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References Budzyński T., 2012a, Rejestr Cen I Wartości Nieruchomości Jako Źródło Danych Dla Potrzeb Analizy Rynku Nieruchomości (Register Of Real Estate Price And Value As A Source Of Data For The Purposes Of Real Estate Market Analysis), Rzeczoznawca Majątkowy (Property Valuer), Vol. 74, No. 2, Pp. 25-29. Budzyński T., 2012b, Propozycje Zastosowań Mapy Średnich Cen Transakcyjnych Gruntów W Gospodarce Nieruchomościami (Proposals For The Use Of Maps Of Average Transaction Prices Of Land In Real Estate Management), Studia I Materiały Towarzystwa Naukowego

References B udzyński T., 2012a, Rejestr cen i wartości nieruchomości jako źródło danych dla potrzeb analizy rynku nieruchomości (Register of Real Estate Price and Value as a Source of Data for the Purposes of Real Estate Market Analysis) , Rzeczoznawca Majątkowy, Vol. 74, No. 2, pp. 25-29. B udzyński T., 2012b, Propozycje zastosowań mapy średnich cen transakcyjnych gruntów w gospodarce nieruchomościami (Proposals for the Use of Maps of Average Transaction Prices of Land in Real Estate Management) , Studia i Materiały Towarzystwa Naukowego Nieruchomości, Vol


The aim of this paper is to analyse the completeness of data contained in the register of real estate prices and values. Transactions concerning parcels with residential buildings located on them were studied. On the basis of, among others, data obtained from this register, real estate valuers evaluate real estate. The following market characteristics were selected for the analysis: transaction price, usable area, year of building construction, construction material of building walls, number of storeys, plot size, and others. The data were obtained from the District Office in Koszalin. The study was conducted on the example of Koszalin district in the years 2010‒2016. The technique of quantitative and qualitative analysis of documents was used in the study.


Geographic information systems (GIS) and their tools support the process of real estate trading. Of key importance is the ability to visualise information about real estate in the form of maps of average real estate transaction prices. The following study presents a methodology for mapping average real estate transaction prices using GIS. The map development process comprised three main stages. In the first stage, the input data was processed and statistically analysed. Official data came from the Register of Real Estate Prices and Values, and open data from the National Register of Boundaries. The second stage involved the visualization of the data in the form of maps of average apartment prices using the cartographic methods of choropleth maps and diagrams. The commercial tool ArcMap 10.3 and the free Quantum GIS software were used in the design of the maps of average real estate transaction prices, to check the options for using these types of programs. As a result, eight maps were designed presenting the average transaction prices for residential properties in the Warsaw district of Ursynów in 2015. The final stage was the analysis of the designed maps. The influence of the selection of the reference units on the visualization content, and the impact of combining cartographic presentation methods on the complexity of the presentation of real estate information, were also analysed.


New data sources, namely big data and the Internet, have become an important issue in statistics and for official statistics in particular. However, before these sources can be used for statistics, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of sources of nonrepresentativeness.

In the article, we focus on detecting correlates of the selection mechanism that underlies Internet data sources for the secondary real estate market in Poland and results in representation errors (frame and selection errors). In order to identify characteristics of properties offered online we link data collected from the two largest advertisements services in Poland and the Register of Real Estate Prices and Values, which covers all transactions made in Poland. Quarterly data for 2016 were linked at a domain level defined by local administrative units (LAU1), the urban/rural distinction and usable floor area (UFA), categorized into four groups. To identify correlates of representation error we used a generalized additive mixed model based on almost 5,500 domains including quarters.

Results indicate that properties not advertised online differ significantly from those shown in the Internet in terms of UFA and location. A non-linear relationship with the average price per m2 can be observed, which diminishes after accounting for LAU1 units.


This paper presents theoretical considerations regarding the needs and criteria of creating ownership divisions of real estate markets for the purpose of public surveys and research. The scope of necessary changes to the collection of information in public registers and institutional conditions is indicated, as a necessary aspect towards enabling separate studies for corporate real estate to be conducted. Study results comparing the basic parameters of the real estate market in the Silesian voivodeship (Silesia province) in 2004-2012, as per the Central Statistical Office (CSO) annual reports, are also presented, as are the results of an analysis of data collected from a database of appraisers and valuers. The market parameters adopted for comparison have in both cases been developed based on the same source data obtained from public documents of the Registers of Real Estate Prices and Values (RREPV). The article presents the detailed results of own research on the real estate market in the Silesian voivodeship for 2012, with regards to the amount of real estate, the transaction values, the area of properties, and selected averages with regards to property type in line with those used in CSO studies. Also included is an assessment of the completeness of the market data presented by the CSO, taking into account the selected types of real estate. This paper also indicates the results of a pilot survey study of office workers of the RREPV in poviat (district) council offices. The comparison of the regional real estate market forms a basis for the critical evaluation of the categories of real estate used in official statistics and selected forms of real estate turnover. Proposals regarding the needs and conditions that must be met in order to enable research on the corporate real estate market have also been formulated.

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