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Risk factors associated with congenital anomalies in children

References 1. Covic, M., Ştefănescu, D. & Sandovici, I. (sub redacţia). (2011). Tratat de genetică medicală - Ediția II. Iaşi: Ed. Polirom 2. Kalter, H. et al. (1983). Congenital malformations: etiologic factors and their role in prevention (first of two parts). The New England Journal of medicine. 308, 424-31 3. Ahmed, A.M. & Shadia, Abd el Kader et all. (2011). Assessment of Risk Factors for Fetal Congenital Anomalies among Pregnant Women at Cairo University Hospitals. Journal of American Science. 7(12) http

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Characteristics of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Their Correlation with the Sex and Age of Patients in the Latvian Population

References Aghaeishahsavari, M., Noroozianavval, M., Veisi, P., Parizad, R., Samadikhah, J. (2006). Cardiovascular disease risk factors in patient with confirmed cardiovascular disease. Saudi Med J. , 27 (9), 1358-1361. Arena, R., Arrowood, J.A., Fei, O.Y., Helm, S., Kraft, K.A. (2006). The relationship between C-reactive protein and other cardiovascular risk factors in men and women. J. Cardiopulm Rehabil. , 26 (5), 323-327. Aviram, M., Hyperlipidaemia and cardiovascular

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Atrial Fibrillation – An Orchestra of Classic and Modern Risk Factors

References 1. Benjamin EJ, Levy D, Vaziri SM, D’Agostino RB, Belanger AJ, Wolf PA. Independent risk factors for atrial fibrillation in a population-based cohort. The Framingham Heart Study. JAMA. 1994;271:840-844. 2. Brandes A, Smit MD, Nguyen BO, Rienstra M, Van Gelder IC. Risk factor management in atrial fibrillation. Arrhythm Electrophysiol Rev. 2018;7:118-127. 3. Lau DH, Mackenzie L, Kelly DJ, et al. Short-term hypertension is associated with the development of atrial fibrillation substrate: a study in an ovine hypertensive model. Heart

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Risk Factors For Gestational Diabetes – An Update

Gynaecol Obstet 51: 115-122, 1995. 7. Xiong X, Saunders LD, Wang FL, Demianczuk NN . Gestational diabetes mellitus: prevalence, risk factors, maternal and infant outcomes. Int J Gynaecol Obstet 75: 221-228, 2001. 8. Bo S, Menato G, Lezo A et al . Dietary fat and gestational hyperglycaemia. Diabetologia 44: 972-978, 2001. 9. Jolly M, Sebire N, Harris J, Robinson S, Regan L . The risk associated with pregnancy in women aged 35 years or older. Hum Reprod 15: 2433-2437, 2000. 10. Hedderson M, Xu F, Darbinian JA et al . Prepregnancy SHBG

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Cardiovascular risk factors in a Roma sample population from Romania

/ckq102. 9. H.M. ZELJKO, T. ŠKARIĆ-JURIĆ, N.S. NARANČIĆ, A. BAREŠIĆ, Ž. TOMAS, M.Z. PETRANOVIĆ, et al ., Age trends in prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in Roma minority population of Croatia , Econ. Hum. Biol. 2013; 11 (3):326-336. doi:10.1016/j.ehb.2012.02.007. 10. H. ZELJKO, T. SKARIĆ-JURIĆ, N.S. NARANCIC, M.P. SALIHOVIĆ, I.M. KLARIĆ, M. BARBALIĆ, et al ., Traditional CVD risk factors and socio-economic deprivation in Roma minority population of Croatia , Coll. Antropol. 2008; 32 (3):667-76. 11. M.Z. MOLNAR, R.M. LANGER, A. REMPORT, M

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Delirium Risk Factors in Elderly Patients Suffering from Femoral Neck Fractures

after hip fracture treatment: a review of the current literature, GMS Psycho-Social-Medicine 2006, 3: doc 01 5. Angela J, Bruce L, Craig W. Ritchie et al. The incidence of delirium associated with orthopedic surgery: a meta-analytic review. International Psycho-geriatrics 2007, 19: 197–214. 6. Ruggiero C, Bonamassa L, Pelini L et al. Early post-surgical cognitive dysfunction is a risk factor for mortality among hip fracture hospitalized older persons

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Brief communication (Original). Certain risk factors associated with positive SCCIT test for tuberculosis in cattle at two cities in Pakistan

changes. Vet Arh. 2006; 76:93-206. 7. Humblet MF, Boschiroli ML, Aegerman CS. Classification of worldwide bovine tuberculosis risk factors in cattle: a stratified approach. Vet Res. 2009; 40:50. 8. OIE. Manual of standards for diagnostic tests and vaccines of world organization for animal health, 4th edition. 2004. 9. Abramson JH. WINPEPI (PEPI-for-Windows): computer programs for epidemiologists. Epid Persp & Innov. 2004; 1:6 10. SAS. SAS statistical software version 9.1. SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA

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Vascular Risk Factors in Bulgarian Volunteers in Middle Adulthood

REFERENCES 1. Bejot Y, Benatru I, Rouaud O, et al. Epidemiology of stroke in Europe: geographic and environmental differences. J Neurol Sci 2007;262:85-8. 2. Torner J. Epidemiology and risk factors for stroke. In: Adams H. editor. Handbook of Cerebrovascular Diseases. 2nd ed. New York: Marcel Dekken; 2005. p. 1-19. 3. Tarnovska-Kudreva R, Yaneva-Sirakova T. [Basic problems and trends in the treatment of arterial hypertension.] Cardiovascular Diseases 2011;42(1):32-43 (Article in Bulgarian). 4. Vatev N. [Epidemiology and prevention of type

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Risk Factors for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

. Marreto JA, Fontana RJ, Fu S. Alcohol, tobacco and obesity are synergistic risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma. J. Hepatol 2005; 42:218-224 6. El-Serag HB, TranT, Everhart JE. Diabetes increases the risk of chronic liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma.Gastroenterology 2004; 126: 460-468 7. Yu MW, Chang HC, Liaw YF, Lin SM, Lee SD, Lin CJ et al. Familial risk of hepatocellular carcinoma among chronic hepatitis B carriers and their relatives. J Natl Cancer Inst 2000; 92:1152-1164 8. Chen CH, Huang GT, Lee HS, Yang PM. Clinical impact of

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Prevalence of Physiological, Pathological and Behavioral Risk Factors in Patients Treated with Antidiabetic Sulfonylureas

diabetes mellitus. Metab Clin Experim. 2006;55(Suppl 1): S20-S27. 5. Germino FW. Noninsulin Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus in Geriatric Pacients: A review. Clin Therap. 2011; 33(12):1868-1882. 6. Solet JL, Baroux N, Pochet M, et al. Prevalence of type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors in Mayotte in 2008: The Maydia study, Diabetes & Metabolism. 2011;37:201-207. 7. Foster DW. Diabetul zaharat. In: Harrison – Principiile medicinei interne. Bucharest, Romania: Teora, 2003. 2265-2294. 8. Belhatem N, Mohammedi K, Rouzet F, et al

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