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Adverbial Markers of Epistemic Modality Across Disciplinary Discourses: A Contrastive Study of Research Articles in Six Academic Disciplines

lexicogrammatical distinction. In Gabriele Diewald & Elena Smirnova (eds.), Linguistic realization of evidentiality in European languages, 1-14. Berlin & New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Erman, Britt & Ulla-Britt Kotsinas. 1993. Pragmaticalization: The case of ba’ and you know. Studier i modern språkvetenskap 10. 76-93. Ernst, Thomas. 2009. Speaker-oriented adverbs. Natural and Linguistic Theory 27(3). 497-544. DOI: 10.1007/s11049-009-9069-1 Fløttum, Kjersti. 2006. Medical research articles in the comparative perspectives of discipline

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Exploring Nominalization in the Introduction and Method Sections of Applied Linguistics Research Articles: a Qualitative Approach

-17 Briones, S., Fortuny, L., Sastre, S., & Pocovi, M. B. 2003. Grammatical metaphors in scientific English. The ESPecialist, 24 (2), 131-142. Chafe, W., & Danielewicz, J. 1987. “Properties of spoken and written language”. In R. Horowitz & S. J. Samuels (Eds.), Comprehending oral and written language. San Diego, C.A.: Academic Press Inc. pp. 83-113 Davtgari Asl, H., & Shahab, S. 2015. Ideational Grammatical Metaphor in Pharmaceutical Research Articles. Journal of Social Issues & Humanities, 3(4), 111-116. Eggins, S. 2004. An

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The Use of Hedging in Research Articles on Applied Linguistics

:// . Hyland, K. (1996). Writing without Conviction: Hedging in Science Research Articles. Applied Linguistics, 17, 433-454. . Hyland, K. (1998). Hedging in Scientific Research Articles. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. . Hyland, K. (1999). Disciplinary Discourses: Writer Stance in Research Articles. In H. Candlin, & K. Hyland (Eds.), Writing: Texts, Processes and Practices (pp. 99-121). London: Longman. Hyland, K. (2000). Disciplinary Discourses

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Features of Informality in Applied Linguistics Research Articles Published in Iranian Local Journals

/these in academic prose. Journal of English for Academic Purposes , 9, 167-183. Heylighen, F., & Dewaele, J.-M. 1999. Formality of language: Definition, measurement and behavioral determinants. Internal Report. Center “Leo Apostel”, Free University of Brussels. Hyland, K. 2001. Humble servants of the discipline? Self-mention in research articles. English for specific purposes , 20(3), 207-226. Hyland, K. 2001. Bringing in the reader: Addressee features in academic articles. Written communication , 18 (4), 549-574. Hyland, K. 2002. What do they

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Intercultural variation in academic discourse: Theme zones and the build-up of coherence in research articles

, N., 2009. An interview-based study of the functions of citations in academic writing across two disciplines. Journal of Pragmatics , vol. 41, pp. 497-518. Hawes, T. and Thomas, S., 2012. Theme choice in EAP and media language. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, vol. 11, pp. 175-183. Hawes, T., 2015. Thematic progression in the writing of students and professionals. Ampersand, vol. 2, pp. 93-100. Hůlková, I., 2017. Conjunctive adverbials viewed as pragmatic markers in the genre of research articles. Brno: Masaryk University

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Expert-Like Use of Hedges and Boosters in Research Articles Written by Polish and English Native-Speaker Writers

Expressions in Research Articles Written by Polish and English Native-Speakers: A Corpus-Based Study. In: Anna Turula and Maria Chojnacka (eds.), CALL for Bridges in School and Academia, 33-47. Berno: Peter Lang. Hryniuk, Katarzyna. 2016. The Use of Citations in Research Articles Written by Polish and English Native-Speaker Writers. In: Halina Chodkiewicz, Piotr Steinbrich and Małgorzata Krzemińska-Adamek (eds.), Working with Text and Around Text in Foreign Language Environments, 143-157. Heidelberg: Springer. Hryniuk, Katarzyna. 2017

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A cross cultural analysis of conjuncts as indicators of the interaction and negotiation of meaning in research articles

: O. Dontcheva-Navratilova, R. Jančaříková, G. Miššíková and R. Povolná. Coherence and cohesion in English discourse. Brno: Masaryk University, pp. 79-102. MIŠŠÍKOVÁ, G., 2012b. Politeness strategies in academic digital discourse. Discourse and Interaction, vol. 5 no. 1, pp. 49-62. MUR-DUEŇAS, P., 2008. Analysing engagement markers cross-culturally: The case of English and Spanish business management research articles. In: S. Burgess and P. Martín-Martín, eds. English as an additional language in research publication and

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Cross-Cultural Variation in the Use of Hedges and Boosters in Academic Discourse

-cultural variation in citation practices: A comparative analysis of citations in Czech English-medium and international English-medium linguistics journals.” Eds. Ramon Plo Alastrue and Carmen Perez-Llantada. English as a Scientifi c and Research Language. Berlin/Boston: Mouton de Gruyter, 2015. 185-205. Print. Fløttum, Kjersti. “Personal English, indefinite French and plural Norwegian scientific authors? Pronominal author manifestation in research articles.” Norsk Lingvistisk TidsskriTh21/1 (2003), 21-55. Print. Gillaerts, Paul and Freek Van de

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Hedging in Popular Scientific Articles on Medicine

References 1. Entwistle V. Reporting research in medical journals and newspapers. BMJ 1995;310:920-923. 2. Phillips DP, Kanter EJ, Bednarczyk B, Tastad PL. Importance of the lay press in the transmission of medical knowledge to the scientific community. N Engl J Med 1991;17(325):1180-1183. 3. Myers G. The Pragmatics of Politeness in Scientific Articles. Applied Linguistics. 1989;10:1-35. 4. Rébék-Nagy G. Modulation of Authors’ Claims in Medical Research Articles. PhD thesis, 2000

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Citation practices in Slovak and English linguistic research papers

, Robert B.: Cultural thought patterns in inter-cultural education. In: Language learning, 1966, roč. 16, č. 1 – 2, s. 1 – 20. KATUŠČÁK, Dušan: Ako písať vysokoškolské a kvalifikačné práce. Bratislava: Stimul 1998. 121 s. KHOUTYZ, Irina: Engagement in written academic discourse: A cross-cultural study of Russian and English research articles. In: International Journal of Russian Studies, 2015, roč. 4, č. 2, s. 135 – 160. KIRSZNER, Laurie G. – MANDELL, Stephan R: The Wadsworth Handbook. Boston: Thomson Wadsworth 2005. 1086 s. KOLB, David A

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