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Does Grade Level Matter for the Assessment of Business Process Management Maturity?

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Social Business Process Management: Croatian IT Company Case Study

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The Role of the Super User in Achieving Business Process Management Maturity

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Identification and Analysis of Key Business Process Management Factors

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Internal Quality Process Management Evaluation in Higher Education by Students


With the increasing importance of higher education, there is also growing public concern about its productivity. Therefore, the aim of the study is to evaluate the key internal quality management processes by student evaluation and to reveal the key factors of an effective internal quality process management. The indicators used are based on student satisfaction with the education process. The results are based on a quantitative survey using questionnaire data collection within a sample of students, and qualitative research within target groups. Descriptive statistics and two dimensional statistical methods were used to evaluate the quantitative results. The results show student evaluation of five key areas of the internal quality process management evaluation: leadership and strategic planning, student and stakeholder focus, measurement of student learning outcomes, human resource planning and educational process management. A limitation of the study is its narrow focus on a case study of a single private university.

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Is there a Need for Agent-based Modelling and Simulation in Business Process Management?

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The Role of Process Owners in Czech Organizations

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The Decomposition Process of Insurance Operations

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Application of Selected Methods and Approaches for Improvement of Processes and their Use in Practice in Companies of Wood Processing Industry in Slovakia

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Knowledge management vs business process management in contemporary enterprises

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