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Evaluation of Train Crews Schedule in Terms of Robustness

7. References 1. Bertsimas D., Sim M.: The Price of Robustness. Operations Research, 52 (1), 2004. 2. Bešinovic N., Goverde R., Quaglietta E., Roberti R.: An integrated micro–macro approach to robust railway timetabling. Transportation Research, Part B 87, 2016. 3. Castillo E., Gallego I., Urena J.M., Coronado J.M.: Timetabling optimization of a mixed double- and single-tracked railway network. Appl. Math. Model. Vol. 35, 2011. 4. Cesta A., Oddi A., Smith S.F.: Profile Based Algorithms to Solve Multiple Capacitated Metric Scheduling

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A new sufficient schedulability analysis for hybrid scheduling

References Albers, K. and Slomka, F. (2004). An event stream driven approximation for the analysis of real-time systems, Proceedings of the 16th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems, Catania, Sicily, Italy , pp. 187–195. Alcorta-Garcia, E., Saucedo-Flores, S. and Diaz-Romero, D.A. (2014). Intelligent fault diagnosis in nonlinear systems, Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing 20 (2): 201–212. Audsley, N.C., Burns, A., Richardson, M., Tindell, K.W. and Wellings, A.J. (1993). Applying new scheduling theory to static priority pre

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Batch Scheduling In A Two-Stage Flexible Flow Shop Problem

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Online Algorithms for a Generalized Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem

References [1] Dósa, Gy.: "Online workflow scheduling: theoretical and practical results", Manuscript, 2014. Januar. [2] Dósa, Gy.: "A heuristic algorithm for maintaning the scheduling resources, using historic data: developing and testing" (in Hungarian), Project Report, 2014. November. [3] Graham, R.L., "Bounds on multiprocessor timing anomalies", SIAM J. Appl. Math. 17 (1969), 416-429. [4] Sharp,A., McDermott, P.: "Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Applications Development

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Construction Scheduling and Stability of the Resulting Schedules

References 1. R. Butterworth, “Scheduling theory, Department of Combinatorics and Optimization”, University of Waterloo 1979. 2. N. Ibadov, J. Rosłon, “Technology selection for construction project, with the use of fuzzy preference relation”, Archives of Civil Engineering, vol. LXI, is. 3, pp. 105-118, 2015. 3. P. Jaśkowski, S. Biruk, „Ocena porownawcza miernikow odporności harmonogramow budowlanych“ Budownictwo i Inżynieria Środowiska, Vol. 2, no. 4, s. 501-505, 2011. 4. P

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Priority Scheduling in the Planning of Multiple-Structure Construction Projects

R eferences 1. ZM. Alsarraj, “Formal Development Of Line-Of-Balance Technique”, Journal Of Construction Engineering And Management 116(4):689-704, 1990. 2. M. Hajdu, “Effects of the application of activity calendars on the distribution of project duration in PERT networks”, Automation in Construction 35, 397-404, 2013. 3. R. Harris, P. Ioannou, “Repetitive Scheduling Method”, Center For Construction Engineering And Management, Michigan, November 1998. 4. N. Ibadov, „Determination of the Risk Factors Impact on the Construction Projects

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Genetic Algorithm Modification for Production Scheduling

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Simulator for Distribution Scheduling in Downstream

. Applied Mathematical Modelling 33, 1584-1600. [4] Lasschuit, W., Thijssen, N., 2004, Supporting supply chain planning and scheduling decisions in the oil and chemical industry, Computers & Chemical Engineering 28, Issues 6-7, 863-870. [5] Herrán-González, A., De La Cruz, J. M., De Andrés-Toro, B., Risco-Martín, J. L., 2009, Modeling and simulation of a gas distribution pipeline network, Applied Mathematical Modelling 33, 1584-1600. [6] Neiro, S. M. S., Pinto, J. M., 2004, A general modeling framework for the operational

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Scheduling And Simulation Of VLBI Measurements For The Determination Of Earth Orientation Parameters

Optimized VLBI Observing Schedules.” In Proceedings of the 8th Working Meeting on European VLBI for Geodesy and Astrometry , IV – 23 – IV – 29. Sun, Jing, Johannes Böhm, Tobias Nilsson, Hana Krásná, Sigrid Böhm, and Harald Schuh. 2014. “New VLBI2010 Scheduling Strategies and Implications on the Terrestrial Reference Frames.” Journal of Geodesy 88 (5): 449–61. doi:10.1007/s00190-014-0697-9. Teke, Kamil, Johannes Böhm, Hana Spicakova, Andrea Pany, Lucia Plank, Harald Schuh, and Emine Tanir. 2009. Piecewise Linear Offsets for VLBI Parameter Estimation . na

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Increasing time-scheduling efficiency in the building process

References Chamulová, B.: Streamlining the construction scheduling process. Thesis. 2010 Jarský, Č., Musil, F.: Technologie staveb II. Příprava a realizace staveb. (Building Technology II. Preparation and Realization of Buildings). Akademické nakladatelství CERM, Brno, Czech Republic, 2003, ISBN 80-7204-282-3. Kozlovská, M., Hyben, I.: Stavbyvedúci, manažér stavebného procesu. (Construction manager, Manager of building-up process). Eurostav spol. s r. o., Bratislava, 2005, ISBN 80

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