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Influence of High Pressure or Autoclaving-Cooling Cycles and Pullulanase Treatment on Buckwheat Starch Properties and Resistant Starch Formation

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Impact of Cooking Temperature on In Vitro Starch Digestibility of Rice Varieties with Different Amylose Contents

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Selected Rheological Properties of RS3/4 Type Resistant Starch

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Influence of Chemically-Modified Potato Starch (RS Type 4) on the Nutritional and Physiological Indices of Rats

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Effect of Different Drying Techniques on the Resistant Starch, Bioactive Components, Physicochemical and Pasting Properties of Cardaba Banana Flour

. LWT- Food Science and Technology 33: 159-164. 4. Aparicio-Saguilan, A., Sayago-Ayerdi, S. G., Vargas-Torres, A., Tovar, J., Ascencio-Otero, T. E., Bello-Perez, L. A. (2007). Slowly digestible cookies prepared from resistant starch-rich lintnerized banana starch. Journal of Food Composite Anal . 20: 175-181. 5. Arinola, S. O., Ogunbusola, E. M. and Adebayo, S. F. (2016). Effect of Drying Methods on the Chemical, Pasting and Functional Properties of Unripe Plantain ( Musa paradisiaca ) Flour. British Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 14(3) 1

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Total Content of Phenolics and Antioxidant Activity in Crispbreads with Plant By-product addition

. 23. Sarawong, C., Schoenlechner, R., Sekiguchi, K., Berghofer, E., & Ng, P. K. W. (2014). Effect of extrusion cooking on the physicochemical properties, resistant starch, phenolic content and antioxidant capacities of green banana flour. Food Chemistry , 143 . DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2013.07.081. 24. Sharma, A., Yadav, B. S., & Ritika. (2008). Resistant Starch: Physiological Roles and Food Applications. Food Reviews International , 24 (2), 193–234. DOI: 10.1080/87559120801926237. 25. Sojak, M. J., Jaros, M., & Głowacki, S. (2014). Analysis of Giant

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Optimization of nitrogen source for Bifidobacterium bifidum using response surface methodology

REFERENCES 1. Annan, N., Borza, A., Moreau, D., et al. (2007). Effect of process variables on particle size and viability of Bifidobacterium lactis Bb-12 in genipin-gelatin microspheres. Journal of microencapsulation, 24 (2), 152-162. 2. Rada, V., Vlková, E., Nevoral, J., et al. (2006). Comparison of bacterial flora and enzymatic activity in faeces of infants and calves. FEMS Microbiol Lett, 258(1), 25-28. 3. Homayouni, A., Azizi, A., Ehsani, M. R., et al. (2008). Effect of microencapsulation and resistant starch on the probiotic survival and

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Production of prebiotics via reactions involving lactose as well as malic acid and citric acid

) 165–169. [16] M. Sabater-Molina, E. Larque, F. Torrella, S. Zamora, Dietary fructooligosaccharides and potential benefits on health. Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry , 65. (2009) 315–328. [17] J. Stowell, Calorie control and weight management (Chapter 4). In: H. Mitchell (ed.), Sweeteners and sugar alternatives in food technology . Blackwell Publishing Ltd., (2007). [18] R. H. Vaidya, M. K. Sheth, Processing and storage of Indian cereal and cereal products alters its resistant starch content. Journal of Food Science and Technology , 48

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Effect of Wheat Bran Addition and Screw Speed on Microstructure and Textural Characteristics of Common Wheat Precooked Pasta-Like Products.

, 3, 440-444. Smewing J., Analyzing the texture of pasta for quality control. Cereal Foods World, 1997, 42, 8-12. Sozer N., Dalgic A. C., Kaya A., Thermal, textural and cooking properties of spaghetti enriched with resistant starch. J. Food Eng., 2007, 81, 476-484. Vasanthan J., Hypochlorite oxidation of field pea starch and its suitability for noodle making using an extrusion cooker. Food Res. Int., 2003, 36, 381-386. Wang N., Bhirud P., Sosulski F., Tyler R

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Bifidobacteria, Lactobacilli, and Short Chain Fatty Acids of Vegetarians and Omnivores

, Nicoli JR, Neumann E, Nunes AC (2014): Lactobacillus species identification by amplified ribosomal 16s-23s rRNA restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis. Beneficial Microbes. 5, 471-481. doi: 10.3920/BM2013.0092 Schwiertz A, Lehmann U, Jacobasch G, Blaut M (2002): Influence of resistant starch on the SCFA production and cell counts of butyrate-producing Eubacterium spp. in the human intestine. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 93, 157-162. doi: 10.1046/j.1365-2672.2002.01679.x. Scott KP, Gratz SW, Sheridan PO, Flint HJ, Duncan

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