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Parents with an Unemployed Adult Child: Consumption, Income, and Savings Effects

parent behavior detected in our study, however, suggests that the costs incurred providing family assistance and the effects of risk bearing may be large. A parent who willingly changes her behavior in order to help a child, though it may be optimal from the point of view of her utility, may still be suboptimal in the distribution and cost of risk in the economy. Given the state of financial insecurity among the working-age population and retirement security of the near-retired population, suboptimal distribution of risk is a large concern. 2 Data The Panel Study

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Pension Payment as A Critical Infrastructure


Today, the state, its organizations and its citizens have become vulnerable to the complexity of complex electronic information systems in the cyberspace of Hungary, without which state operations and the provision and use of different services become unworkable. In addition to the modern economic system, society is not prepared to operate without lost infrastructure, assets or services, so they must clearly be protected especially because the information used and generated in their operation and the data managed represent significant assets.

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Capital Funded Models of Pension Insurance on Selected Examples Part 1

model, which will perhaps become the future universal model of the retirement security for the citizens of the globalized world.

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Investment Strategies of Housing Developers in Light of Demographic Changes in Polish Society (Selected Problems)

S., 1998, Investment Appraisal and Financial Decisions, International Thomson Business Press, London. Lusardi A., Mitchell O.S., 2007, Baby Boomer Retirement Security: The Roles of Planning, Financial Literacy, and Housing Wealth, Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 54, Issue 1. Łaszek J., Augustyniak H., Olszewski K., Waszczuk J., 2015, Informacja o cenach mieszkań i sytuacji na rynku nieruchomości mieszkaniowych i komercyjnych w Polsce w III kwartale 2015 r. (Information on Prices of Apartments and the Situation on the

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The Regression Analysis of Individual Financial Performance: Evidence from Croatia

and Retirement Planning: New Evidence from the Random American Life Panel”, available at: (21 September 2017). 40. Lusardi, A., Mitchell, O. S. (2011). Implications for retirement security and the financial marketplace, Oxford University Press. 41. Lusardi, A., Tufano, P. (2009), „Debt literacy, financial experiences, and overindebtedness”, NBER Working Paper Series, Working Paper 14808. 42. Maddala, G. S., Lahiri, K. (2010). Introduction to Econometrics, New Jersey, Wiley

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Pension provision by small employers in Ireland: an analysis of Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) using bounded rationality theory

, Education , Labor , and Pensions , US Senate , Retirement Security Challenges and Prospects for Employees of Small Businesses , United States: Government Accountability Office. US Government Accountability Office 2013 Testimony Before the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, US Senate, Retirement Security Challenges and Prospects for Employees of Small Businesses United States Government Accountability Office von Neumann, J. and Morgenstern, O. (1947). The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior , Princeton: Princeton University Press. von Neumann J

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