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Phenotyping Root System Architecture of Cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.) Grown Under Salinity

Agricultural Sciences , vol. 25 , pp. 63–74. ARMENGAUD, P. – ZAMBAUX, K. – HILLS, A. – SULPICE, R. – PATTISON, R.J. – BLATT, M.R. – AMTMANN, A. 2009. EZ–Rhizo: integrated software for the fast and accurate measurement of root system architecture. In Plant Journal , vol. 57, pp. 945–956. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-313X.2008.03739.x ASHOUR, N.I. – ABD-EL’HAMID, A.E.H.M. 1970. Relative salt tolerance of Egyptian cotton varieties during germination and early seedlings development. In Plant and Soil , vol. 3 , pp. 493–495. DOI: 10.1007/BF01378240 BASAL, H. – BEBELI

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Fractal analysis of leaves: are all leaves self-similar along the cane?

.ins.2008.01.023. Dicke, M. & Burrough P.A. (1988). Using fractal dimensions for characterizing tortuosity of animal trails. Physiol. Entomol. , 13, 393−398. DOI:10.1111/j.1365-3032.1988.tb01122.x. Fitter, A.H. & Stickland T.S. (1992). Fractal characterization of root system architecture. Funct. Ecol ., 6, 632−635. DOI:10.2307/2389956. Gastner, M.T., Oborny B., Zimmermann, D.K. & Pruessner G. (2009). Transition from connected to fragmented vegetation across an environmental gradient: scaling laws in ecotone geometry. Am

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Exogenous Polyamines Improve Mycorrhizal Development And Growth And Flowering Of Freesia hybrida

Q.S., He X.H., Zou Y.N., Liu C.Y., Xiao J., Li Y. 2012a. Arbuscular mycorrhizas alter root system architecture of Citrus tangerine through regulating metabolism of endogenous polyamines. Plant Growth Regulation 68: 27-35. DOI: 10.1007/s10725-012-9690-6. Wu Q.S., Peng Y.H., Zou Y.N., Liu C.Y. 2010a. Exogenous polyamines affect mycorrhizal development of Glomus mosseae -colonized citrus ( Citrus tangerine ) seedlings. ScienceAsia 36: 254-258. DOI: 10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2010.36.254. Wu Q.S., Zou Y.N. 2009. The effect of dual application of

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Root Stability Evaluation with Non-Destructive Techniques

forest meteorology 148: 1733-1742. SIEGERT, B. (2013): Comparative Analysis of Tools and Methods for the Evaluation of Tree Stability Results of a field test in Germany. Arborist•News april: 26-31. SILINS, U. - LIEFFERS, V.J. - BACH, L. (2000): The effect of temperature on mechanical properties of standing lodgepole pine trees. Trees 14 (8): 424-428. STOKES, A. - FOURCAUD, T. - HRUSKA, J. - CERMAK, J. - NADYEZHDIN, N. - PRAUS, L. (2002): An evaluation of different methods to investigate root system architecture of urban

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Root distributions in a laboratory box evaluated using two different techniques (gravimetric and image processing) and their impact on root water uptake simulated with HYDRUS

Journal of Agronomy, 34, 181–189. Chen, Y.L., Palta, J., Clements, J., Buirchelld, B., Siddiqueb, K.H.M., Rengel, Z., 2014. Root architecture alteration of narrow-leafed lupin and wheat in response to soil compaction. Field Crops Research, 165, 61–70. Dane, J.H., Topp, G.C., 2002. Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 4, Physical Methods. SSSA, Madison, USA, 1692 p. ISBN: 0-89118-841-X de Dorlodot, S., Forster, B., Pages, L., Price, A., Tuberosa, R., Draye, X., 2007. Root system architecture: opportunities and constraints for genetic improvement of crops

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Importance of automatic threshold for image segmentation for accurate measurement of fine roots of woody plants / Význam automatického prahovania na obrazovú segmentáciu pre presné merania jemných koreňov drevín

:771-776. Le Bot, J., Serra, V., Fabre, J., Draye, X., Adamowicz, S., Pagès, L., 2010: DART: a software to analyse root system architecture and development from captured images Plant and Soil, 326:261-273. Otsu, N., 1979: A threshold selection method from gray-level histograms, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 9:62-66. Pregitzer, K. S., Deforest, J. L., Burton, A., J., Allen, M. F., Ruess, R. W., 2002: Fine Root Architecture of Nine North American trees Ecological Monographs, 2:293-309. Prewitt, J. M. S

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Selenium-induced improvements in the ornamental value and salt stress resistance of Plectranthus scutellarioides (L.) R. Br.

modulates plastic development of root system architecture under salt stress in Arabidopsis thaliana . J. Plant Physiol. 166, 1637-1645. W hite P.J., 2018. Selenium metabolism in plants. Biochim. Biophys. Acta Gen. Subj. 1862, 2333-2342. W rochna M., G awroński S.W., 2004. Ocena przydatności roślin ozdobnych z rodziny komosowatych i szarłatowatych do uprawy na stanowiskach zasolonych [Evaluation of the usefulness of ornamental plants from the family Chenopodiaceae and Amaranthaceae for cultivation in saline areas]. Roczn. AR w Poznaniu, CCCLVI

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Mitigation of replant disease by mycorrhization in horticultural plants: A review

growth and mineral nutrient status. Acta Sci. Pol., Hortorum Cultus 14, 17-37. Gé rard F., B litz -F rayret C., H insinger P., P agès L., 2017. Modelling the interactions between root system architecture, root functions and reactive transport processes in soil. Plant Soil 413, 161-180. G uo X.W., L i K., G uo Y.S., Z hang L.H., S un Y.N., X ie H.G., 2009. Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) strains on growth and root exudation characteristics of grapevine. J. Shenyang Agric. Univ. 40, 392-395 (in Chinese with English abstract). G uo

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Anatomical and Physiological Effects of Phytohormones on Adventitious Roots Development in Larix kaempferi × L. olgensis

.4061/2011/710758. DEAK, K. I. and J. MALAMY (2005): Osmotic regulation of root system architecture. The Plant Journal 43(1): 17-28. DE KLERK, G. J., W. VAN DER KRIEKEN and J. C. DE JONG (1999): The formation of adventitious roots: new concepts, new possibilities. In: Vitro Cellular, Development Biology. Plant 35(3): 189-199. DELLO IOIO, R. D., F. S. LINHARES and E. SCACCHI (2007): Cytokinins determine Arabidopsis root-meristem size by controlling cell differentiation. Curr Biol 17: 678-682. DE SMET, I., L. SIGNORA, T. BEECKMAN, D. INZE

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Towards understanding the role of ectomycorrhizal fungi in forest phosphorus cycling : a modelling approach

, P., Pagès, L. 2017: Modelling the interactions between root system architecture, root functions and reactive transport processes in soil. Plant and Soil, 413:161–180. Grigal, D. F., 2000: Effects of extensive forest management on soil productivity. Forest Ecology and Management, 138:167–185. Hinsinger, P., Brauman, A., Devau, N., Gérard, F., Jourdan, C., Laclau, J. P. et al., 2011: Acquisition of phosphorus and other poorly mobile nutrients by roots. Where do plant nutrition models fail? Plant and Soil, 348:29–61. Horemans, J. A., Bosela, M

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