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Quantum Imaging X—ray CT Systems Based on GaAs Radiation Detectors Using Perspective Imaging Reconstruction Techniques

, Reconstruction and Restoration: Concepts and Methods. Taylor & Francis Group. Přibil, J. et al. (2008). Experiments with application of image reconstruction method based on perspective imaging techniques in X-ray CT mini system. In Proceedings of the 15 th International Conference IWSSIP '08. Bratislava: STU, 33-36. Source-Ray, Inc. (2002). The Model SB-80-500 SourceBlock Installation/Operation Manual. Dubecký, F. et al. (2006). First results observed with test X-CT system using GaAs radiation

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Characteristics of TlBr single crystals grown using the vertical Bridgman-Stockbarger method for semiconductor-based radiation detector applications

1 Introduction Semiconductor radiation detectors are of considerable technological importance due to their increasing use in medical imaging, and industrial and transportation security applications [1 , 2] . To fabricate such a high-quality semiconductor-based radiation detector, high-quality and high-purity semiconductor single crystals are needed. In addition, materials consisting of high atomic number elements are needed due to the higher probability of an incoming radiation beam interaction with valence electrons [3] . In this regard, a TlBr

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Microstructural, optical and electrical properties of Cl-doped CdTe single crystals

1 Introduction CdTe is of considerable technological importance for use in semiconductor-based radiation detection applications, such as medical imaging and homeland security fields. The fabricated CdTe radiation detectors can be operated at room-temperature due to the favorable band gap (1.44 eV) and have been researched by various groups [ 1 – 7 ]. High resistivity is required for any semiconductor material to be used in realizing high-performance radiation detectors. Because high bias voltage is needed to improve the charge collection efficiency of

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Charged projectile spectrometry using solid-state nuclear track detector of the PM-355 type


To use effectively any radiation detector in high-temperature plasma experiments, it must have a lot of benefits and fulfill a number of requirements. The most important are: a high energy resolution, linearity over a wide range of recorded particle energy, high detection efficiency for these particles, a long lifetime and resistance to harsh conditions existing in plasma experiments and so on. Solid-state nuclear track detectors have been used in our laboratory in plasma experiments for many years, but recently we have made an attempt to use these detectors in spectroscopic measurements performed on some plasma facilities. This paper presents a method that we used to elaborate etched track diameters to evaluate the incident projectile energy magnitude. The method is based on the data obtained from a semiautomatic track scanning system that selects tracks according to two parameters, track diameter and its mean gray level.

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Surface Processing of TlBr Crystals for X- and γ-ray Detectors

References Owens, A., Bavdaz, M., Lisjutin, I., Peacock, A., Sipila, H. & Zatoloka, S. (2001). On the development of compound semiconductor thallium bromide detectors for astrophysics. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A , 458, 413-417. Oliveira, B.D., Chubaci, J.F., Armelin, M.J.A. & Hamada, M.M. (2004). Purification and crystal growth of TlBr for application as a radiation detector. Cryst. Res. Technol. 39, 849-854. Kozlov, V., Leskela, M., Prohaska, T

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Precise Compact System For Ionizing Radiation Detection And Signal Processing With Advanced Components Integration And Electronic Control

detector system for the detection and measurement of nuclear radiation including beta, gamma, and x-ray radiation, Overhoff M., Application number US 10/766,717. [10] Patent US 2 007 145 260 (A1), Instrumentation package and integrated radiation detector, General Electric Company: Frederick L., Medley D., Glesius F., Application numberUS 11/319,581. [11] Patent WO 9 807 110 (A1), Ambient temperature cadmium zinc telluride radiation detector and amplifier circuit, Univ. California: Lavietes A. D., Mcquaid J. H., Application number PCT/US1997/013452. [12

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Estimation of midpoint dose for cervical cancer patients using EPID

, Ibitoye ZA, Ojieh CA, et al . Verification of entrance dose measurements with thermoluminescent dosimeters in conventional radiotherapy procedures delivered with Co-60 teletherapy machine. Ann Med Health Sci Res. 2015;5(6):409-412. [8] Seco J, Clasie B, Partridge M. Review on the characteristics of radiation detectors for dosimetry and imaging. Phys Med Biol. 2014;59(20):R303-R347. [9] Greer PB, Popescu C. Dosimetric properties of an amphorous silicon electronic portal imaging device for verification of dynamic intensity modulated radiation therapy. Med

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Optical properties of D-serine doped TGS crystals for pyroelectric sensors

lakburn H., Syst. Technol. , 2 (1977), 15. [6] P redham M.M., G erg R.K., Opt. Commun. , 20 (1977), 422. [7] P redham M.M., G erg R.K., Ferroelectrics , 15 (1977), 195. [8] S haulov A., Ferroelectrics , 15 (1977), 203. [9] S ingh V.P., Z iel van der A., Ferroelectrics , 15 (1977), 135. [10] K ladkevich M.D., K remenchugski L.S., S amoilov V.B., Thermal radiation detectors , Leningrad, GOI, 1978. [11] S eliuk B.V., Phys. Solid State , 20 (1978), 570. [12] F elix P., G amot P., L acheav P., R averdy Y

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Image Segmentation of Thermal Waving Inspection based on Particle Swarm Optimization Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm

building materials using infrared thermography. Construction and Building Materials , 21, 218-224. [8] Marinetti, S., Vavilov, V. (2010). IR thermographic detection and characterization of hidden corrosion in metals. Corrosion Science , 52, 865-872. [9] Přibil, J., Zaťko, B., Frollo, I. et al. (2009). Quantum imaging X-ray CT systems based on GaAs radiation detectors using perspective imaging reconstruction techniques. Measurement Science Review, 9 (1), 27-32. [10] Mikulka, J., Gescheidtova, E., Bartusek, K. (2012

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Can Gafchromic EBT3 films effectively characterize small fields of 6 MV unflattened photon beams of Cyberknife system?

Practice for dosimetry based on standards of absorbed dose to water. Technical Reports Series No. 398, IAEA, Vienna; 2000. [16] Das IJ, Ding GX, Ahnesjö A. Small fields: nonequilibrium radiation dosimetry. Med Phys. 2008;35(1):206-215. [17] Das IJ, Downes MB, Kassaee A, Tochner Z. Choice of radiation detector in dosimetry of stereotactic radiosurgery-radiotherapy. J Radiosurg. 2000;3(4):177-186. [18] Das IJ, Cheng CW, Watts RJ, et al . Accelerator beam data commissioning equipment and procedures: Report of the TG-106 of the Therapy Physics Committee of

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