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It is justified thatproblems related to the changes in structural and mechanical properties of plastic material and influence of structural elements of equipment and modes of implementation of the for-mation process on them are considered detail, taking into account empirical data, theoretical dependencies and results of physical experiments. It was established that during the mechanical influence of rollers with grooves on a structured dispersion plastic material in the node of injection of the molding machine, internal shear, and shearing deformation have a preponderant value. Accordingly, the productivity of machines is determined mainly by the structural parameters of the working bodies geometry, kinematics, and contact area. It is shown that increasing the pressure in the plastic material causes a decrease in its volume, but the relationship between pressure and volume has a nonlinear character. It has been established that regardless the variety of flour from which the plastic material was prepared for bagels, its moisture content and the duration of fermentation reduced viscosity of the effective plastic material along with the increase of the shear stress. The paper describes the refined rheological model of the Bingham body deformation, which develops instantaneously, and the velocity of the common elastic deformation in the dough is a simultaneous function of stresses and temperatures, which are close to exponential ones.

Slovenské divadlo – 2017 – ročník 65 – číslo 4 DOI: 10.1515/sd-2017-0023 Š tú di e ALFRED ROLLER – NOVÁTOR A TRADICIONALISTA JÁN ZAVARSKÝ Ústav divadelnej a filmovej vedy Slovenskej akadémie vied, Bratislava Abstrakt: Štúdia sa venuje scénografovi Alfredovi Rollerovi (1864 – 1935) a jeho inscenáciám Wagnerových hudobných drám, s dôrazom na Tristana a Izoldu a Parsifala. Rollerove estetické východiská ukotvuje v historickom, dobovom estetickom a umeleckom kontexte, v inšpirácii švajčiarskym reformátorom scénografie Adolphom Appiom, aj v spolupráci s hudobným

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to train on snow. If the skiers are unable to perform this kind of training in their home country, they frequently have to train abroad, which makes training highly expensive. In such situations, training on snow is often replaced by roller skiing, training on skiing ergometers, running exercise imitating cross-country skiing, or running. All of these methods are aimed at increasing aerobic capacity, which is one of the main determinants of performance outcomes in cross-country skiing ( Larsson et al., 2002 ; Mahood et al., 2001 ; Mikkola et al., 2010 ). In order

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Introduction Over the past decade roller massage (RM) has become a commonly-utilized myofascial intervention in various clinical, health & wellness, and sports performance settings. RM has emerged as one of the top 20 fitness trends in the United States which highlights its growing popularity ( Thompson, 2018 ). This popularity has stimulated an increase in RM research; however, evidence is still emerging. Currently, researchers have found that RM may be used as a warm-up without negatively effecting performance and may enhance joint mobility and range of motion