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SEEU Review Volume 13 Issue 1 43 ARGUMENTATION – EVIDENTIARY PROCEDURE IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Valon Mehmeti Lawyer.Ll.M DOI: 10.2478/seeur-2018-0005 ABSTRACT The continuous increase in criminal activities in all countries, namely the offences which undermine the interests of contemporary societies, call for the need to fight them in a more successful manner. In this way, the country through its mechanisms detects the criminal offences, the criminal liability and imposes the meritorious sanction to the

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THE RE-CODIFICATION OF THE SLOVAK CIVIL PROCEDURE CODE WITH A SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON REMEDIAL MEASURES Marek Števček & Dominika Malá1 Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia Ministry of Justice of Slovak Republic email: marek.stevcek@fl ŠTEVČEK, Marek; MALÁ, Dominika. Th e Re-Codifi cation of the Slovak Civil Procedure Code with a Special Emphasis on Remedial Measures. International and Comparative Law Review, 2013, Vol. 13., No. 1, pp. 121–135. DOI: 10.1515/iclr-2016-0063. 1 Introduction Civil procedure is most frequently

, ref. No. II CSK 589/08, LEX No. 530697. Źróbek S., Źróbek R., Kuryj J., 2012, Real estate management with a commentary on selected procedures, Gall, Katowice pp. 127.