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Competitiveness and sustainable development in public services

-2017-privindaprobarea-strategiei-generale-de-descentralizare (Accessed March 14 th , 2018) SolAbility, A. (2015). The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2014, 58. Syvertsen, T. (1999). (The Many Uses of the ‘Public Service’ Concept. (Accessed March 9 th , 2018) Types of Companies: Private Sector and Public Sector Organizations, Q&A. (2018, July 2). https

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Provision of Public Services in the Light of Current Global Trends

’t know what it is, do you, Mister Jones? ICT in the contemporary world. Information Systems and Innovation Group, London School of Economics and Political Science. 9. CORDELLA, A. – BONINA, C. M. 2012. A public value perspective for ICT enabled public sector reforms: A theoretical reflection. In Government Information Quarterly , vol. 29, pp. 512–520. DOI 10.1016/j.giq.2012.03.004. 10. CORDELLA, A. – TEMPINI, N. 2015. E–government and organizational change: Reappraising the role of ICT and bureaucracy in public service delivery . In Government

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Fiscal Decentralization and Delivery of Public Services: Evidence from Education Sector in Pakistan

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Municipality Size and Local Public Services: Do Economies of Scale Exist ?

References Appelbaum, Richard P. and Ross Follett. 1978. “Size, Growth, and Urban Life A Study of Medium-Sized American Cities.” Urban Aff airs Review 14(2), 139 - 168. Bel, Germa, Xavier Fageda and Mildred E. Warner. 2010. “Is private production of public services cheaper than public production ? A meta-regression analysis of solid waste and water services.” Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 29(3), 553 - 577. Blom-Hansen, Jens. 2004. “Stordrift sfordele i den kommunale serviceproduktion ? Skoleomradet

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Public Services between the Citizen’s Need and the Possibilities of the Administration

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Smart Villages and Investments to Public Services and ICT Infrastructure: Case of the Czech Rural Development Program 2007–2013

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Beyond Citizens and Consumers? Publics and Public Service Reform

References Blair, T. 1998. Foreword to Secretary of State for Social Security and Minister for Welfare Reform. New Ambitions for Our Country: A New Contract for Welfare. London, Cm 3805, iii-iv. Clarke, J. 2007. "Unsettled Connections: Citizens, Consumers and the Reform of Public Services." Journal of Consumer Culture 7 (2), 159-178. Clarke, J. 2005. "Performing for the Public: Doubt, Desire and the Evaluation of Public Services." In P. Du Gay (ed.). The Values of Bureaucracy

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From Public Service Broadcasting to Soci(et)al TV
Producers’ Perceptions of Interactivity and Audience Participation in Finland and Israel

Introduction The digitalisation of media technologies has resulted in changes to various levels of television culture. In addition to enabling technological convergence, digitisation has also brought about cultural transformations, such as the blurring of the traditional spheres of production and consumption. As a result, television companies – commercial broadcasters as well as public service broadcasters (PSBs) – are increasingly adopting multi-platform practices that enable interactivity and audience participation. Broadcasting company managers and

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The Legitimacy of Public Service Broadcasting in the 21st Century: The Case of Scandinavia

References Bardoel, J. and d’Haenens, L. (2008) ‘Reinventing Public Service Broadcasting in Europe: Prospects, Promises and Problems’. Media, Culture and Society 30(3): 337-355. Born, G. (2005) ‘Digitising Democracy’, The Political Quarterly , 76 (issue supplement s1): 102-123. Carey, J.W. (1993) ‘The Mass Media and Democracy: Between the Modern and the Postmodern’, Journal of International Affairs , 47(1), 1-21. Carlsson, U. (ed.) (2013) Public Service Media from a Nordic Horizon. Politics, Markets, Programming and Users . Gothenburg: Nordicom

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Participatory Budgeting: A Comparative Study of Croatia, Poland and Slovakia

–270. Nemec, Juraj, Beáta Mikušová Meričková and Zuzana Vozárová. 2012. “Management of Contracting Public Services and its Quality in Slovakia.” NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy 5(1), 55–74. Osborne, Stephen P. 2010. The New Public Governance ?: Emerging Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Public Governance . London and New York: Routlegde, 1–17. Osborne, Stephen P. 2006. “The New Public Governance ?” Public Management Review 2006(3), 377–387. Osborne, Stephen and Kerry Brown. 2005. Managing Change and Innovation in Public

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