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I Introduction Austria is among the countries with the lowest effective and statutory retirement ages among OECD member states, as highlighted by the OECD (2013). The pension system in Austria is, as in most developed countries, significantly affected by low fertility rates and increasing life expectancy, which in turn increase the number of pensioners and decrease the size of the workforce. In light of the generosity of the Austrian pension system, the effective retirement age has significantly decreased over the last three decades of the previous century (see

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in the Czech Republic by differences in sociodemographic structure and transition into retirement. The research question is motivated by a descriptive picture of how obesity has developed in the Czech Republic in comparison to overall trend in Europe, including other central and eastern European countries. We select the Czech Republic as a country with high increase in childhood obesity, high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, and high prevalence of colorectal cancer ( OECD, 2017 ). This is a first study that show trends in obesity among older people in

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