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Influence of Plum Rootstock on Flowering Intensity Depending on Concentration of Dry Matter and Reducing Sugars in Annual Shoots

REFERENCES Ashworth, E. N., Stirm, V. E., Volenec, J. J. (1993). Seasonal variations in soluble sugars and starch within woody stems of Cornus sericea L. Tree Physiol. , 13 , 379–388. Baciu, A., Ciobanu, A., Botu, I., Cosmulescu, S., Gruia, M., Tudor, I. (2012). Evaluation of the cultivar/rootstock combination rooting system for plum cultivars grown in the Central Area of Oltenia. Acta Hort ., 968 , 125–132. Dekena, D, Alsina, I., Lepsis, J. (2013). Influence of plum rootstocks on the dynamic of dry matter in the annual shoots of cultivar

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Rain-Fed Plantations Of The Domesticated Ziziphus Mauritiana In The Sahel: Effects Of Varieties And Rootstocks On Yields And Fruit Quality

water balance of a sandy soil in Niger cropped with pearl millet, based on profile moisture measurements. Agricultural Water Management 21(4): 313-330. DOI: 10.1016/0378-3774(92)90053-Y. Lal G., Dhaka R. 2007. Effect of different rootstocks on growth, yield and quality of ber ( Ziziphus mauritiana Lamk.) cv. Umran and Gola. Annals of Arid Zone 46: 107. Leakey R.R.B. 2001. Win: Win landuse strategies for Africa: 2. Capturing economic and environmental benefits with multistrata agroforests. The International Forestry Review 3: 11-18. Leakey R

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Performance of Different Apple Cultivars in a Young High Density Orchard

References Ikase, L., Dumbravs, R. (2004). Apple breeding for disease resistance in Latvia. Acta Horticulturae, 663 (2), 713-716. Ikase, L., Lācis, G. (2013). Apple breeding and genetic resources in Latvia. Acta Horticulturae, 976, 69-74. Kazlauskaya, Z. A., Samus, V. A. (2011). Evaluation and selection of fruit rootstocks in Belarus. Acta Horticulturae, 903 (1), 371-378. Kazlouskaya, Z., Hashenko, T., Vaseha, V.., Yarmolich, S. (2013). Breeding of new apple cultivars in Belarus. Proc. Latvian

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Plum Germplasm Resources and Breeding in Romania

dense planting. Acta Hort ., 968 , 99–108. Botu, I., Achim, Gh., Botu, M., Preda, S., Butac, M. (2006). New plum rootstocks intended for intensive plantings. I Symposium on Plum of Serbia. Institute Serbia, Fruit and Grape Research Centre – Cacak. Book of Abstracts. Botu, M., Botu, I., Vicol, A., Neagoe, A., Vişanu, F. (2008). Biodiversitatea pomicolă – conservare şi utilizare, la SCDP Vâlcea [Fruit tree Biodiversity – conservation and using at RSFG Valcea]. In: Lucrările colocviului nažional privind gestionarea resurselor genetice din pomicultură , pp

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Effect of Crown Restriction on the Growth and Productivity of Sweet Cherries

References Balmer, M. (1998). Preliminary results on planting densities and rain covering for sweet cherry on dwarfing rootstock. Acta Hort. , 468 , 433-440. Blanke, M. M., Balmer, M. (2008). Cultivation of sweet cherry under rain covers. Acta Hort. , 795 , 479-484. Børve, J., Meland, M. (1998). Rain cover protection against cracking of sweet cherries. I. The effect on marketable yield. Acta Hort. , 468 , 449-454. Howell, W., Lang, G. (2001). Virus sensitivity of new sweet cherry

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Potential Use of Spring Budding Techniques in Production of Plum Nursery Trees

REFERENCES Anonymus, (2018). Techniques of Budding. Available at: (accessed03.04.2019). Audergon, J. M., Duquesne, J., Nicolas J. C., Audubert, A. (1991). A new selected plum rootstock for apricot varieties: Torinel ® . Acta Horticult. , 293 , 395–400. Buchtová, I. (2017). Situational and outlook report of fruits. Ministry of Agriculture in Czech Republic, Prague, pp. 60 (in Czech). Available from: http

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Effect of different fertilizers and amendments on the growth of apple and sour cherry rootstocks in an organic nursery


Two independent trials were established during the years of 2009 and 2010 with M.26 apple rootstocks and Prunus mahaleb L. seedlings in three different locations to evaluate the effect of seven organic fertilizers and amendments on the growth of rootstocks in an organic nursery in the first year of an operation. The products tested were a microbial consortium, two kinds of vermicomposts extracts, two kind of seaweeds extracts, a stillage from yeast production and a solution of titanium. Plants receiving these products were compared to untreated and minerally or organically (manure) fertilized during vegetative season. Plant growth was evaluated by measuring the increase of the root neck diameter and the height of the tallest upward growing shoot. The application of the different organic fertilizers and amendments induced significantly higher growth of both kinds of rootstocks in all locations and for each year in comparison to control and, in the majority of the cases, to the chemical and manure fertilization. However, some products (BF Quality, Micosat, Humus UP, Tytanit and Vinassa) showed a more consistent effect on the growth of tested rootstocks under different soil and climatic conditions. It can be concluded that fertilization of apple and sour cherry rootstock with organic fertilizers and amendments of different origin and composition is effective in producing of high quality plants.

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Influence of Rootstocks on Plum Productivity in Different Growing Regions

References Dēķena, Dz., Alsiņa, I. (2011). Influence of rootstock on wintering and health status of plum cultivar `Victoria`. In: Research for Rural Development 2011, Annual 17th International Scientific Confernce Proceedings. Latvia University of Agriculture, Jelgava, pp. 47-51. Dēķena Dz., Janes, H., Poukh, A., Alsiņa, I. (2013). Influence of rootstock on plum flowering intensity in different grooving regions. Proc. Latvian Scad. Sci., Section B, 67 (2), 207-210. Eremin, G. (1993). Breeding for Winterhardiness

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Evaluation Results of Finnish Apple Rootstocks in Latvia

. (2016). Breeding of apple at MTT Agrifood Research Finland. Available at: (accessed 15 September 2016). Khanizadeh, S., Tsao, R., Granger, R., Coussieau, J., Rousselle, G. L. (2000). New hardy rootstocks from the Quebec apple breeding program. Acta Hort., 538, 719-721 Kivistik, J. (2014). Puuvilja- ja marjasordid: Soovitussortiment [Fruit and Berry Varieties]. Tallinn, Esmatrükk. 223 pp. (in Estonian

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Plum Research and Growing in Latvia

REFERENCES Anonymus (1870–1871). Katalog von C. W. Schoch. Riga. 32 S. Dēķena, Dz., Poukh, E. V. Kahu, K. Laugale, V. Alsiņa. I. (2017). Influence of rootstocks on plum productivity in different growing regions. Proc. Latvian Acad. Sci., Section B, 71 (3), 233–236. Dēķena, Dz., Alsiņa, I. (2017). Plūmju potcelmu izvērtējums [Evaluation of plum rootstocks]. Grām.: Zinātniski praktiskās konferences “Līdzsvarota Lauksaimniecība” raksti [Proceedings of the Applied Science Conference “Balanced Agriculture”]. Jelgava, 88–92 (in Latvian

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