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The Role of Rhetoric in Economics and Economy*

REFERENCES Becker G.S., Becker G.N. (1997) The Economics of Life. McGraw-Hill. Birks S. (2012a) Rethinking Economics: Theory as Rhetoric, Bristol Business School Economic Papers, (accessed 17.08.2018). Birks S. (2012b) Rethinking Economics: Economics as a Toolkit, Bristol Business School Economic Papers, (accessed 17.08.2018). Blaug M. (1992) The Methodology of Economics. Or, How Economists

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Ad Hominem Arguments, Rhetoric, and Science Communication

References Anderson, T. 2017. Communicating science-based messages on vaccines. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 95, 670-671. Black, S., Rappuoli R. 2010. A Crisis of Public Confidence in Vaccines. Science Translational Medicine 2(61), 61mr1. Ceccarelli, L. 2011. Manufactured Scientific Controversy: Science, Rhetoric, and Public Debate. Rhetoric & Public Affairs 14(2), 195-228. Collins, H. 2010. Tacit and explicit knowledge. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Collins

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The Genesis of Arabic Logical Activities: From Syriac Rhetoric and Jewish Hermeneutics to āl-Šāfi‘y’s Logical Techniques

. Aristotle, On Rhetoric: A Theory of Civic Discourse , trans. by G. A. Kennedy, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. 25. Aristotle, Topics, In J. Barnes (ed.), The Complete Works of Aristotle , trans. by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1991. 26. Avoth de Rabbi Nathan , Edited from Manuscripts with an Introduction, Notes and Appendices by S. Schechter (Hebrew), Vienna, 1887. (Reprint, Hildesheim; New York: G. Olms Verlag, 1979.) 27. Azzan, Y. Scripture as logos: Rabbi Ishmael and the origins of Midrash , Philadelphia

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Cognitive rhetoric of effect: energy flow as a means of persuasion in inaugurals

References BARTLETT, T., 2014. Analysing power in language. London: Routledge. BAUMLIN, J., 2007. Ethos. In: Th. Sloane, ed. Encyclopedia of rhetoric. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 278-292. BIRIA, R. and MOHAMMADI, A., 2012. The sociopragmatic function of inaugural speech: A critical discourse analysis approach. Journal of Pragmatics, vol. 44, pp. 1290-1302. BONNEFILLE, S., 2012. Obama’s and Sarkozy’s remarks at the U.N.’s Climate Change summit: A contest between figurative and literal

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Jewish Rhetorics and the Contemplation of a Diminished Future

Speaking ,” to appear in Jews and the Ends of Theory, ed. Shai Ginsburg, Martin Land, and Jonathan Boyarin. However, another reasonable (and, arguably, the most plausible) extrapolation from contemporary geoglobal and social conditions and trends is that of a medium-term future in which Homo sapiens persists, but in more or less catastrophically decreased numbers and under more or less catastrophically degraded conditions. This scenario of diminution and degradation differs from two other emplotments of human history for which Jewish history and rhetoric have, as it

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The rhetoric and reality of public participation in planning

The rhetoric and reality of public participation in planning Public participation is a political principle and practice that seeks and facilitates the involvement of citizens potentially affected by, or interested in, a decision. The principle of public participation in planning holds that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision making process, and that their contribution will influence the decision ( Barlow 1995 ). Public participation in planning is seen by many as a means of citizen empowerment and as a key element

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Japanese and South Korean Official Development Assistance (ODA): A Comparative Analysis of Rhetoric and Behaviour

: Do All Donors Behave the Same?” In Review of Development Economics, 10/2, 2006, pp. 179-194 Breuning, Marijke. “Words and Deeds: Foreign Assistance Rhetoric and Policy Behavior in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.” In International Studies Quarterly, 39/2, 1995, pp. 235-254 Breuning, Marijke. “Role Theory Research in International Relations: State of the Art and Blind Spots.” In Role Theory in International Relations: Approaches and Analyses, edited by Sebastian Harnisch, Cornelia Frank and Hanns W. Maull. London and

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Rhetoric Tradition and Democracy: Isocrates’ Role in Ancient Greek Political Idea. Start Point of Western Political Philosophy

References: 1. Abraham, W. E. The Nature of Zeno's Argument Against Plurality in DK 29 B I, Phronesis, Vol.17, Issue 1, 1972. 2. Allen, D. and Rob Reich. Education, Justice, and Democracy , Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2013. 3. Ameringer, Th. E. A Study in Greek Rhetoric . Washington: Catholic University of America, 1921. 4. Aristotle. Politics . Trans. by Jonathan Barners. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995. 5. Aristotle. Politik , Trans. by Franz Susemihl (Germany). Homburg: Rowohlts Verlag, 1994

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Securitization of the Migration Crisis and Islamophobic Rhetoric: The 2016 Slovak Parliamentary Elections as a Case Study

policy discourse, which is analyzed here. First, I present the research design of my paper (research methods and research question; sources of data) and after that I turn to the basic theoretical framework of this paper: theory of securitization. Finally, I reflect the key point of this theory – speech act. I will not reflect all speech acts in political or societal discourse but focus on those that manifested anti-Muslim rhetoric. Lastly, in the analytical part of my paper, I will introduce my findings about the characteristics of securitization of Islamophobia during

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Selling Their Research: The Linguistic Realization of Rhetoric Moves in English Thesis Abstracts Written by Hungarian Undergraduates

student writing.” Journal of SecondLanguage Writing 21(2):102-117.Pho, Phuong Dzung. 2008. “Research article abstracts in applied linguistics and educational technology: a study of linguistic realizations of rhetorical structure and authorial stance.” Discourse Studies 13(4):234-250. Pho, Phuong Dzung. 2009. “Linguistic realization of rhetoric structure: a corpus-based study of research-article abstracts and introductions in applied linguistics and education technology” in Corpus-linguisticapplications: current studies, new directions . Stefan

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