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Ontological Analysis of the Project Risk Management Concept ‘Risk’

References Association for Project Management. (2006). APM Body of Knowledge (5th ed.). Buckinghamshire: Association for Project Management. Chapman, C., & Ward, S. (2003). Project Risk Management. Processes, Techniques and Insights (2nd ed.). Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Cooper, D., Grey, S., Raymond, G., & Walker, P. (2005). Project Risk Management Guidelines. Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex Procurements. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd. City Of Tampa - Department of

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Measuring the performance of project risk management: a preliminary model

: Theory and Practice . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 145-154. . Khameneh, A.-H., Taheri, A., & Ershadi, M. (2016). Offering a framework for evaluating the performance of project risk management system. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 226 , pp. 82-90. . Lee, E., Park, Y., & Shin, J. G. (2009). Large engineering project risk management using a Bayesian belief network. Expert Systems with Applications, 36 (3), pp. 5880-5887.

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Software Delivery Risk Management: Application of Bayesian Networks in Agile Software Development


The information technology industry cannot be imagined without large- or small-scale projects. They are implemented to develop systems enabling key business processes and improving performance and enterprise resource management. However, projects often experience various difficulties during their execution. These problems are usually related to the three objectives of the project – costs, quality and deadline. A way these challenges can be solved is project risk management. However, not always the main problems and their influencing factors can be easily identified. Usually there is a need for a more profound analysis of the problem situation. In this paper, we propose the use of a Bayesian Network concept for quantitative risk management in agile projects. The Bayesian Network is explored using a case study focusing on a project that faces difficulties during the software delivery process. We explain why an agile risk analysis is needed and assess the potential risk factors, which may occur during the project. Thereafter, we design the Bayesian Network to capture the actual problem situation and make suggestions how to improve the delivery process based on the measures to be taken to reduce the occurrence of project risks.

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Project Risk Register Analysis Based on the Theoretical Analysis of Project Management Notion of Risk

Journal 19 2 67 85 Office of Statewide Project Management Improvement (OSPMI). (2007). Caltrans Project Risk Management Handbook, Threats and Opportunities (2nd ed.). Revision 0. Sacramento, CA: Office of Statewide Project Management Improvement (OSPMI). Office of Statewide Project Management Improvement (OSPMI) 2007 Caltrans Project Risk Management Handbook, Threats and Opportunities 2nd ed. Revision 0. Sacramento, CA Office of Statewide Project Management Improvement (OSPMI) Project Management Institute. (2013). A Guide

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Risk Management In Perspective Of Knowledge Management A Brief Survey

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Theoretical Aspects And Development Of The Mechanism For Risk Management In Small- And Medium-Sized Business

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Risk Evaluation of the Reengineering Projects: A Case Study Analysis

., 2013. Risk Management: History, Definition, and Critique. Risk Management & Insurance Review, 16 (2), 147-166. doi: Grimaldi, S., and et al., 2012. A Framework to Select Techniques Supporting Project Risk Management. Risk Management, 3 , 67-96. . Hammer, M., and Champy, J., 1997. Corporation reengineering: revolution manifest in business . A Monograph (332

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New Product Management with the Application of the Manufacturing Company Project Portfolio Management Concept

References Gembalska-Kwiecień, A. (2017). Development of an innovative methodology supporting project risk management in the manufacturing company of the automotive industry. In: 6th International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems. ICORES, Porto, Portugal. Kerzner, H.(2005). Advanced Project Management. Gliwice: Helion. Kozarkiewicz, A.(2012). Zarządzanie portfelem projektów. Warsaw: PWN. Spałek, S., Bodych, M. (2012). PMO Praktyka zarządzania projektami i portfelem

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Risk Analysis in Managerial Process and Fuzzy Approach

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Information Technology – the key enabler of multiple project management in higher education institutions

-of-the-art review. International Journal of Project Management, 13(3), 163-168. Raz, T., & Michael, E. (2001). Use and benefits of tools for project risk management. International Journal of Project Management, 19(1), 9-17. Schwalbe, K. (2015). Information technology project management. Cengage Learning. Van Ameijde, J. D., Nelson, P. C., Billsberry, J., & Van Meurs, N. (2009). Improving leadership in higher education institutions: A distributed perspective. Higher Education, 58(6), 763. Van Der Merwe, A. P. (1997

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