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1 Supported by Czech Technology Agency (TA CR) grant no. TD020010 Optimalization and improvement of competitive tendering in the passenger railway transport in the Czech Republic according to EU directives. References ALEXANDERSSON, G. & HULTÉN, S. (2007). Competitive tendering of regional and interregional rail services in Sweden. In: Competitive Tendering of Rail Services: Compilation of papers from the European Conference of Ministers of Transport. Paris: OECD Publishing. p. 165-187. BRINKE, J. (1999). Úvod do geografie dopravy. Praha: Karolinum. CASCETTA

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Introduction Neither the Czech nor the foreign literature focused on global macro-regional delimitation give enough methodological approaches to argue for methods of delimitation. The unsuitable examples provided include some textbooks ( Jackson & Hudman 1990 ; Hobbs & Dolan 2009 ), as well as the delimitation applied by the United Nations ( UN 2012 ). A code system (M 49) is applied which delimitates macro-regional and sub-regional territories. The borders of the macro-regions are arranged to mirror the borders of the continents (America is delimitated by the

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