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Financial Risk Management

REFERENCES Belan, Ľ., & Mišík, J. (2016). Manažérstvo bezpečnostného rizika, Žilina: Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, 134. Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic. (2017). Directive of the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic no. 7/2017 on risk management in the field of financial management , Bratislava: Author. Morong, S. (2012). Limity obranných zdrojov Slovenskej republiky a kolektívna bezpečnosť, Bezpečné Slovensko a Európska únia : zborník príspevkov zo 6. medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie, Košice: Vysoká škola bezpečnostného

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Risk management for sustainable tourism

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Risk Categories and Risk Management Processes in Nonprofit Organizations

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Risk Management as a Process Security Tool

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Enterprise Risk Management in Kosovo’s Banking Sector

References AIRMIC, Alarm, IRM. (2010). A structured approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the requirements of ISO 31000. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from Allayannis, G., Lei, U., & Miller, D. (2005). Corporate Governance and the Hedging Premium Around the World. Working paper, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia) and Kelley School of Business (Indiana University). Barth, J. R., Caprio, G., & Levine, R. (2004). Bank

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Risk Management In Perspective Of Knowledge Management A Brief Survey

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Sustainable Risk Management in the Banking Sector

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Assessment of Risk Management Maturity of Construction Organisations in Joint Venture Projects

References Adnan, H. (2008). An assessment of risk management in joint venture projects in Malaysia. Asian social sciences, 4, 99-106. Adeleke, A. Q., Bahaudin, A. Y., Kamaruddeen, A. M., Bamgbage, J. A., Salimon, M. G., Waris, M., and Sorooshian, S. (2018). The influence of organisational external factors on construction risk management among Nigerian construction companies. Safety and health at work , 9, 115-124. Aibinu, A. A. and Jagboro, G.O. (2002). The effects of construction delays on project delivery in Nigerian construction industry

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Job Safety Analysis in the Context of the Risk Management Process

REFERENCES Kaczmarek, T., 2010. Zarządzanie ryzykiem [Risk management] . WNT, Warsaw. Marcatto, F., Colautti, L., Larese Filon, F., Luis O., Di Blas, L., Cavallero, C. Ferrante, D., 2016. Work-related stress risk factors and health outcomes in public sector employees . Safety Science, 89, November, 274-278. Martyniak, Z., 1996. Metody organizowania procesów pracy [ Methods of organizing work processes ]. PWE, Warsaw. PN-ISO 31000:2018. PKN, Warsaw. PN-ISO 45001:2018. PKN, Warsaw. Romanowska-Słomka, I., Słomka, A., 2015

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Methodological aspects of risk management in road transport

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