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New Proposal on Reporting Intangible Resources on the Organizational Level

value of good ideas by leveraging intellectual assets for financing SME’s in SEE, [4] InCaS research project: Intellectual Capital Statement - Made in Europe, pg. 8, available at:, 2007. [5] Stan S., Intangible resources - new creative engines for welfare in organizations, Revista Strategii Manageriale ISSN 1844 - 668X, nr. V (34) / 2017, pp. 763-771, 2017. [6] Brătianu C., Knowledge dynamics, Proceedings of the 6th Bienal International

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Tourism with No Resources?

–224. Boorstin, D. J. (1975). The image: A guide to pseudo-events in America . New York: Atheneum. Ciangă, N.; Dezsi, Şt. (2007). Tourist planning . Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană. Ciangă, N.; Dezsi, Şt.; Rotar, G. (2002). Aspects of estimating tourism potential and material base from North-West Region of Romania. Studia Universitatis Babeş–Bolyai, Geography XLVIII(2). Dávid. L. (ed.) (2007). Turisztikai erőforrások. A természeti és kulturális erőforrások turisztikai hasznosítása [Tourism resources. The use of natural and cultural resources in

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Mediating role of meaningful work between resources and work engagement in Bangladesh’s private banks

References Albrecht, S.L. (2012), “The influence of job, team and organizational level resources on employee well-being, engagement, commitment and extra-role performance: Test of a model”, International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 33, No. 7, pp. 840-853. Albrecht, S.L. (2013), “Work engagement and the positive power of meaningful work”, in: Bakker, A. B. (eds.) Advances in positive organizational psychology, pp. 237-260, Emerald Group Publishing Limited: UK. Albrecht, S.L. and Su, M.J. (2012), “Job resources and employee engagement in a Chinese

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Resources and their impact on the effectiveness of processes which shape dynamic capabilities of Polish enterprises

References 1. Barney J. (1991), Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage, Journal of Management , March Vol. 17 no. 1, p. 99-120. 2. Eisenhardt K. M., Martin J. A. (2010), Dynamic capabilities: What are they?, Strategic Management Journal , 21 (10-11), p.1105-1121. 3. Helfat C. (ed.) (2007), Dynamic Capabilities: Understanding Strategic Change in Organizations , Wiley-Blackwell. 4. Karpacz J., (2013). Procedury jako narzędzie utrwalania rekurencyjnych wzorów zachowań pracowników , „Zarządzanie i Finanse” 4 (2), 171

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Considerations on Sustainable Water Resources Management

References [1] Gleick, Peter H. (editor), Water in Crisis. A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water resources , Oxford University Press, 1993. [2] Montanari, Alberto, Sustainable management of water resources , , accessed on 15.05.2019. [3] Seckler, David, Amarasinghe, Upali, Molden, David, Silva, Radhika de, Barker Randolph, World water demand and supply, 1990 to 2025: Scenarios and issues. Research Report 19, International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1998. [4

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Symbolic action and organizational resources acquisition and exploitation

). Hedging Your Bets: Explaining Executives’ Market Labeling Strategies in Nanotechnology, Organization Science, Vol. 24, Iss. 2 , pp. 395–413 30. Gretzinger, S., Royer S., (2011). Social and Symbolic Capital in Firm Clusters: An empirical investigation of relational resources and value creation, Conference paper, EMNet 2011: Fifth International Conference on Economics and Management of Networks , pp. 1-23. 31. Harrington, S., Warren, S., Rayner, C. (2016). Overcoming ethical issues through symbolic management, cultivating proponents and storytelling: the

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Human Resources Strategies in Romanian Tourism Companies

:// INCDT, 2009. Strategia nationala de dezvoltare a ecoturismului în România. București. Lee-Ross, D., and Pryce, J., 2010. Human Resources and Tourism. Skills, Culture and Industry. Bristol: Channel View Publications. Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, 2015. Ambasada României la Lisabona, Mediul de afaceri din România. Retrieved 15 September 2015, from Nickson, D., 2013. Human resource management for the hospitality and tourism industry (2nd ed.). Oxford, UK: Elsevier

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A Sustainable European Union Own Resources System

Ian, Grimawade Nigel, 1998, Paying for Europe , Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield. • Bosquet Benoit, 2000, ‘Environmental Tax Reform: Does it Work? A Survay of the Empirical Evidence’, Ecological Economics , no. 34: 19-32. • Cattoir Philippe, 2004, Tax-based UE own resource: An assessment’ in European Commission Taxation papers , Working paper No 1, April: 1 – 45. • Cattoir Philippe, 2009, Options for an EU financing Reform , Notre Europe Policy Paper no. 38: 1 – 69. • Cieslukowski Maciej, 2005, A rational system of the own resources

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Peculiarities of Human Resources Management in Sustainable and Ecological Farms

REFERENCES Beardwell I., Claydon T., 2001 - Human resources management, a contemporary approach, 6th Edition, Pearson Education Press, London. Brezuleanu S., 2009 - Management în agricultură (Agricultural management). Edit. Tehnopress, Iaşi, Romania. Brezuleanu C. O., Brezuleanu S., Iaţco C., 2013 - Development of labour market and entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas. Environ. Eng. Manag. J., 12, 693-698. Brezuleanu S., Brezuleanu C. O., Iaţco C., 2013 - Fundamentation of human resources in agricultural exploatations on the basis of

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Research on the Organizational Capability to Identify and Enhance Available Intangible Resources

References [1] Malhotra, Y., Measuring knowledge assets of a nation: knowledge systems for development , Invited Research Paper Sponsored by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Keynote Presentation at the Ad Hoc Group of Experts Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 2003. [2] Malhotra Y., Knowledge Management and New Organization Forms: A Framework for Business Model Innovation , Information Resources Management Journal, Jan-Mar, 13(1), 5–14, 2000. [3] Oprean-Stan, C., Stan, S., Pele, A., The

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