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–2014…2016 , National Inventory Report Sweden 2016 , U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report: 1990–2014 ] – although the results of deeper analyses of inventories have not been disseminated in the scientific literature. This article presents the results of study on GHG emissions in Poland in the years 1988–2015, mainly in view of the contribution of transport-related emission and, in particular, that arising from road transport. The article uses the results contained in the KOBiZE report [ Poland’s informative…2017 ]. GHG emissions are reported in five categories of human activities

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Scientific article deals with the characteristics of positive externalities and identifying positive externalities of road transport. In the analysis are the processed data on economic indicators of the Slovak Republic and data for individual regions of the Slovak Republic. Based on the analysis were selected positive externalities of road transport. At present, there is insufficient attention to the positive externalities of the transportation, and despite the fact that road transport and road infrastructure has undeniable positive impact on social development and economic growth of the country.


To ensure that road transport safety measures are effective and efficient, forecast tools should be applied to help with strategic decision-making. Models of road safety measures provide such tools. The paper presents a proposed macro model of road accident casualties. The proposed models of road accident fatalities are built from a database covering more than fifty countries worldwide. The concepts of model design can be used for developing factor-based models to describe strategic societal risk on the road networks of selected countries worldwide. One of the concepts was applied to model the number of road accident fatalities. The analyses used Smeed’s model and its modifications developed for the needs of this analysis.