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Culture and Rural Development: Voices from Poland

Creative Class, New York: Basic Books. Florida, R,. 2005. Cities and the Creative Class, New York: Routledge. Fonte, M., Papadopoulos, A. (eds.), 2010. Naming Food ather Places. Food Relocalisation and Knowledge Dynamics in Rural Development, Aldershot: Ashgate. Frank, A. G., 1969. Latin America: Underdevelopment or Revolution, New York: Monthly Review Press. Goodwin, M., 2006. Regulating rurality? Rural studies and the regulation approach. In: Cloke, P., Marsden, T., Mooney P. (eds.) Handbook of Rural

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Analysis of Accessing Rural Development Funds

References Andersson, Anna; Höjgård, Sören; Rabinowicz Ewa. (2017). Evaluation of results and adaptation of EU Rural Development Programmes. Land Use Policy 67: 298–314. Bakos, Izabella Mária; Tamus, Antalné; Takács György, Katalin. (2014). A vidékfejlesztési támogatások területi eltérései Románia és Magyarország összevetésében [Spatial distribution of rural development funds in Romania and Hungary – A comparative study]. Erdélyi Múzeum 2014/4. Cluj-Napoca: EME Könyvkiadó. 118–129. Bakucs, Zoltán; Fertő, Imre. (2013). A vidékfejlesztési

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Contemporary Aspects of Correlation between Agriculture and Rural Development

LITERATURE 1. Bryden, J., Section 3, Rural Development, In Landsis: Proposal on Agri-Environmental Indisator PAIS, Luxenbourg, 2001. 2. John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society/The Humane Agenda, PS Grmeč-Privredni pregled (eng.: Economic Review), Belgrade, 2001 3. Jovanović N. Miroslav, Evropska ekonomska integracija (eng.: European Economic Integration), CID, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, 2006. 4. Popović Goran, Ekonomija Evropske unije (eng.: Economics of the European Union), Faculty of Economics, Banja Luka, 2009. 5

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Economic and Social Impacts of Promoting Cultural Heritage Protection by the Czech Rural Development Programme 2007–2013

Academic references [1] Alumäe, H., Prinstmann, A. & Palang, H. (2003). Cultural and Historical Values in Landscape Planning: Locals’ Perception. In Palang, H., Fry, G., eds., Landscape Interfaces Cultural Heritage in Changing Landscapes (pp. 125–145). Dordrecht: Kluwer. [2] Antošová, G. (2016). Cultural rural development in the Czech Republic (Case study of the Liberec region). European Countryside 8(3), 263–277. DOI: 10.1515/euco-2016-0019. [3] Asztalos Morell, I. (2014). “I do not understand how I became a farmer”: The small-peasant path

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Landscape function analysis as a base of rural development strategies

well-being: Biodiversity synthesis. World Resource Institue, Washington D.C., 86 p. Norgaard, R. B. 2010. Ecosystem services: from eye-opening metaphor to complexity blinder Ecol. Econ . 69, 1219–1227. DOI: Rábaköz Local Development Strategy 2014-2020, Rábaköz Rural Development Association, March 2016 New Hungary Rural Development Programme, Darányi

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Supporting the Absorbent National Rural Development Planning by Scenarios

] ERND (2017): RDPs 2014–2020. Key facts & figures. Rural Development Priority 6: Promote social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas. Retrieved from (accessed: 03.07.2017). [31] Nemzeti Fenntartható Fejlődési Tanács (2010). Jövőkereső. A Nemzeti Fenntartható Fejlődési Tanács jelentése a magyar társadalomnak. (downloaded: 24.01.2013). [32] Nemzeti Vidékstratégiai Koncepció – 2020 II. (agrár

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New opportunities and cautionary steps? Farmers, forestry and rural development in Ireland

Agricultural Policy and Social Differentiation in Rural Ireland. The Economic and Social Review 34(1), 65-85. Elands, B. H. M. & Wiersum, K. F. (2001). Forestry and rural development in Europe: an exploration of socio-political discourses. Forest Policy and Economics 3: 5-16. Elands, B. H.M, O'Leary, T. N., Boerwinkel, H. W. J. & Wiersum, K. F. (2004). Forests as a mirror of rural conditions; local views on the role of forests across Europe. Forest Policy and Economics 6(5): 469-482. doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2004

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Potential of Short Food Supply Chains, their Role and Support within the Rural Development Policy in the Slovak Republic

References Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 807/2014 of 11 March 2014 supplementing Regulation (EU) No. 1305/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and introducing transitional provisions. Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 of 5 September 2008 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products with regard to

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Rural development within the context of agricultural and socio-economic trends – the case of Finland

References Armstrong, H. & Taylor, J. (2000). Regional economics and policy. 3 rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Bollman, R. D. (2006). The Demographic Overlap of Agriculture and Rural Economy: Implications for the Coherence of Agriculture and Rural Policies. In Diakossavvas, D., Ed., Coherence of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies (pp. 95-112). Paris: OECD. Breman, B. C. & Pinto Correia, M. T. (2003). Coping with Marginalisation and Multifunctional Land use in

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Rural Tourism As Promoter Of Rural Development – Prospects And Limitations: Case Study Findings From A Pilot Projectpromoting Village Tourism

. (2010). How to attract more tourists? Tourism review, 65(4), 28-40. DOI: 10.1108/16605371011061606. [25] Komppula, R. (2014). The role of individual entrepreneurs in the development of competitiveness for a rural tourism destination - A case study. Tourism Management 40, 361-371. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2013.07.007. [26] Korf, B. (2007). Governing bottom-up in rural development. The legitimacy dilemma. In Cheshire, L., Higgins, V. & Lawrence, G., Eds., Rural Governance. International perspectives (pp. 259-272). London: Routledge

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