003

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Reproduction of silver fir (Abies alba Mill) forests in the Ukrainian Carpathians

R eferences Debryniuk, Yu.M. 2013. Quality indicators of Abies alba Mill. seeds in plantations of western regions of Ukraine (in Ukrainian). Lisivnytstvo i Ahrolisomelioratsiia , 123, 13–20. Debryniuk, Yu.M. 2011. Dieback of Norway spruce forests: causes and consequences (in Ukrainian). Naukovyi Visnyk NLTUU , 21 (16), 32–38. Debryniuk, Yu.M., Kalinin, M.I., Guz, M.M., Shabliy, I.V. 1998. Forest seed production (in Ukrainian). Vydavnytstvo Svit, Lviv, Ukraine. Hensiruk, S.A. 2002. Forests of Ukraine. Third editions with additions and

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Genetic variation of wood and resin production in Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis Barret & Golfari


The purpose of this work was to estimate genetic parameters and selection gain of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis progeny trial for wood and resin production as well as correlation between them. Experiment was established in complete lattice square 10 × 10 (triple), 100 treatments, 10 plants per plot, 3 m × 3 m spacing. Twelve years after planting the trial had thinned considerably leaving six plants per plot. Twenty-seven years after planting height, diameter at breast height (dbh) and resin production were measured. Deviance analysis, genetic parameter estimates, selection expected gain, genetic and phenotypic correlation were based on REML/BLUP method. Significant phenotypic differences were observed among and within families for all traits. The thinning at 12 years after planting, contributed positively to dbh increase and resin production, with an average of 30.60 cm and 4.83 kg tree−1year−1. The individual narrow sense heritability ranged from 0.25 to 0.38 for dbh and volume. Genetic and phenotypic correlation between growth traits were positive, and significant. Therefore, different selection strategies will be proposed separately for both traits (resin and wood). The selection gains were significant, especially with 10 % selection intensity (individual selection) for dbh (7.53 %) and resin (13.49 %). The trial has had good performance for growth, resin and genetic variability to support the next breeding generation

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