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Improved Strongly Deniable Authenticated Key Exchanges for Secure Messaging

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Circumventing Cryptographic Deniability with Remote Attestation

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Consistent Synchronous Group Off-The-Record Messaging with SYM-GOTR

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Wiretapping End-to-End Encrypted VoIP Calls: Real-World Attacks on ZRTP

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An Enhanced LSB-Image Steganography Using the Hybrid Canny-Sobel Edge Detection

Domain. – In: Recent Advances in Engineering and Computational Sciences (RAECS’14), Chandigarh, 2014. 11. Bai, J., C.-C. Chang, T.-S. Nguyen, C. Zhu, Y. Liu. A High Payload Steganographic Algorithm Based on Edge Detection. – Displays, Vol. 46 , 2017, No 1, pp. 42-51. 12. Islam, S., M. R. Modi, P. Gupta. Edge-Based Image Steganography. – EURASIP Journal on Information Security, Vol. 2014 , 2014, No 1. 13. Irawan, C., D. R. I. M. Setiadi, C. A. Sari, E. H. Rachmawanto. Hiding and Securing Message on Edge Areas of Image Using LSB Steganography and OTP

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A branch hash function as a method of message synchronization in anonymous P2P conversations

, Springer, Berlin/Heidelberg, pp. 122-139. Schoder, D. and Fischbach, K. (2003). Peer-to-peer prospects, Communications of the ACM 46(2): 27-29. Schollmeier, R. (2001). A definition of peer-to-peer networking for the classification of peer-to-peer architectures and applications, Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing, P2P’01, Link¨oping, Sweden, pp. 101-102. SDCDev (2014). Shadowcoin secure messaging: A P2P encrypted instant messaging system, Serjantov, A

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On Smart Contracts and Organisational Performance: A Review of Smart Contracts through the Blockchain Technology

., Gencer, A. E., Sirer, E. G., & Van Renesse, R. (2016). Bitcoin-NG: A Scalable Blockchain Protocol. In Proceedings of the 13th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI'16) (pp. 45-59). Santa Clara, CA: USENIX Association. 17. Eyal, L., & Sirer, E. G. (2014). Majority is not enough: Bitcoin mining is vulnerable. In Financial Cryptography and Data Security: 18th International Conference (pp. 436-454). Berlin Heiidelberg: Springer. 18. Farhana, T., Bappy, I. I., Prince, S. C., & Yasmeen, D. (2016). Secured

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Individual versus Organizational Computer Security and Privacy Concerns in Journalism

-generation onion router,” in Proceedings of the 13th USENIX Security Symposium, 2004. [25] N. Unger, S. Dechand, J. Bonneau, S. Fahl, H. Perl, I. Goldberg, and M. Smith, “SoK: Secure Messaging,” in Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2015. [26] M. Brennan, K. Metzroth, and R. Stafford, “Building Effective Internet Freedom Tools: Needfinding with the Tibetan Exile Community,” in 7th Workshop on Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (HotPETs), 2014. [27] Internews Center for Innovation & Learning

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