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Radiocarbon method in monitoring of fossil fuel emission

Research 101(D2): 4115–4128, DOI 10.1029/95JD03410. [4] GLOBALVIEW-CO2, 2008. Cooperative Atmospheric Data Integration Project — Carbon Dioxide. CD-ROM, NOAA CMDL, Boulder, Colorado (Also available on Internet via [5] Green JW, 1963. Methods of Carbohydrate Chemistry. In: Whistler RL, ed., Methods in Carbohydrate. Chemistry, Acad.emic Press, New York: 9–21. [6] Gupta SK and Polach HA, 1985. Radiocarbon

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Too Old AMS Radiocarbon Dates Obtained from Moss Remains from Lake Kwiecko Bottom Sediments (N Poland)

(The Vistulian vegetation of central Poland). Botanical Guidebooks 26: 217-232 (in Polish). Berglund BE and Ralska-Jasiewiczowa M, 1986. Pollen analysis and pollen diagrams. In: Berglund BE, ed., Handbook of Holocene palaeoecology and palaeohydrology. Chichester, John Wiley & Sons: 455-484. Brown TA, Nelson DE, Mathewes RW, Vogel JS and Southon JR, 1989. Radiocarbon dating of pollen by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. Quaternary Research 32(2): 205-212, DOI 10

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Contribution of Radiocarbon Dating to the Chronology of Eneolithic in Campania (Italy)

: L'età del Rame in Europa, Viareggio 15/18 ottobre 1987 , "Rassegna di Archeologia" VII: 572-573 (in Italian). Arslanov KhA and Svezhentsev YuS, 1993. An improved method for radiocarbon dating fossil bones. Radiocarbon 35(3): 387-391. Bailo Modesti G and Salerno A, 1998. Pontecagnano. II.5 La necropoli eneolitica - L'età del Rame in Campania nei villaggi dei morti (Pontecagnano. II.5 The Eneolithic necropolis - The Copper age in Campania in the villages of the dead). QUADAARC 11 (in Italian

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Set-up, optimization and first set of samples at the radiocarbon laboratory in Lebanon

[1] Battipaglia G, Marzaioli F, Lubritto C, Altieri S, Strumia S, Cherubini P and Cotrufo MF, 2010. Traffic pollution affects treering width and isotopic composition of Pinus pinea. Science of the Total Environment 408(3): 586–593, DOI 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2009.09.036. [2] Beramendi-Orosco LE, Gonzalez-Hernandez G, Urrutia-Fucugauchi J and Morton-Bermea O, 2006. Radiocarbon Laboratory at the National Autonomous University of Mexico: First set of samples and new 14C

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Issue of Actual Chronology of a Romanesque Chapel at the Wlen Castle (Lower Silesia, Poland) in the Light of Mortar Radiocarbon Dating

References Bronk Ramsey C, 2005. OxCal v.3.10. Buśko C, 1998. Die Burg Lahn im 12.-17. Jahrhundert. Questiones Medii Aevi Novae 3: 273-285. Folk RL, Valastro S, 1979. Dating of lime mortar by 14 C. In: Berger R and Suess H, eds Radiocarbon Dating. Proceedings of the Nonth International Conference Los Angeles and La Jolla 1976. Berkeley, Los Angeles: University of California Press: 721-730. Goslar T

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Drawing the Optimal Depth-Age Curve on the Basis of Calibrated Radiocarbon Dates

References Bennett KD, 1994. Confidence intervals for age estimates and deposition times in late-Quaternary sediment sequences. Holocene 4(4): 337-348, DOI 10.1177/095968369400400401. Bennett KD and Fuller JL, 2002. Determining the age of the mid-Holocene Tsuga canadensis (hemlock) decline, eastern North America. Holocene 12(4): 421-429, DOI 10.1191/0959683602hl556rp. Bronk Ramsey C, 2001. Development of the Radiocarbon Program OxCal. Radiocarbon 43(2A): 355

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Radiocarbon and dendrochronological dating of Sub-fossil oaks from Smarhoń riverine sediments

datirovanya v celiach cozdanya sverchdolgosrochnych dendroshkal (Application of radiocarbon dating method for construction of supra-long chronologies). In: Bitvinskas T, eds., Environmental conditions and radial increment of trees. Lithuanian Institute of Botany, Kaunas, p. 51–55 (in Russian). [9] Bitvinskas T, Dergachev V, Kairaitis J and Zakarka R, 1972. K voprosu o vozmozhnosti postrojenye sverchdolgosrochnych dendroshkal v Yuznoi Pribaltike (On question of the possibilities of construction of the supra-long chronologies in the southern Baltic

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Absolute chronology of the Zedmar culture: Re-thinking radiocarbon dates

the ZC, after analysing radiocarbon data with Bayesian tools. The article is based on the author’s unpublished bachelor’s thesis and in a few cases related to absolute chronology of the South-East Baltic Neolithic, also presents results from master’s degree thesis. 2 Methodological background Since 1969 there have been many radiocarbon dates obtained from the ZC sites and 58 ( Table 1 ) may be used in the further calculation with Bayesian analyses. They have been taken from seven sites, but, unfortunately, not all of them correspond to the ZC layers directly

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Dendrochronological and radiocarbon dating of subfossil wood from the Morava River basin

, 1993. An 11,000-year German oak and pine dendrochronology for radiocarbon calibration. Radiocarbon 35(1): 201–213. ISSN 0033-8222 [4] Christensen K, 1987. Tree rings and insects: the influence of cockchafers on the development of growth rings in oak trees. Proceedings of the International Symposium an Ecoogical Aspects of Tree-Ring Analysis. Aspects of tree rings analysis, Palisades: 142–154. [5] Cook ER and Kairiukstis LA, 1990. Methods of Dendrochronology — Applications in the Environmental Sciences. Dordrecht

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Radiocarbon dating of the bronze age bone pins from Eurasian steppe

radiocarbon age calibration curves, 0–50,000 years cal BP. Radiocarbon 51(4): 1111–1150. [18] Safronov VA, 1973. Klassifikatsiya predkavkazskikh kostyanykh molotochkovidnykh bulavok (The classification of Piedmont North Caucasus bone hammer-headed pins). Kratkiye soobscheniya instituta arkheologii 134: 42–47 (In Russian). [19] Sherrat A, 1997. Troy, Majkop, Altyn Depe: Early Bronze Age Urbanism and its Periphery. In: Sherrat A, ed., Econome and Society in Prehistoric Europe. Changing Perspectives. Cammridge: Edinburg

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