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Conservative Management of Displaced Horizontal Root Fracture in Vital Maxillary Premolar: a Case Report

References 1. Davidovich E, Heling I, Fuks AB. The fate of a mid-root fracture: a case report. Dent Traumatol, 2005;21:170-173. 2. Karhade I, Gulve MN. Management of Horizontal Root Fracture in the Middle Third via Intraradicular Splinting Using a Fiber Post. Case Rep Dent, 2016;2016:9684035. 3. Welbury R, Kinirons MJ, Day P, Humphreys K, Gregg TA. Outcomes for root-fractured permanent incisors: a retrospective study. Pediatr Dent, 2002;24:98-102. 4. Tsai YL, Liao WC, Wang CY, Chang MC, Chang SH, Chang SF, et al. Horizontal root fractures

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Therapeutic management of an injury of the upper incisor within complete root formation

złamania poprzecznego korzenia siekacza przyśrodkowego szczęki. Mag. Stomatol., 2009:19(11), s. 30-33. 5. Ozbek M., Serper A., Calt S.: Repair of untreated horizontal root fracture: a case report. Dent. Traumatol., 2003:19(5), s. 296-297. 6. Oztan M.D., Sonat B.: Repair of untreated horizontal root fractures: two case reports. Dent. Traumatol., 2001:17(5), s. 240-243. 7. Pawłowska E., Szczepańska J.: Złamania korzeni zębów stałych w wieku rozwojowym- procesy gojenia, powikłania-opis przypadków. Czas. Stomatol., 2005

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Endodontic and Prosthetic Management of a Mid-Root and Crown Fracture of a Maxillary Central Incisor

References 1. Anderson JO, Munksgaard EC, Bakland LK . Comparison of fracture resistance in root canals of immature sheep teeth after filling with calcium hydroxide or MTA. Dent Traumatol , 2006; 22:154-156. 2. Andreasen FM, Andreasen JO, Cvek M . Root fractures In: Textbook and color atlas of traumatic injuries to teeth. Copenhagen: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2007; pp 337-371. 3. Andreasen FM, Andreasen JO, Cvek M . Root fractures In: Textbook and color atlas of traumatic injuries to teeth. Copenhagen: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2007; pp 698

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Dental lesions and restorative treatment in molars


This article review specific clinical issues of the molar teeth, as well as the therapeutic approach of their pathology. The dental pathology we face in the group of molars is related to: dental caries, dental trauma (crown and crown-root fractures), dental wear phenomena. The therapeutic approach of the molar teeth is represented by: restoration of the loss of hard dental tissues; endodontic treatments of pulpal and periapical complications; surgical treatment. The restorative treatments in molars are: direct restorations, with or without supplementary anchorage for obturations; inlay, onlay; prosthetic crown.

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Clinical Assessment of Endodontically Treated Teeth, Restored with or without Radicular Posts

endodontically treated teeth restored with different post-and-core systems. J Prosthet Dent 2002;87(4):438-45. 5. Garoushi S, Vallittu PK, Watts DC, et al. Polymerization shrinkage of experimental short glass fiber-reinforced composite with semi-inter penetrating polymer network matrix. Dent Mater 2008;24(2):211-5. 6. Testori T, Badino M, Castagnola M. Vertical root fractures in endodontically treated teeth: a clinical survey of 36 cases. J Endod 1993;19:87-91. 7. Dietschi D, Duc O, Krejci I, et al. Biomechanical considerations for the restoration of

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Restoration of Endodontically Treated Anterior Teeth with Cast Metallic Post or Prefabricated Fibre Post Placement: 2 Case Reports and Critical Literature Review

North Am , 1976; 20:299-311. 19. Trope M, Maltz DO, Tronstad L . Resistance to fracture of restored endodontically treated teeth. Endod Dent Traumatol , 1985; 1:108-111. 20. Sorensen JA, Engelmen MJ . Effect of post adaptation on fracture resistance of endodontically-treated teeth. J Prosthet Dent , 1990; 64:419-424. 21. Tjan AH, Whang SB . Resistance to root fracture of dowel channels with various thickness of buccal dentin walls. J Prosthet Dent , 1985; 53:496-500. 22. Cooney JP, Caputo AA, Trabert KC . Retention and stress

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Comparative Analysis of the Mechanical Properties between the Fiber-Reinforced Composite and Zirconium Posts

; 51: 780-784. 8. Peroz I, Blankenstein F, Lange K-P, Naumann M. Restoring endodontically treated teeth with posts and cores-a review. Quintessence Int. 2005; 36: 737-746. 9. Guzy GE, Nicholls JI. In vitro comparison of intact endodontically treated teeth with and without endopost reinforcement. J Prosthet Dent. 1979; 42:39-44. 10. Trabert KC, Caput AA, Abou-Rass M. Tooth fracture- a comparison of endodontic and restorative treatments. J Endod. 1978; 4: 341-345. 11. Tjan AH, Whang SB. Resistance to root

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Accuracy of Different Apex Locators in Teeth with Simulated Apical Root Resorption: an In Vitro Study

vitro comparison of three electronic apex locators. J Endod 2010;36:279-81. 15. Goldberg F, Frajlich S, Kuttler S, et al. The evaluation of four electronic apex locators in teeth with simulated horizontal oblique root fractures. J Endod 2008;34:1497-9. 16. Leonardo MR, Silva LA, Nelson-Filho P, et al. Ex vivo evaluation of the accuracy of two electronic apex locators during root canal length determination in primary teeth. Int Endod J 2008;41:317-21. 17. ElAyouti A, Kimionis I, Chu AL, et al. Determining the apical terminus of root-end resected teeth

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The Influence of Crown Ferrule on Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Maxillary Central Incisors

vitro study into the effect of ferrule preparation on the fracture resistance of crowned teeth incorporating prefabricated post and composite core restorations. Int Endod J, 2001; 34:40-46. 38. Ng CC, Al-Bayat MI, Dumberigue HB, Griggs Ja, Wakefield CW. Effect of no ferrule on failure of teeth restored with bonded posts and cores. Gen Dent, 2004; 52:143-146. 39. Tjan AHL, Whang SB. Resistance to root fracture of post channels with various thicknesses of buccal dentin walls. J Prosthet Dent, 1985; 53:496-500. 40. Bateman G, Ricketts D, Saunders W

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Deciphering the history of forest disturbance and its effects on landforms and soils – lessons from a pit-and-mound locality at Rogowa Kopa, Sudetes, SW Poland

DUSZNIKI FOREST DISTRICT AT 1:20,000 SCALE FROM 1964. Archive of the Regional Directorate of Polish National Forest Administration in Wrocław. GABET E.J., MUDD S.M., 2010, Bedrock erosion by root fracture and tree throw: a coupled biogeomorphic model to explore the humped soil production function and the persistence of hillslope soils. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 115, F04005. GEE G.W., BAUDER J.W., 1986, Particle-size analysis, [in:] Klute A. (ed.), Methods of Soil Analysis, Part 1: Physical and Mineralogical Methods

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