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shown that immigrants in Scandinavia face a significant amount of discrimination and racism (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights 2009; Lehti et al .2014). In particular, Somalis living in Denmark and Finland are susceptible to discrimination, threats, and violence in Finland even more so than in Denmark (Niemi & Kääriäinen 2012: 3). It has been argued that even if Finnish Somalis theoretically possess the same rights as native-born Finns, the execution of these rights is different. Somalis have claimed that acquiring the Finnish citizenship does not make a

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example, people making a horror movie design sets, makeup, costumes, sound effects, etc. to create a sense of suspense that evokes anxiety and fear in consumers. keywords Design, Emotions, Hedonic, Utilitarian, Aesthetics, Functionality • the author Ravindra Chitturi, Associate Professor of Marketing, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA Design for Affect: A Core Competency for the 21st Century Ravindra Chitturi OPEN — doi 10.1515 / gfkmir-2015-0012 18 GfK MIR / Vol. 7, No. 2, 2015 / Design for Affect very well in the overall design


the most active authors on The People’s Voice were also prolific contributors to hyperpartisan right-wing news platforms. This suggests the appropriation of The People’s Voice as an extension of hyperpartisan news platforms and nativist blogs. Critical research has shown how racism is increasingly present and even amplified in digital media environments ( Daniels, 2013 ; Matamoros-Fernández, 2017 ). The ideal of enabling as much freedom of expression as possible has led to a plethora of new outlets, giving rise to new forms of deception that blur traditional