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Factors Determining the Efficiency of Slovak Public Procurement

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Arbitration Clause In A Contract For Public Procurement

References [1] Analogical in cases of concessions – Ruling 8555 of 09.07.20108 under adm. case № 4748/2008 of Supreme administrative court, ІV dep. Reporting judge: Adelina Kovacheva. [2] Zinovieva, Darina, Discussion theses in the administrative law and procedure, Ciela, Sofia 2009, p.25. [3] Art. 28, paragraph 1, p. 9 from the Public procurement act, SG, issue 28 of 06.04.2004 and subsequent amendments. [4] Art. 56, paragraph 1, p. 12 from the Public procurement act. [5] Kornezov, Luyben, Civil proceedings, second volume – court

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Appeal of Public Procurement Procedures

References [1] Chankova. D., G. Georgieva, Security and Human Rights: Contradictory or Reconcilable Paradigms? State of Affairs in Bulgaria, International Conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION, Vol. XXII, No22, 2016, DOI: ; [2] Belova. G., G. Georgieva, Fake News as a Threat to National Security, International Conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION, Vol. XXIV, No24, 2018, DOI: ; [3] [7] [11] Bovis Chr., EC Public Procurement: Case Law and Regulation, Oxford, Oxford

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Do Auctions Improve Public Procurement? Evidence from the Czech Republic

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Transparency in Public Procurement – the Case of Slovenia

–327. Halonen, K. (2016). Disclosure Rules in EU Public Procurement: Balancing Between Competition and Transparency. Journal of Public Procurement , 16(4), 528–553. Jeršič, N. (2016). Primerjava novega ZJN-3 s prejšnjim ZJN-2 z vključenim strokovnim komentarjem . Ljubljana: Verlag Dashöfer. Kaštelan Mrak, M. and Vretenar, N. (eds.) (2017). Procurement at Local Government Level – Issues and Controversies . Retrieved 1 August 2017, from https// . Mencinger, J. and Aristovnik, A. (2014). Fiscal policy stance reaction to the

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Qualification Requirements for Foreign Suppliers in Public Procurement – Evidence from the Czech Republic

References Allain, Y. (2006). New European Directives on Public Procurement: Change or Continuity. Public Contract Law Journal , 35(3), 517–536. Amann, M., Essig, M. (2015). Public procurement of innovation: empirical evidence from EU public authorities on barriers for the promotion of innovation. Innovation – The European Journal of Social Science Research , 28(3), 282–292. Arrowsmith, S. (2011). The Law of Public and Utilities Procurement (3. ed.). London: Sweet & Maxwell. Bergman, M. A. and Lundberg, S. 2013. Tender evaluation and

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Examining the need for a public procurement maturity model (PPMM) for infrastructure buyers in a monopsony market structure

:// . [6]. EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL: Directive 2014 /24/EU on public procurement and replacing directive 2004/18/EC, available at . [7]. GADDE, LARS.-E., HAKANSSON, HAKAN., PERSSON, GORAN.: „Supply Network Strategies”, Chichester, 2010 . [8]. HOFSTEDE, GEERT, HOFSTEDE, GERT JAN, MINKOV, MICHAEL: „Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind. Intercultural Cooperation and Its Importance for Survival” , 2010 Edition translated into

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The Efficiency of Public Procurement in the Republic of Kosovo: An Econometric Approach

REFERENCES Arrowsmith, S., Treumer, S., Fejø, J., & Jiang, L. (2011). Public procurement regulation: an Introduction. pp. 126, https// >downloads Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation-APEC, (1999). Non-Binding Principles on Government Procurement (Report by the Chair of the Government Procurement Experts Group). . Australian Government, (2005). Case Studies on E-procurement Implementations. pp. 63. https//unpan1,>public>UNPAN020706 Coggburn, J. D., & Rahm, D. (2005). Environmentally preferable

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Public Procurement in the Systemic Corruption Environment: Evidence from the Czech Republic

References Andvig, Jens Christopher. 2012. Public Procurement and Organized Crime: Illustrated with Examples from Bulgaria, Italy, and Norway. Oslo: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Anticorruption Endowment (NFPK). 2017. Press Release, 2 May 2017. Balian, Arpie G. and Arman Gasparyan. 2017. “What Drives Politicians to Run for Office: Money, Fame or Public Service ?” NISPAcee Journal of Public Administration and Policy 10(1), 9 - 38. Beblava-Sičakova, Emilia, Pavel, Jan. 2008

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Access to the Market and the Transparency as Principles of Public Procurement in the Legal Environment of the EU Neighbourhood Policy

References Arrowsmith, Sue. Understanding The Purpose Of The Eu’s Procurement Directives: The Limited Role Of Eu Regime And Some Proposals For Reform. In: Konkurrens­werket (Swedish Competition Authority): The Costs Of Different Goals Of Public Procurement, Stockholm, 2012. Deutsch-Aserbaidschanische Auslandshandelskammer: Eu Busines Climate Report Azerbaijan 2017. Perception Of Eu Businesses Active In Azerbaijan. Available At: Https://Cdn2-Eeas.Fpfis.Tech.Ec.Europa.Eu/Cdn/Farfuture/Mk7ncccm8s­3d4rhutjv084qy4wek6pdabsovrykuxry

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