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1 Introduction Document ranking is one of the core problems in information retrieval studies. Given a textual query, the goal of document ranking is to find relevant documents with respect to the query in the whole collection. Recently, researchers in the Information Retrieval(IR) community have proposed a number of neural ranking models to improve the performance of document ranking. However, the success of deep neural networks has not been widely observed in ad hoc retrieval ( Pang, Lan, Guo, Xu, & Cheng, 2017a ). One of the reasons lies in the shortage of

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1 Introduction In the scientometric literature, university rankings are discussed primarily from a methodological point of view (e.g., Billaut, Bouyssou, & Vincke, 2010 ; Bookstein, Seidler, Fieder, & Winckler, 2010 ; Dehon, McCathie, & Verardi, 2010 ; Saisana, d’Hombres, & Saltelli, 2011 ; Van Raan, 2005 ; Waltman et al., 2012 ; Zitt & Filliatreau, 2007 ). In this paper, we take a different perspective. In our view, constructing a high-quality university ranking requires not only an advanced understanding of methodological issues but also a sufficient

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1 Introduction Universities, as centres for higher education and research, have long vied quietly and nearly invisibly for the top positions on the international arena. The grounds on which universities compete to attract students and raise funds for their scientific activities include reputation, prizes awarded to professors and students, and contributions to significant discoveries. The first world ranking of universities was formulated by what was then Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Institute of Higher Education (now the Graduate School of Education) ( Cheng

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levels, and with age as an additional variable. It was hypothesised in our study that there would be significant differences between pre-competition mood states by gender, age groups and gymnasts’ national rankings. Material and Methods Ethics Approval Following appropriate procedures, the Rector of the Hungarian University of Physical Education, who acts as the highest authority for research ethics, granted approval to conduct the study. On receipt of ethical approval, written informed consent was obtained from all participants prior to the survey (with parental

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We decided to use the PROMETHEE method to rank selected types of investment funds offered on the Polish market. In our deliberations, we took an interest in the investor with a certain aversion to risk who chooses from among treasury securities or stable growth funds. We took into consideration whole ranking lists made for half-yearly periods from 2010 to 2012 instead of the specific objects pointed by model. We decided to check whether, among investment products of interest to us, there are stable relationships over time arising from their ranking positions that allow to identify regular groups of leaders and outsiders. Moreover, we checked the influence of the fund size measured by the value of its assets on its ranking position.