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5 a Central European Journal of Public Policy – Vol. 9 – № 1 – May 2015 4 10.1515/cejpp-2016-0001 EDITOR’S NOTE Public Policy in the Czech Republic Juraj Nemec Masaryk University As early as in 2007, Martin Potůček argued, in his paper for the Central Euro- pean Journal of Public Policy (CEJPP), that Czech public policy had entered the stage of early adulthood. The goal of this special issue is to assess where we are today. Two lines for such

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This article elaborates on the issue of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the Russian Federation. It is common knowledge that foreign companies seeking R&E in Russia suffered damage because of the broad interpretation of Russian public policy in the past decades. However, it is uncertain how the present judicial development appears like and where it will lead in the future. The article specifically considers two basic ideas on the issue at hand: one is slightly critical (Karabelnikov) while the second is rather optimistic in regard with the recent development (Zykov). The main goal is to introduce the issue to the respective readers and to try to inflame a discussion.