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Practical dimension of urban and regional resilience concepts: a proposal of resilience strategy model

Introduction In the era of global change urban and regional resilience have become important buzzwords. They allow the evolutionary process of how the socio-economic system adapts to changing external conditions to be described and make it possible to examine cities and regions in a dynamic, holistic and systematic way—the so-called complex adaptive systems ( Davoudi 2013 ; Simmie & Martin 2010 ). The concept of resilience takes into account determinants of development, including the economic dimension (economic resilience; Martin 2012 ; Martin & Sunley

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City Resilience vs. Resilient City: Terminological Intricacies and Concept Inaccuracies

Introduction Since the spread of the idea of sustainable development, new models and concepts of this development in different spatial scales have been sought. Due to the increasing role of cities in the modern world, they are paid a great deal of attention to, with a view to making their development efficient, safe, resistant to various types of risks, and thus more permanent, stable and sustainable. One such concept, which is gaining in importance in recent years in research on urbanisation processes and the city, is the concept of resilience, adapted to a

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Improving The Level of Critical Infrastructure Protection by Developing Resilience

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Conceptual Delimitations Between Resilience, Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Extreme Events and Global Change

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Resilience of Pomorskie region to economic crisis

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New Czech & Certified Methodology „Tools of Resilience“

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Military Units Resilience Growth Activity Designs In The Current Operational Environment

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Regional economic resilience: concepts, empirics and a critical review

References Albers, M & Deppisch, S 2013, ‘Resilience in the Light of Climate Change: Useful Approach or Empty Phrase for Spatial Planning?’, European Planning Studies , vol. 21, no 10, pp. 1598–1610. Bailey, D & Berkeley, N 2014, ‘Regional Responses to Recession: The Role of the West Midlands Regional Taskforce’, Regional Studies , vol. 48, no. 11, pp. 1797–1812. Boschma, R, Balland, PA & Kogler DF 2014, ‘Relatedness and technological change in cities: the rise and fall of technological knowledge in US metropolitan areas from 1981 to 2010

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Vulnerability Through Resilience?
An Example of the Counterproductive Effects of Spatially Related Governance in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

and discourse management are particularly affected by this, as local actors have already also intensively engaged in re-interpretating their space. IBA solution strategies in this area are seen not as enabling resilience, but rather as new endangerments. This paper uses this example to demonstrate that counterproductive effects for a governance arrangement such as that of the IBA can arise from the fundamental interrelation between perceptions of vulnerability and resilience building. A social scientific perspective on vulnerability and resilience, as developed

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Applying resilience thinking to ‘ordinary’ cities: A theoretical inquiry

References Adger, W.N., 2000: Social and ecological resilience: are they related? In: Progress in human geography, Vol. 24(3), pp. 347-364. DOI: 10.1191/030913200701540465 Ahern, J., 2011: From fail-safe to safe-to-fail: Sustainability and resilience in the new urban world. In: Landscape and urban Planning, Vol. 100(4), pp. 341-343. DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2011.02.021 Alberti, M. and Marzluff, J.M., 2004: Ecological resilience in urban ecosystems: linking urban patterns to human and ecological functions. In

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