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Accessibility of Brzozów by public transport on a local, regional and national scale

only the possibility of using it, which is not obligatory. Thus, while accessibility should be linked with space, reachability is more associated with financial or social issues. In this paper, the author will focus on analysing the functioning of the public transport system in Brzozów on three scales: local, regional and national. The analysis will provide answers to the following questions: What is the external accessibility of public transport in Brzozów? What changes are happening in the public transport system in the Brzozów region? What

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Geographical input to local public transport planning in Poland

References Bajerski, A., 2008: Badania zasięgów oddziaływania przestrzennego szkolnictwa wyższego w Polsce: stan i perspektywy rozwoju (Research on spatial influence of higher education institutions in Poland: present state and perspectives - in Polish). In: Czasopismo Geograficzne , 793, pp. 352-363. Chaberko, T. and Kretowicz, P., 2011: Ustawa o publicznym transporcie zbiorowym a popyt na przewozy użyteczności publicznej (The Act of 16 December 2010 on public transport versus the demand for public transport

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Innovations in Local Public Transport – Significance for the Local Community

. BOITANI, A., NICOLINI, M. and SCARPA, C. (2013), ‘Do competition and ownership matter? Evidence from local public transport in Europe’, Applied Economics , 45 (11), pp. 1419 – 1434. BOMMERT, B. (2010),’Collaborative innovation in the public sector’, International Public Management Review , 11 (1), pp. 15–33. BOONS, F., MONTALVO, C., QUIST, J. and WAGNER, M. (2013), ‘Sustainable innovation, business models and economic performance: an overview’, Journal of Cleaner Production, Sustainable Innovation and Business Models , 45, pp. 1–8. BRATNICKI, M

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Factors Influencing Walking Distance to the Preferred Public Transport Stop in selected urban centres of Czechia

. Journal of Maps 12(4): 649–654. Burian J, Zajíčková L, Ivan I, Macků K (2018) Attitudes and motivation to use public or individual transport: a case study of two middle-sized cities. Social Sciences 7(6): 1–25. Currie G (2010) Quantifying spatial gaps in public transport supply based on social needs. Journal of Transport Geography 18(1): 31–41. Čekal J (2006) Jihočeský kraj: regionálně geografická analýza prostorové mobility obyvatelstva. Brno: Regionální geografie a regionální rozvoj, Masarykova univerzita. Ph.D. Theses. Daniels R, Mulley C

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Local public transport planning in Poland - geographical input

gornośląskiej (The method of dividing an area into traffic analysis zones on the example of the Upper Silesian conurbation - in Polish). In: Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej - Transport , Z. 70, pp. 21-32. Chaberko T. and Kretowicz P., 2011: Ustawa o publicznym transporcie zbiorowym a popyt na przewozy użyteczności publicznej (The Act of 16 December 2010 on public transport versus the demand for public transport services of general interest - in Polish). In: Transport Miejski i Regionalny , 10, Stowarzyszenie Inżynierow i Technikow Komunikacji RP, pp

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Evaluation of high-standard public transport centres in the Slovak Republic

References Act No. 513/2009 Coll. on Railroads. Act no. 56/2012 Coll. on Road Transportation. Cudny, W. and Rouba, R., 2012: Lodz - Poland. In: Cudny, W., Michalski, T. and Rouba, R. editors, Tourism and the transformation of large cities in the post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Łódź: Łódzkie towarzystwo naukowe, pp. 34-68. Currie, G., 2010: Quantifying spatial gaps in public transport supply based on social needs. In: Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 18, Issue 1

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Relative Accessibility of District Centres in Slovakia by Public Transport in 2003 and 2017

Slovenska’, Geografický časopis, 65, pp. 119–140. HORŇÁK, M., PŠENKA, T. and KRIŽAN, F., (2013), ‘The competitiveness of the long-distance public transportation system in Slovakia’, Moravian Geographical Reports , 21, pp. 64–75. HORŇÁK, M., STRUHÁR, P. and PŠENKA, T. (2015), ‘Evaluation of high-standard public transport centres in the Slovak Republic’, Bulletin of Geography, Socio-economic Series , 30, pp. 59–70. HOWKINS, T. J. (2005), ‘Changing hegemonies and new external pressures: South East European railway networks in transition’, Journal of

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Urban Public Transport System's Reliability Estimation Using Microscopic Simulation

References Balcombe, R., R. Mackett, N. Paulley, J. Preston, J. Shires, H. Titheridge, M. Wardman, P. White (2004). The Demand for Public Transport: A Practical Guide. Transport Research Laboratory Report TRL No 593. König, A. and Axhausen, Kay W. (2002). The reliability of the transportation system and its influence on the choice behaviour. Presentation at STRC 2002. In Proceedings of the 2nd Swiss Transport Research Conference, March 20-22, 2002. Zurich: ETHZ, Institute of Transportation, Traffic

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Benchmarking and Assessment of Good Practices in Public Transport Information Systems

., Lancellotti, R. (2006). A distributed architecture to support infomobility services . ACM Digital library. 4. INTERREG IVC. Glossary. Available at - 5. POLITE Project. (2012-2013). Policy Learning in Information Technologies for Public Transport Enhancement . Available at - 6. Saaty, T.L. (2001). Decision Making for Leaders: The Analytic Hierarchy Process for Decisions in a Complex World , New Edition 2001 (Analytic Hierarchy Process Series

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The Efficiency and Public Transport Accessibility of Indirect State Administration in the Czech Republic

: Blackwell Publishers. HENDRYCH, D., & KAVĚNA, M., & PAVLÍK, M. (2014). Správní věda. Teorie veřejné správy. 4., aktualiz. a dopl. vyd. Praha: Wolters Kluwer. HORÁK, J., IVAN, I., FOJTÍK, D., & BURIAN, J. (2014). Large scale monitoring of public transport accessibility in the Czech Republic. Proceedings of the 15th International Carpathian Control Conference, ICCC 2014. 157-163. IVAN, I., & HORÁK, J. (2015). Demand and Supply of Transport Connections for Commuting in the Czech Republic. In: Ivan, I., Benenson, I., Jiang, B

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