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REFERENCES 1. Arnold A: “Zum Einfluss der Zwangschnittgrößen aus Temperatur bei Tragwerken aus Konstruktionsbeton mit und ohne Vorspannung,” Dissertation, Dortmund Techn. Univ., Dortumund, Germany, 2008. (In German). 2. Jalonen K: “Imposed and restrained deformations on concrete bridge,” Master Thesis , Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, 2016. (In Finnish.) 3. Liikenneviraston ohjeita 24/2014. 2014. Eurokoodin soveltamisohje – Siltojen kuormat ja suunnitteluperusteet NCCI 1 (5.9.2014) (Guidelines of the Finnish Transport Agency). 24/2014. 2014


Bonded concrete overlays (BCO) on bridge decks are beneficial solutions due to their superior properties as compared to the typical asphalt pavement. A significant number of overlays suffer however, from occurrence of cracks and delamination due to poor bond, and restrained shrinkage and thermal dilation. Over the past years different appraisals for estimation of the restrained deformations have been developed, from micro-scale models, based on poromechanics, to empirical equations as given in B3 or B4 models suggested by Bažant. This paper provides a short overview of calculation models along with a brief theoretical explanation of shrinkage mechanism.