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Measuring the Efficiency of Indian Real Estate Firms During the Pre- and Post-Demonetization Period by Adopting Data Envelopment Analysis

REFERENCES Ajinkya, B., Sujaan, M., Harshet, S., & Geetha, I. (2018). Effects of Demonetization on the Real Estate Sector. Pacific Business Review International , 10 (7), 85–94. Arindam, B. (2018). Measuring the efficiency of Indian cement companies utilizing data envelopment analysis during the pre and post-recession period. Serbian Journal of Management , 13 (2), 201–213. Ashima, G., & Gagan, B. (2017). Demonetization Impact on various Sectors. International Journal for Scientific Research

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Real Estate Entrepreneurial Training and Education in Tertiary Institution: An Antidote to Unemployment

Quarter-National Bureau of Statistics. RetrievedApril 4, 2019, from . Akwa Ibom State Government. (2012). About Akwa Ibom State: Geography & Location. Retrieved from Akintayo E. (2014). National Universities Commission Approves Integration of Entrepreneurship Program in Varsity Curriculum. Vanguard News. Retrieved July 10, 2019, from Alfred, A. R., & Jerome, D. (1985). Real Estate Principles and Practices . New Jersey. Prentice

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Two Approaches to Examine the Impact of Different Credit Default Indicators on Real Estate Loans

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Diversification Principles Of Real Estate Portfolios

References BACZEWSKI J., HANDS K., LATHEM Ch. R., 2003, Real Estate Investment Styles, REPORT, NATIONAL COUNCIL OF REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT FIDUCIARIES,, CHENG, P., ROULAC S., 2007, Measuring the effectiveness of geographical diversification, JOURNAL OF REAL ESTATE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, VOL. 13, NO 1, DUCOULOMBIER F., 2007, I’Investissement et la Gestion du Risque Immobiliers en Europe, PUBLICATION DE L’EDHEC RISK AND ASSET MANAGEMENT RESEARCH CENTRE, web : www

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Level of Foreign Direct Investments and Transparency of Polish and Global Real Estate Market

References Bezpośrednie inwestycje zagraniczne w latach 2001-2010 - ogólne tendencje , 2011, Ministerstwo Gospodarki, Department Analiz i Prognoz, Warszawa. BRIDDELL E. T., 2010, A Guide to Global Real Estate Investment Options , BNY Mellon Asset Management. Doing business in a more transparent world. Comparing regulation for domestic firms in 183 economies , 2012, a copublication of the World Bank and The International Finance Corporation, Washington D.C. EICHOLTZ P., GUGLAR N., KOK N

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The Atracttiveness of Real Estate Investment in Polish Conditions

References BOND S.A., HWANG S., RICHARDS K., 2006, Optimal Allocation to Real Estate Incorporating Illiquidity Risk , Journal of Asset Management, 7(1), 2-16. BROWN G., MATYSIAK G., 2000, Real estate investment - a capital market approach , Prentice Hall. BRUEGGEMAN W., FISHER J., 1997, Real estate finance and investments, Irwin, Chicago. CLAYTON J., GORDON J., FABOZZI F., GILIBERTO S.M., LIANG Y., & HUDSON-WILSON S., 2007, Real estate comes of age , Journal of Portfolio Management, 33

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Calendar Effects on the Real Estate Market

. (Act of 24 March 1920 on the purchase of real estate by non-citizens, Journal of Laws, 2004, No. 167, item 1758, as amended). Rejestr Cen i Wartości prowadzony przez Urząd Miasta w Olsztynie (Register of Real Estate Prices and Values kept by the Olsztyn City Office).

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A New Way Of Investing On The Agricultural Real Estate Market In Poland

References ADAMSKA A., FIERLA A. 2010, Inwestowanie, wybrane zagadnienia (Investing, chosen notions), Publishing house: WYDAWNICTWO SZKOŁY GŁÓWNEJ HANDLOWEJ, Warsaw, p. 156. CHAN S.H., ERICKSON J., WANG K. 2003, Real Estate Investment Trusts, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. Internet 04.02.2013. Internet 02.02.2013. Internet 05.02.2013. Internet www.egospodarka. 04.02.2013. Internet www

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References FAO. 2007. Good governance in land tenure and administration. FAO Land Tenure Studies No 9. Rome. GROSS M. 2010. Questionnaire on Public Real Estate Management Systems. Unpublished materials. GROVER R. 2009. State and public land management: the drivers of change. [In:] Journal of Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives. 2009/1. FAO. s. 58-68. GROVER R. 2012. The Management of State and Public Sector Land in Transition Economies: An Overview. FIG

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Listing of Developer Companies as a Predictor of the Situation on the Residential Real Estate Market

References Bełej M., Kulesza S., 2015, The Dynamics Of Time Series Of Real Estate Prices, Real Estate Management And Valuation, Volume 23, Issue 4, Pages 35-43, Issn Online 2300-5289, Doi: Https://Doi.Org/10.1515/Remav-2015-0034, January 2016. Dittmann I., 2016, Rates Of Return On Shares Of Real Estate Development Companies In Poland In The Years 2001-2015. A Comparative Analysis, Real Estate Management And Valuation, 24(4), 23-34. Foryś, I., Tarczyńska-Łuniewska, M., 2017, Polish Real Estate Funds And

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